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Freddie (Japanese: フウチ Fūchi) is a Wintown Ranger in Pokémon Ranger.

Freddie, a Fiore Ranger, has little to no contact at all with the Ringtown Rangers, although he appears to know about Murph. He stays in Wintown on patrol, helping all those in need along with the other Wintown Rangers and their leader Elita.


  • Wintown Ranger Base
"Hi, pleased to meet you. I'm Freddie. My role in this mission is to remain outside the Go-Rock Squad's secret base and try to attract their attention. In other words, I'll be the outside decoy. Let's use teamwork and get through this mission!"
"Roger! I'm heading out."
  • Sekra Range
"<player>, it looks like the Go-Rock Squad members are coming out somewhere ahead. It's weird, though. The doors to the Fiore Temple are firmly shut--there's no getting in or out. There's a waterfall up ahead, but it's on a sheer cliff face. There's no getting across that. I wonder where the Go-Rock Squad is coming from?"
  • Wintown Ranger Base
"Be safe! I'll be looking forward to hearing what happened when you return!"
  • Rayquaza mission
"Have you heard? The legend about the dragon of Sekra Range? The legend says that every ten years, a Dragon-group Pokemon descends from the sky. Oh, wait a second. Maybe it was every dozen years, and not once a decade?"
  • Conversation after clearing the game
"Oh! ...I only said, "Oh!" There's no reason or anything. I just said it. Oh, and, uh... I really don't like being cold. And, uh, um... Sorry, it's nothing... ...I wish you wouldn't expect me to say anything important or funny... I'm not Murph or anything..."


Language Name Origin
Japanese フウチ Fūchi From 風鳥座 Fūchō-za, Apus constellation.
English Freddie Similar to Japanese name.
French Freddy Similar to English name.
German Finn Similar to Japanese name.
Italian Feddy Similar to Japanese name.
Spanish Samuel

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