Soft soil

Soft soil (Japanese: ふかふかの soft and fluffy soil) is very fertile soil made of loam found in Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Kalos where Berries are able to grow. In Generation III it is described as "soft, loamy soil", and in Generation IV as "soft, earthy soil".

Berry picking

After Berries are picked from a plant, the soil becomes loamy again. If Berries go unpicked, they will fall and replant themselves in the soft soil. However, they will only replant themselves a number of times before disappearing altogether, and the Berry originally planted will be completely lost. Players are unable to walk on these tiles.


Main article: Mulch

In Generation IV and VI, Mulch can be used to control the way Berry plants can grow. Depending on the type of Mulch used, it can increase the yield or growth speed, or decrease the rate at which the soil dries out.


There is no soft soil in the overworld in Kanto, Johto, Unova, Galar or Paldea. However, in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, the Key Item Berry Pots contain soft soil, allowing the player to carry their Berry plants with them anywhere. In games set in Unova, while there is no soft soil to plant Berries in in the games themselves, it was possible to grow Berries in the Pokémon Dream World (prior to its closure).

Soil location Plots
Berry Pots 4


Location Soil location Plots
Route 102 North side of the route, midway between Oldale and Petalburg 2 2
Route 103 East of the river (requires Cut) 3 2
Route 104 South side of Petalburg Woods 3 2
West of the Pretty Petal Flower Shop 4 3
Northeast of the pond 3 3
Route 110 Northwesternmost point 3 3
Route 111 Northernmost point 4 3
Route 112 East of Fiery Path's northern exit 4 3
Route 114 South of Lanette's house 3 3
Route 115 South of Meteor Falls exit (requires Rock SmashRSE) 2 2
In the far north (requires Surf) 3 3
Route 116 In the north, above the ledge (requires Cut) 4 2
Route 117 Southwest of the Pokémon Day Care 3 4
Route 118 East side of the river, above a ledge 3 3
Route 119 East side of route, below southern bridge 2 2
Overlooking the Weather Institute (requires Surf and Waterfall) 2 2
West of Fortree City 3 3
Route 120 Northeast of long grass maze (requires Cut) 3 3
North of the pond in the southwest 4 3
South of the pond in the southwest 3 3
Route 121 On the north between Route 120 and the Safari Zone 4 3
On the south just west of Lilycove City 4 3
Route 123 Outside of Berry Master's house 12 24
In the far east, just south of Route 122 (requires Surf) 3 3
Northwest of the easternmost soft soil (requires Surf) 3 3
Route 130 Eastern side of Mirage Island (requires Mirage Island to be present and Surf) 1
Grand total 88 90


Location Soil location Plots
Floaroma Town Outside of Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop 2
Fuego Ironworks South of building (requires Surf) 4
Route 205 South of the river, between Floaroma Town and Valley Windworks 2
Rocky area, east of bridge 2
Shortcut around Eterna Forest (requires Cut) 4
North of pond west of Eterna City 4
Route 206 West side of Cycling Road (requires Cut) 2
South of Cycling Road 2
Route 207 West side, south of Cycling Road 4
Route 208 Next to Berry Master's house 4
Route 209 Near Hearthome City 2
South of Lost Tower 2
Solaceon Town South of Pokémon Center 4
Route 210 Just north of Solaceon Town 4
East of Celestic Town 4
Route 211 East of Mt. Coronet 4
Route 212 West of Backlot's mansion 2
South of Backlot's mansion, near rainy area (requires Surf) 2
West of Pastoria City 4
Pastoria City Across from Pastoria Gym 4
Route 213 Outside of Pastoria City 4
Route 214 Outside of Veilstone City, south of pond 4
Route 215 Near middle of route (requires Cut) 2
West of Veilstone City 2
Route 218 East of Canalave City 4
Route 221 Southern path, west of Pal Park 4
Route 222 North of pathway. 4
Route 224 North of beach, atop hill 4
Route 225 West of Survival Area (requires Cut) 4
Fight Area West of the Pokémon Center 4
Route 226 On top of hill (requires Rock Climb) 4
Resort Area South of the Pokémon Center. East and west side of the Villa in Pokémon Platinum 4
Route 228 South of route, nearby pond 4
Route 229 East side, just north of Resort Area 4
Route 230 West of waterway, outside Fight Area 4
Grand total 118

Pokémon Dream World

Diglett digging another row

In the Pokémon Dream World—an online service which has since closed—players could plant Berries in their garden. Due to the lack of soft soil in Unova, this would become the only way to grow Berries in the Generation V games.

Two rows were available from the beginning for players to plant their Berries in, with each row containing spaces for three Berries. Diglett would dig additional rows when the player obtained a certain number of Dream Points. Players could have up to a maximum of ten rows.

Rows Dream Points Notes
2 Default
3 900
4 2,100
5 3,500 After the June 2011 update
6 10,000 After the October 2012 update
7 20,000 After the October 2012 update
8 30,000 After the October 2012 update
9 50,000 After the October 2012 update
10 100,000 After the October 2012 update


Main article: Berry fields (Kalos)

In Pokémon X and Y, there are Berry fields off Route 7, where there are six rows of six spaces of soft soil for planting Berries. Mulch is also re-introduced, and can be created in composters in the fields. This is the only soft soil in the Kalos region.

Soil location Plots
Berry fields 36


In Pokémon Sun and Moon, the only place Berries can be grown is at Poké Pelago. The number of Berries that can be planted depends on Isle Aplenny's development phase.

Soil location Plots
Isle Aplenny 6, 12, or 18


  • Surrounding the Abundant Shrine are mounds of soil, but Berries cannot be planted in these. Similarly to regular soft soil, the soil in the Abundant Shrine cannot be walked on. In Pokémon White and White 2, similar soil exists in Mistralton City near the runway.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 鬆軟土壤 Sūngyúhn tóuyeuhng
Mandarin 鬆軟土壤 / 松软土壤 Sōngruǎn tǔrǎng
  French Terre meuble
Sol meuble
  German Lehmboden
  Italian Terreno soffice
  Korean 푹신푹신한 땅 Puksinpuksinhan ttang
푹신푹신한 흙 Puksinpuksinhan heuk
  Spanish Tierra blanda

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