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Memorial Hill

Memorial Hill

Memorial Hill is located to the east of Route 9. The ancient burial site holds many of the old ruling families of Alola. It is believed that it was established at this location for its proximity to the Ruins of Life and Akala's guardian deity, Tapu Lele.

Aether VS Skull

When you reach the path below the eastern fence, you stumble across an Aether Foundation Employee and an Aether administrator facing off with two Team Skull Grunts. The two Grunts are trying to steal a Slowpoke, and it's up to you to step in and save the day. Defeat the first Grunt and they both run off.

Afterward, the Chief offers you a tour of the Hano Grand Resort on the southeast part of Akala as thanks, but you must first clear Olivia's grand trial.

Akala Outskirts

Akala Outskirts

The Akala Outskirts is a short stretch of grassy coastline on the southernmost point of Akala. It connects Memorial Hill in the west to the Ruins of Life to the north.

VS Plumeria

When you approach the north exit to the Ruins of Life, you are confronted by a Punk Girl with pink and yellow hair. She gives her name as Plumeria, an admin of Team Skull and "big sister" to the Team Skull Grunts. To stop you from beating up on the other members, she challenges you to a battle.

Plumeria reluctantly accepts her defeat, but warns that if you continue to mess with Team Skull, she will be more serious the next time.

Ruins of Life

Ruins of Life

The Ruins of Life are a sacred space, home to the guardian deity of Akala Island, Tapu Lele.

Upon reaching the exterior of the ruins, Professor Burnet arrives with Lillie. Burnet helped Lillie make her way to the ruins, which she was searching for in order to help Nebby. Burnet leaves, and Lillie heals your Pokémon to full health. Olivia emerges from the cave, explaining that she is here because Tapu Lele summoned her to clean up the ruins. Moving onto other business, the kahuna gives you a chance to prepare before starting her grand trial.

Akala Grand Trial

As a Rock-type Pokémon specialist, Olivia's team takes serious damage from Grass, Water, Fighting, Ground, and Steel moves. Grass Pokémon have access to Grassium Z and Bloom Doom, while Water Pokémon can make use of Waterium Z and Hydro Vortex. Alternatively, they can hold a Miracle Seed or Mystic Water for a reliable power boost. As it is part-Flying, Dartrix is susceptible to Rock attacks; the Grass/Ghost Decidueye is stronger but should be wary of her Lycanroc's Bite. Brionne and Primarina are only vulnerable to Nosepass' Spark.

Olivia starts off with her Nosepass. Though Rock Slide is stronger, Spark lets it face off with Water Pokémon looking for a type advantage. Its Sturdy Ability prevents a one-hit knockout. Ground Pokémon are an easy choice against it, as they are immune to Spark and Thunder Wave, and take less damage than normal from Rock Slide. Boldore can rack up damage with Rock Blast, or hinder the target's accuracy with Mud-Slap. Like Nosepass, it also has the Sturdy Ability. Both of Olivia's first two Pokémon have higher physical Defense than Special Defense, so Special attacks are more effective. Her Midnight Form Lycanroc resists Sleep with its Vital Spirit Ability. Its defenses are more equal, so either physical or special moves will do the trick. With the Z-Crystal it holds, at any time Lycanroc can upgrade its Rock Slide move, turning it into the Rock-type Z-Move, Continental Crush. While powerful, this can fortunately be done only once.

After the battle, Olivia rewards you with the Rockium Z and teaches you the pose for Continental Crush. She then stamps your Trainer Passport with the Akala Trial Completion stamp. This stamp ensures that all Pokémon up to Level 50, even those received in a trade, will obey without question.

Hau appears as you turn to leave, hoping for a battle with Olivia. He mentions that the same weird green guy from Aether told him to visit Hano Grand Resort after clearing the kahuna's grand trial. Olivia advises you to find out what Aether wants, and tells you that the resort is located to the east of Heahea City, over the bridge from the Dimensional Research Lab.

Hano Grand Resort

Hano Grand Resort

Hano Grand Resort is the largest hotel in Alola. The five-star resort is fully booked a year in advance. Hano Beach is located to the east.

The Green Man

In the hotel lobby, you are met by the weird green guy from Aether Foundation again. He finally introduces himself as Faba, and wants to thank you for your help with Team Skull by taking you on a tour of Aether Paradise, an artificial island built for Pokémon conservation. Decline his offer for the moment, as there are still things to do before leaving Akala Island.

Hano Beach

Hano Beach

Hano Beach is located to the east of Hano Grand Resort. Because Pyukumuku often wash up on the shore, Pyukumuku-chucking is a popular part-time job here.


Speak to the man near the lifeguard tower on the north end of the beach. Pyukumuku often wash up onto the beach, and he needs help returning them to the ocean. Scour the beach to find the six Pokémon and toss them back into the surf. Speak with the man again afterwards to receive a $20,000 reward. The Pokémon do not remain in the water for very long, so you can return and repeat the quest once per day for an additional $20,000 reward.

Hano Grand Resort

Set Sail for Paradise

Return to the hotel and accept Faba's offer, then Hau, Kukui, and Olivia enter. Hau wants to go on the tour, too; as kahuna, Olivia is here to see her trial-goers off. Kukui has business to attend to, but can't wait to meet up again in Malie Garden on Ula'ula Island. Faba leads you and Hau to the marina, and the ferry sets sail for Aether Paradise.

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