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Wireless Tower むせんきち
Radio Base
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Wireless Tower Ranger3.png
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Location: West of Mt. Latolato
Region: Oblivia
Generations: IV
Wireless Tower Ranger3 map.png
Location of Wireless Tower in Oblivia.
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Wireless Tower (Japanese: むせんきち Radio Base) is a location in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs.

It is located northwest of Mt. Latolato on Renbow Island. The Wireless Tower is said to be the pride of Renbow Island. There is a hut at the ground level where the player first meets Rand, Leanne and Burkhart. When the player first reaches the Wireless Tower, it has been taken over by the Pokémon Pinchers and the player teams up with Rand to save it. All levels of the tower have no railings, so stepping over the edge sends the player back to the level entrance closest to ground level. Levels two and four of the tower have electricity running across the ground which hurt the player when stepped on. Another unique aspect of level four is that it is frequently plagued by strong winds from the north which push the player as they move through the level.

The top level of the tower is where the player first meets Blue Eyes, who has shut down the tower preventing Rand and the others from contacting the Ranger Union. Raikou later destroys the antenna to the tower while it is trying to attack Blue Eyes. Rand, Burkhart, and others spend most of the storyline trying to fix the tower to create communications with the other rangers.




My Lunch

  • Task: Obtain the lunch from Pidgey
  • Reward: 15 Ranger Points

Chase the Flying Tools

  • Task: Get the tools off of Beldum
  • Reward: 15 Ranger Points

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Station radio
Germany Flag.png German Funkturm
Italy Flag.png Italian Base radio
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Estação de rádio
Spain Flag.png Spanish Estación de radio

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