Chris (Ranger)

クレス Cless
Overworld sprite
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Fiore
Generation III
Games Pokémon Ranger

Chris (Japanese: クレス Cless), sometimes called Silent Chris, is a character from Pokémon Ranger. He is a Ranger at the Wintown Ranger Base and sometimes assists alongside Elita on missions. Chris is a quiet character that says few words, normally saying only key words in sentences, thus being dubbed as Silent Chris. He is actually quite a talkative person sometimes, only getting tongue-tied and embarrassed in front of Elita.

Chris is first introduced to the player when they reach Panula Cave where he leads the player to Wintown. Later, he goes up to the Go-Rock Base to investigate their plan, meeting the player there and warning the player about the floor alarms.

He is later assigned a mission to go with the player to Fiore Temple to investigate strange events. It is here when Chris starts to become quite talkative upon seeing Rayquaza, although when Elita picked up on this and started to make fun of him, he went back to his regular persona.


Panula Cave

"I'm Chris. Follow me."
"Lots of tremors lately."
"That Steelix is asleep. It's in the way."
"Good going. Let's move."
"Leader. Brought the guest."
"Leader... On the way, there was a rarely seen..."

Go-Rock Squad Hideout

"Follow the plan. Create a diversion and go deep. Sow confusion among the Go-Rock Squad. Avoid glowing red sensors. Triggering one will send you back here. Be careful. ...? Are you surprised to see "Silent Chris" talking so much? I talk when I need. I get tongue-tied around Elita, though. I'm returning to Wintown. I need to plan things with Elita. We're counting on you."

Wintown Ranger Base

"Don't worry about Spenser."

Rayquaza mission

  • Fiore Temple
"Odd. Door's open."
"What's with him?"
"Goat's-milk cheese... Never had any."
"First time here."
"Writing here... "When upon the sacred dais are placed the chosen Pokémon, the path shall be revealed." So what?"
"What happened?"
"Chosen Pokémon... Must be."
"That guy... Who is he?"
"Go-Rock Squad... Still around."
  • Encountering Rayquaza
"I don't believe it... The legend... It lives and breathes right before my eyes! Rayquaza! That's Rayquaza! Is this really happening? Is this all one huge dream? No! This is no dream! This is truly reality! Oh, Rayquaza, Rayquaza! What makes you Rayquaza?! You've unleashed a torrent of inspiration in my quiet self! Words burst from me like a geyser! Oh, Rayquaza, Rayquaza! Becalm your anger! Forgive those wrongdoers for their mistakes! ...<player>! Their inept capture attempt has enraged Rayquaza terribly! Soothe the wild Pokémon with your righteous capturing expertise!"
  • After Rayquaza is captured
"Oh, <player>! You are truly the stuff of magnificence! So long as Rangers like you stand guard, never will this world fall into the hands of the ne'er-do-wells! ...Ah, Rayquaza appears to share the same opinion. Come, let us release it! Oh, Rayquaza, Rayquaza! Return now to the legend from which you came!"
"...<player>. As you may have already guessed, when I get inspired, I suddenly turn verbose. I can't stop talking! But, I beseech you, don't mention a word of this to Elita. She's bound to start calling me something like Gabby Chris, and you know how embarrassing that can be. Anyways, we should head for home ourselves."
  • Wintown Ranger Base
"Remarkably, those mysterious characters turned out to be the Go-Rock Squad. What's more, they got to the legendary Rayquaza. They were forcibly trying to capture it."
"You can rest easy. <player>'s superb capture let it regain its composure and serenity. If Rayquaza is considered a legendary Pokémon... Then <player> will eventually come to be known as a legendary Ranger! That, I will guarantee on my very name and pride as Silent Chris! Oh, but that Rayquaza! It was a marvel to see as it ascended into the skies. Truly, a living Pokémon legend! ...I wish you could have bore witness too, Leader."
"Uh, er... Ahahaha..."

Conversation after clearing the game

"Looking good. ... ...... .........! I'm done talking. Sorry."


Language Name Origin
Japanese クレス Cless From ヘルクレス座 Hercules-za, Hercules constellation.
English, French, German,
Italian, Spanish
Chris Similar to Japanese name.

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