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ヨロイビト Yoroibito
Gender Male
Eye color Varied
Hair color Varied
Hometown Varied
Region Oblivia
Generation IV
Games Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs

Steelhead (Japanese: ヨロイビト Yoroibito) are characters from Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs. They are found in the past and are members of the Pokémon Pinchers in the present, where they are controlled by the Societea and Purple Eyes. They are first encountered in the Oblivia Ruins, where they are keeping Leanne and Nema hostage. They are then seen on Mt. Layuda and in the Sky Fortress. There are also two Steelhead guards when Kasa is escorted into the inner part of the Oblivia Ruins. It is later revealed that the Steelhead in the present are just Pinchers wearing armor, but the armor eventually takes control of their minds.

The Steelhead have a unique type of armor that has the ability to convey feelings to Pokémon, in a similar manner to the Capture Styler. This gives them the ability to control Pokémon, however the user's bad feelings are conveyed as well. There is also a set of golden armor that gives the wearers immortality. This armor has five pieces, being the two armparts, the shoulders, the body and the helmet.

In the past, the Steelhead are human oracles that can control Pokémon using their armor. Kira and Tanvir were once oracles but gave up after their fighting caused the Pokémon to fight as well. They serve as bosses at the end of the temple missions and the final boss (Temple Captain) is unique. Dasios of the Forest Temple attacks with a Tangrowth. Flegos of the Fire Temple attacks with a Tyranitar. Pagos of the Ice Temple attacks with an Abomasnow. Brotos of the Thunder Temple attacks with an Electivire. Sabios of the Dark Temple attacks with a Dusknoir. Finally, Ellios of the Light Temple, Ravio's father, attacks with Arceus. Edward's golden armor in the present was owned by Sabios of the Dark Temple as well.


  • Yoroibito literally translates into "armor human" (鎧人).

In other languages

Language Title
  French Armuroi
  German Geharnischte
  Italian Armolita
  Spanish Corazado
Language Name Origin
Japanese モリア Moria
フレイド Flade
アス Ace
バルト Valt
サーグ Sarg
エウロン Euron
From 森 mori (forest)
From flame
From ice
From volt
From dark and 悪 aku (evil)
From Ἀπόλλων Apóllōn (Apollo), Greek god of the sun
English Dasios
From δάσος dásos (Ancient Greek for forest)
From φλέγω phlégō (Ancient Greek for "I burn")
From πάγος págos (Ancient Greek for frost)
From βροντή brontḗ (Ancient Greek for thunder)

From Ἥλιος Helios (Greek god of the sun)
German Arboreos
From arbor (Latin for tree)
From ignis (Latin for fire)
From κρύος krýos (Greek for cold)
From fulgur (Latin for lightning)
From tenebrae (Latin for darkness)
From solaris (Latin for solar)
Spanish Forestos
From foresta (Latin for forest)
From flamma (Latin for flame)
From glacies (Latin for ice)
From fulgur (Latin for lightning)
From tenebrae (Latin for darkness)
From Apolo (Apollo)
French Arbéos
From arbre (tree)
From flamme (flame)
From frigide (frigid)
From volt
From ténèbres (darkness)
From Apollon (Apollo)
Italian Silvano
From silvano (sylvan)
From flammeo (flaming)
From algido (algid)
From saetta (thunderbolt)
From nero (black)
From Giasone (Jason)

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