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Odd Temple ナゾのしんでん
Mysterious Temple
Odd Temple
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Location of Odd Temple in Oblivia

The Odd Temple (Japanese: ナゾのしんでん Mysterious Temple) is a past location in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs. The player can travel to this temple from past Cocona Village after downloading it through Ranger Net.


Mission 1

Deoxys and the Odd Temple (Japanese: デオキシスと ナゾのしんでん Deoxys and the Mysterious Temple) is the first and only mission of this temple. Players must capture five Ninetales in the temple. The starting time limit is 09:00. Deoxys can be transferred to any of the Fourth Generation handheld Pokémon games.


Pokémon Group AP
003 Venusaur Grass 17
038 Ninetales Fire 10
056 Mankey Fighting 4
075 Graveler Rock  ?
217 Ursaring Normal 4
252 Treecko Grass 1
255 Torchic Fire 1
279 Pelipper Water 6
297 Hariyama Fighting 4
306 Aggron Steel  ?
386 Deoxys * Psychic 16
414 Mothim Bug 2
455 Carnivine Grass  ?


# Pokémon Group Field Move Assist
N-082 217 Ursaring Normal Tackle 1 Tackle 1 Normal Assist.png Normal
N-096 306 Aggron Steel Tackle 1 Tackle 1 Steel Assist.png Steel
N-109 038 Ninetales Fire Burn 1 Burn 1 Fire Assist.png Fire
N-139 279 Pelipper Water Cut 1 Cut 1 Water Assist.png Water
X-001 386 Deoxys Psychic Psy Power 1 Psy Power 1 Psychic Assist.png Psychic

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Temple inconnu
Germany Flag.png German Tempel des Unbekannten
Italy Flag.png Italian Tempio del mistero
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Templo misterioso
Spain Flag.png Spanish Templo del Arcano

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