Secret Technique

Secret Techniques (Japanese: ヒジュツ Secret Technique) are skills that a partner Pikachu or Eevee can learn and use outside of battle in Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!. Like HM moves or Ride Pokémon, Secret Techniques can clear obstacles or transport the player.

According to the captain of the S.S. Anne, Secret Techniques are typically performed by humans, but the player's partner has an unusual affinity for the abilities, and is able to perform them for the player.

After the player has become Champion, they gain the ability to ride Charizard, Aerodactyl, or Dragonite in the sky, allowing them to bypass Chop Down and Sea Skim obstacles.

List of Secret Techniques

Image Name Use Location Equivalent HM
Chop Down
Allows the player to cut down small trees. S.S. Anne HM01 (Cut)
Sky Dash
Allows the player to fly to places they've already been to. Celadon City HM02 (Fly)
Sea Skim
Allows the player to surf across water.
If the player's Buddy is Gyarados or Lapras, they will ride the Pokémon instead.
Fuchsia City HM03 (Surf)
Strong Push
Allows the player to move heavy blocks of stone. Fuchsia City HM04 (Strength)
Light Up
Allows the player to light up dark caves. Route 2 HM05 (Flash)



In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 秘術 Beiseuht
Mandarin 秘術 / 秘术 Mìshù
  Dutch Geheime techniek
  French Technique Secrète (TS)
  German Geheime Technik
  Italian Tecnica Segreta
  Korean 비술 Bisul
  European Portuguese Técnica Secreta
  Russian Секретное умение Sekretnoye umeniye *
Секретный приём Sekretnyy priyom *
  Spanish Técnica Secreta

Chop Down

Language Title
  Japanese ケサギリ Diagonal Cut
Chinese Cantonese 袈裟斬 Gāsāzhǎn
Mandarin 袈裟斬 / 袈裟斩 Jiāshāzhǎn
  French Tranchage
  German Spaltschnitt
  Italian Fendente
  Korean 사선베기 Saseonbegi
  Russian Лесная Просека Lesnaya Proseka
  Spanish Tala

Sea Skim

Language Title
  Japanese ミズバシリ Water Glide
Chinese Cantonese 水上飄 Séuiseuhngpīu
Mandarin 水上飄 / 水上飘 Shuǐshàngpiāo
  French Navigation
  German Wellenspurt
  Italian Scivolacqua
  Korean 물결타기 Mulgyeoltagi
  Russian Морское Скольжение Morskoye Skol'zheniye
  Spanish Surcaaguas

Sky Dash

Language Title
  Japanese ソラワタリ Sky Ferry
Chinese Cantonese 凌空渡 Lìhnghūngdouh
Mandarin 凌空渡 Língkōngdù
  French Envol
  German Himmelsritt
  Italian Solcanubi
  Korean 하늘날기 Haneullalgi
  Russian Стремительный Полёт Stremitel''nyy Polyot
  Spanish Surcacielos

Strong Push

Language Title
  Japanese オシダシ Thrust
Chinese Cantonese 推山掌 Tēuisāanjéung
Mandarin 推山掌 Tuīshānzhang
  French Main-Forte
  German Wuchtstoß
  Italian Spinta
  Korean 밀어내기 Mir-eo-naegi
  Spanish Empuje

Light Up

Language Title
  Japanese カガヤキ Shine Out
Chinese Cantonese 炫光閃 Yuhngwōngsím
Mandarin 炫光閃 / 炫光闪 Xuànguāngshǎn
  French Lumière
  German Lichtflut
  Italian Bagliore
  Korean 반짝이기 Banjjag-igi
  Spanish Fulgor

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