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Dolce Island ドロップじま
Drop Island
Dolce Island
Connecting locations
North None
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West None
East Renbow Island
Dolce Island on the map of Oblivia
Location of Dolce Island in Oblivia

Dolce Island (Japanese: ドロップじま Drop Island) is a location in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs.

It is an island located off the south coast of Renbow Island in the Oblivia region. One of the three major areas of Dolce Island is Southern Beach (Japanese: みなみのはまべ South Beach) which is where the player washes up on shore after crashing into the Western Sea. North of South Beach is Heights (Japanese: たかだい Highgrounds) where the player first meets Ukulele Pichu and Booker. Heights is home to Ukulele Pichu and its friends as well as being the part of Dolce Island where one of the five beacons that need to be activated later in the game is found. Eastern Beach (Japanese: ひがしのはまべ East Beach) is the area closest to Renbow Island. There is a pier on this beach that is used for docking the boat that transports the player to and from the island. Later in the game, players will not be able to access the island, as the Societea launched the cannon in the Sky Fortress that shot a huge destructive blast of energy which had vaporized the entire island with a blast of energy. The Pokémon originally located here can be found on other islands in the Oblivia region afterwards, since residents of Cocona Village on Renbow Island evacuated all of the Pokémon to save them from the explosion.

After the main storyline has been completed, Nema initiates a quest which leads to her creating a model of Dolce Island where the player can find the previous boss Pokémon that can be re-battled there.



In the anime

Ben washed up on Dolce Island after he was attacked by Red Eyes in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs (Part 1). He soon encountered the mysterious Ukelele Pichu and went on to befriend it using his Capture Styler.

In Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs (Part 2), after learning from Booker that Dolce island's Pokémon had been taken by the Pokémon Pinchers, Ben flew over to Renbow Island to investigate further.


  • Dolce Island is the only island in the Pokémon games to be completely obliterated because of humans.
  • The coordinates of Dolce Island are X coordinate 055665, Y coordinate 355671.
  • When Ukulele Pichu is playing music, before the Pinchers are shown capturing Pokémon on the island, a Sunkern is seen floating.

In other languages

Language Name Origin
Japanese ドロップじま Drop Island From do (the first solfège syllable) and drop
English Dolce Island From do and dolce (Italian for sweet)
French Île Dolce Same as English name
German Isla Dolcevi Similar to English name
Italian Dolcegoccia From do, dolce (sweet), and goccia (drop)
Spanish Isla Dolzor Similar to English name
Portuguese Ilha Doce From doce (sweet)

Southern Beach

Language Title
France Flag.png French Plage du sud
Germany Flag.png German Südküste
Italy Flag.png Italian Spiaggia Sud
Spain Flag.png Spanish Playa del Sur


Language Title
France Flag.png French Hauteurs
Germany Flag.png German Anhöhe
Italy Flag.png Italian Altura
Spain Flag.png Spanish Altiplano

Eastern Beach

Language Title
France Flag.png French Plage de l'est
Germany Flag.png German Ostküste
Italy Flag.png Italian Spiaggia Est
Spain Flag.png Spanish Playa del Este

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