Purple Eyes

Purple Eyes
パープルアイ Purple Eye
Purple Eyes.png
Artwork from Guardian Signs
Gender Male
Eye color Purple
Hair color Purple
Hometown Unknown
Region Oblivia
Trainer class Admin
Generation IV
Games Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs
Member of Pokémon Pinchers
Rank Admin

Purple Eyes (Japanese: パープルアイ Purple Eye) is the head admin of the Pokémon Pinchers. He appears in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs and is a rather experienced archaeologist. Also, according to Red Eyes, he is "the type to throw away something when he's done with it," as seen when he dumped Raikou's Involith on Mt. Layuda.

In the games

In Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs, Purple Eyes first appears in the Oblivia Ruins, where he is keeping Nema and Leanne hostage. When the player meets him and the Steelhead under his command, he battles the player with his Garchomp and he is revealed to be the one who indirectly inspired Blue Eyes to crash the Submarine. He is next seen on the top of Mt. Layuda, where he is seen with some minions trying to obtain Zapdos. He sends a Metagross after the player. He, however, is then told by Edward that he was simply a pawn and that he was weak because despite the fact that he had Steelhead armor and many Control Gauntlets, he failed to awaken Zapdos. Finally, Purple Eyes uses a Gardevoir to transfer him into the top of the Sky Fortress, where he steals chunks of armor from Kasa, Hocus, and Arley, and uses Edward's golden armor to control Mewtwo. Rand is sucked into a void with Edward and the suit breaks after Mewtwo is defeated a second time. The armor is scattered and Purple Eyes is picked up on The Union by Murph.

Purple Eyes later appears in an extra mission featuring Arceus. After being questioned by the Ranger Union, Purple Eyes snapped, resulting in his becoming a nihilistic sociopath who, instead of wanting to rule the world, wishes to use Arceus to destroy all of humanity aside from himself and then recreate it. When the Arceus is captured by the player, Purple Eyes is dragged off to somewhere unknown by Arceus in order to receive judgment.


Oblivia Ruins


Mt. Layuda


Sky Fortress



Language Name Origin
Japanese パープルアイ Purple Eye From his eye color
English, Portuguese Purple Eyes Same as Japanese name
French, Spanish Purple Eye Same as Japanese name
German Purpurauge From Purpur Auge (purple eye)
Italian Occhioviola From occhio viola (purple eye)

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Boss: Societea
Administrators: Red EyesBlue EyesPurple Eyes
Locations: Wireless TowerSubmarineSky Fortress
Objects: Golden ArmorControl GauntletsZ.Z. Flyer
Other: Steelhead

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