Marsh tile

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A marsh tile is a special tile introduced in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. When the player walks on these tiles, they may become stuck in an unseen hole and unable to move.

Marsh tiles are found on Route 212, inside the Great Marsh, and in the Johto Safari Zone in Generation IV. In Pokémon X and Y, these tiles can be found on Route 14 and Route 19.

In the games

Generation IV

In Generation IV, wild Pokémon cannot be encountered in most marshy areas. Inside the Great Marsh and the Johto Safari Zone, however, tall grass grows on some of the marsh tiles, allowing for wild Pokémon battles.

In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, the holes a player may get stuck in are scattered among and indistinguishable from safe marsh tiles. In Pokémon Platinum, the difference in depth between a safe marsh tile and a deeper hole is explicitly visible, and the deeper tiles are concentrated together in clusters. In all three games, to get free from a hole, the player must struggle free from the marsh by pressing different directions on the D-Pad.

While the player cannot ride their Bicycle on marsh tiles, they can freely run on safe marsh tiles.

Hole traps used in the Underground work similarly to the marsh tile's holes.

Generation VI

In Generation VI, wild Pokémon can be found in all marsh tiles.

Marsh tiles come in two degrees of depth. In both the shallow and the deep marsh tiles, the player can run, skate, or bike, but in the deeper tiles they will be slowed down to nearly walking speed. Both depths may contain unseen holes, though they are more common in the deeper tiles. When the player falls into a hole, they will automatically pop back up out of the hole after a short time. If the player was biking or skating when they fell into a hole, they will instead be walking when they extract themselves.

In the anime

Piplup sinking

In the anime, Ash and his friends went to a marsh on the outskirts of Twinleaf Town in A Faux Oak Finish! to search for Professor Oak. Dawn informed them about the risks of walking through the marsh as it is known to be full of quicksand. They could not let Professor Oak in such a dangerous area and decided to go looking for him.

Dawn's Piplup then offered to lead the way and find safe spots for them to walk on. However, he ended up getting himself trapped in the sand and Dawn had to call out her Buneary to freeze Piplup with Ice Beam in order to prevent him from sinking any further and rescue him. After that, Brock sent out his Croagunk to help out and he was able to guide them safely, even rescuing Piplup when he fell into quicksand a second time.

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