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Aether Paradise

Aether Paradise
Aether Paradise

Aether Paradise is a very large floating structure located in the middle of the Alola region. An artificial island, it was created by the Aether Foundation to serve as a base for their research on Pokémon conservation. To protect the wild Pokémon being treated here, the facility employs a jamming signal that prevents the use of empty Poké Balls in the vicinity.

B1F: Docks

Upon arrival, Faba explains the purpose of the facility. A short time later, a woman steps off of the elevator and Faba leaves for a meeting with the president, with the remainder of the tour falling to her. She welcomes you and Hau to the facility and introduces herself as Wicke, then the three take the elevator up to the entrance level.

1F: Entrance

The entrance level has two service counters, one of which has a PC and an Aether Foundation Employee who can restore Pokémon to full health. This floor provides access to the exterior parts of the facility. After a brief discussion with Hau, Wicke continues the tour with the conservation area.

2F: Conservation area

Wicke informs you that the Aether president should be somewhere in the conservation area. Take the southwest path from the elevator, then head north along the western side of 2F. Turn right at the northwest corner and continue on to a clearing to find the president. She welcomes you and Hau to the island, and introduces herself as Lusamine. After a short conversation, the entire facility shudders. Suddenly, a wormhole appears nearby and an unidentified, jellyfish-like creature emerges. Interact with it to begin the battle. The creature seems to function much like a Totem Pokémon, receiving an aura-induced Defense boost at the outset. Its elemental attributes seem to be Rock/Poison, so Ground, Water, Psychic and Steel moves will be most effective.

Rock Poison
Beast Boost
Held item:
??? Lv.27
Poison Special
Psychic Special

After the battle, the creature flickers in and out of view before disappearing entirely. Lusamine identifies the creature as an Ultra Beast, claiming that it seemed to be in pain after having stumbled through the Ultra Wormhole from its own dimension. She vows, rather fanatically, to save the beast and love it in order to deliver it from its pain. She thanks the Trainers for their help, and asks Wicke to see them to the next island while she checks on the other resident Pokémon. The president intends to meet with Faba and prepare the foundation for their newest and greatest duty: the protection of the Ultra Beasts...

B1F: Docks

Wicke gives you each a parting gift: some Big Malasadas for Hau, and TM29 (Psychic) for you. She wishes you well on your island challenge, and the ship departs for Ula'ula Island.

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