Coral Sea

Coral Sea サンゴのうみ
Coral Sea
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: South of Lapras Beach
Region: Oblivia
Generations: IV
Coral Sea Ranger3 map.png
Location of Coral Sea in Oblivia.
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Coral Sea (Japanese: サンゴのうみ Coral Sea) is a location in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs.

It is located in Renbow Waters (Japanese: レインボじまのおき Off the Coast of Rainbo Island) south of Renbow Island and can be accessed by riding Lapras from Lapras Beach. When the player first enters Coral Sea they will be required to find a UFO. It is possible to go here anytime after getting the UFO by talking to Nixie who will let the player ride Lapras to the Coral sea. There are some missions which require the player to go here to complete.


In the Coral Sea there are four areas: the Uppermost Area, the Middle Area, To the Depths Passage, and the Dark Area. Each of these has different Pokémon and obstacles.

Uppermost Area

The player comes out here when the player jumps off Lapras, this also were the player may go back to the beach. This is a simple area with rock walls making a channel leading to the next area.

Pokémon Poké Assist Field
  Luvdisc   Water  

Middle Area

This area is much larger than the Uppermost Area. It starts at the end of the rock channel right near a current. This current the player can swim against but will move at very slow speeds, it tries to sweep the player along when he tries to exit the current. When the player first comes here, near the bottom of this area, there is a very strong current that when the player tries to swim through his Styler informs him that it is too strong, and he bounces back. To the right there is another area with a Corsola which the player can use to knock down a rock to block the current. Pokémon are most plentiful in this area.

Pokémon Poké Assist Field
  Horsea   Water  
  Chinchou   Recharge  
  Corsola   Water  
  Clamperl   Water  
  Luvdisc   Water  
  Kingdra   Water  
  Mantyke   Water  

To the Depths Passage

This is a short passage with rock walls on either side. When the player first comes here he does a water chase with Kingdra. There is a save machine here.

Pokémon Poké Assist Field
  Kingdra   Water  
  Carvanha   Water  

Dark Area

This area is completely dark except the area around the player. This area is very small, but the more Chinchou the player has with him the more light there is around him. The only other light is yellow from wild Chinchou's bulbs, and red from Sharpedo's eyes and the UFO. The player has to fight angry Sharpedo when he first comes here and collects the UFO.

Pokémon Poké Assist Field
  Sharpedo   Water  
  Chinchou   Recharge  


Game Uppermost Area Middle Area To The Depths Passage Dark Area
Guardian Signs        


Name origin

Corals are rock-like animals that grow in colonies underwater.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Mer de corail
  German Korallenmeer
  Italian Mare Corallo
  Spanish Mar de Coral

Mitonga Waters

Language Title
  French Baie Ré-en-ciel
  German See um Remboga
  Italian Mar Regiobaleno
  Spanish Bahía Reíris

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