Spenser (Ranger)

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ハヤテ Hayate
Ranger Spenser.png
Art from Pokémon Ranger
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Fiore
Generation III
Games Pokémon Ranger

Spenser (Japanese: ハヤテ Hayate) is the Leader of the Ringtown Pokémon Ranger Base. He has a Fearow as his partner.

In the games

At the start of Pokémon Ranger, the player (either Solana or Lunick) receives a letter from Spenser in response to the previous seven letters written to him in regards to becoming a Ranger. He tells the player to meet him in Fall City on Sunday wearing the Ranger uniform he sent them. Shortly after meeting the player, a Plusle or Minun (depending on the player's gender) angers a wild Houndoom, causing it to become vicious. Due to this, Spenser gives a Capture Styler to the player so that while he captured the Houndoom, they could capture the other Pokémon. And after an impressive capture, Spenser gives the player official Pokémon Ranger status.

It is Spenser's job to give missions to the Rangers of Ringtown in order to keep the peace in his area. It is also said that he used to work as part of a team with two of the other Ranger Leaders, Joel and Cameron. He maintains a fierce, yet friendly rivalry with Joel. This gives Spenser motivation to maintain his quality capture skills and he quickly gained a mighty record at the Capture Arena when it opened. This could be because briefly it is said that he, like the other leaders, have a Super Styler, which allows the player to capture Pokémon much faster.

During a mission to gather information on the Go-Rock Squad in their base, Lunick and Solana are sent on a mission as decoys. After they defeat the Go-Rock Quads who initiate a self destruct sequence in the base, they meet up with Spenser who tells them that he has retrieved Professor Hastings' stolen Super Styler and that he'll be going back into the base to save the wild Pokémon. Lunick and Solana are told to escape while they can. He soon unites with Joel and the two of them escape together, however the player doesn't see him again until he comes to meet them after defeating Gordor.

In Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, it is revealed that he is a graduate of the Ranger School.


Spenser and Fearow



Controlled with Capture Styler


In the manga

Spenser in Mobilize!! Pokémon Ranger

Mobilize!! Pokémon Ranger

Spenser appeared in Mobilize!! Pokémon Ranger.



Spenser in Pokémon Ranger -The 1st Mission-

Pokémon Ranger -The 1st Mission-

Spenser appeared in Pokémon Ranger -The 1st Mission-.


Controlled with Capture Styler

Pokémon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission

Spenser in Pokémon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission

Spenser, along with Joel and Elita are first seen preparing to finish a then-unknown mission. Later, it was revealed that their mission was to capture a Deoxys, but they failed and were defeated. Later, they are hospitalized and Professor Hastings sends Lunick and Solana to finish their mission.

Later, an injured Spenser, along with Joel and Elita, arrive at the Ring Town Ranger Base, although it took all of their energy to do so. While Lunick battles the Go-Rock Quads, Spenser worries about him and reminisces about Lunick sent him seven letters about how he wanted to be a Pokémon Ranger in the past.

Later, Lunick and Solana return from their mission successful in freeing Deoxys from the Quads' control and taking the Manaphy Egg back from them. Due to Fiore not having Trainers, everyone decides to send the Manaphy Egg to the Sinnoh Region to find a proper Trainer to take care of it.


Fearow is Spenser's partner Pokémon. Fearow was first seen with Spenser preparing to fight Deoxys but was defeated.

None of Fearow's moves are known.

Debut Pokémon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission Episode One


Invitation Letter
Your strong motivation to become a Pokémon Ranger...
How you live in harmony with Pokémon and strive to protect nature every day...
How you selflessly go to the help of those in need...
How you've trained and built your body to become a Ranger...
All this I've come to understand and appreciate from the seven letters you've sent me.
I would like to meet you.
I want to see for myself if you really are worthy of becoming a Ranger.
I will be waiting for you in Fall City next Sunday.
You'll find enclosed a ticket for the ferry to Fall City and an official Pokémon Ranger uniform.
Wear it, and wait for me in the harbor.
With that uniform on, I won't have any trouble spotting you.
I look forward to seeing you.
Best regards,
Ringtown Ranger Leader

Fall City

  • The harbor:
"Hi! Sorry to keep you waiting! You're the letter writer, right?"
"The uniform I sent you... It's a little on the big side? Well, I guess it's not that big a concern? Oh, anyway, I'm Spenser. Ringtown's Ranger Leader. It's good to see you finally. I enjoyed exchanging letter with you. It brought back memories of the burning ambition I had when I was working on becoming a Ranger. Thanks for that!"
"Let me show you to my Ranger Base. Like the name suggests, a Ranger Base is a base of operations for Rangers. The Fiore region--that'd be here--has four cities: Fall City, Ringtown, Summerland, and Wintown. In each of the four cities is a Ranger Base. And, as you already know, I'm the Ranger Leader of Ringtown. Ringtown is a fair distance away to the west, and..."
"Did you hear that cry?"
"It came from over there!"
  • Before the fountain:
"This doesn't look good. That Houndoom appears to be highly agitated. That Plusle/Minun must have angered it. I bet it pulled some harmless prank that didn't go over well."
"I know that this is a sudden thing... But I need your help to calm down these Pokémon! I'm going to entrust you with this Capture Styler. The Capture Styler is a device Rangers can use to communicate their feelings to Pokémon to befriend them. Only certified Rangers are permitted to possess a Styler, but this is an emergency. Capture that Plusle/Minun for me! I'll capture the Houndoom! Here, take this!"
"I'll capture the Houndoom first!"


  • Houndoom:
"I'm going to explain how a capture works. Just pay attention to me. First, touch your stylus to the lower Touch Screen."
"You can draw a line on the Touch Screen by moving the stylus without lifting it."
"With this line--called the Capture Line--draw a loop around the target Pokémon. It doesn't matter where you close the loop on the Capture Line, by the way."
"When you encircle your target Pokémon in a loop, a blue number appears above it. Keep drawing more loops around your target. The blue number will get smaller."
"You need to keep drawing loops until the blue numbers no longer appear. But you have to be careful. If you lift your stylus before the end, your capture attempt will fail."
"There's another thing you need to know."
"If the Capture Line touches the target Pokémon..."
"The Capture Line disappears like this. Your target Pokémon may also attack the Capture Line."
"If the Capture Line is damaged by a Pokémon's attack... Your Styler loses some of its energy."
"If your Styler's energy hits zero, you can no longer do your job as a Ranger. Put another way, it's "game over." OK, keeping the points I made in mind, let's try to capture this Houndoom."
"Without lifting the stylus, keep drawing loops around your target. Each time you make a loop, the blue number above the target goes down. Keep drawing loops until the blue numbers stop appearing!"
"Watch for the blue number to turn orange. When you see an orange number, that's your cue to lift your stylus. Listen, this is a very important point, so I'll repeat it again. When you see an orange number, lift your stylus from the Touch Screen!"
"OK! That's a successful capture!"
  • Plusle/Minun
"All right, your turn! First, you need to get close to that Plusle/Minun."
"Good job! That's excellent for your first-ever capture!"
"Well, that was a bit of excitement I didn't count on. Still, I think it's lucky for me since I got to see your potential as a Ranger firsthand."
"The Houndoom's settled down enough, I guess. OK, big guy, off you go. Back to where you came from."
"What I did was "release" that Pokémon. "Release" literally means to turn loose capture Pokémon back into their natural habitats. After all, Rangers can't take captured Pokémon with them unless they have a compelling reason."
"Well, it looks like this Plusle/Minun has taken a liking to you. That said, you can't really bring it with us... You see, Rangers aren't allowed to take Pokémon out of their natural habitats. You better release that Plusle/Minun."
"Whoops! I almost forgot. I've got to confer this certificate on you. It's official proof that you're a Ranger. Normally, you would have to take a proper certification test. It's only when you pass the test that you should receive this certificate... But forget the test! When you were faced with this real-life situation, you resolved it admirably. There's no reason at all why you shouldn't be certified as a Ranger. Read this certificate thoroughly and sign here, please."
"Congratulations, <player>! You are now a genuine, full-fledged Pokémon Ranger! ...Having said that, you're also a complete rookie Ranger who doesn't know left from right yet. You need to gain experience above all. There's no time to waste!"
"First, we need to wing across the deep blue sky to Ringtown! Step this way..."
"Sorry I kept you waiting, Fearow! Do your thing!"


  • Upon arriving:
"This Plusle/Minun followed us here?"
"Maybe it's intimidated being in an unfamiliar environment. I think it will come back here on its own later. We should return it to its natural habitat then."
"This is <player>, who's become a Ringtown Ranger today."
"Now that the introductions are out of the way, let's head inside."
  • Ringtown Ranger Base:
"All right, will everyone gather, please?"
"This is Ringtown's Ranger Base. <Player>, you're a member of this base starting today. That said, for me to recognize you as a fully qualified Ranger, you still have quite a ways to go. There's a mountain of things you have to learn from here on out. Are you sure you're up to it? ...OK. The look in your eyes tells the tale. Your skill level aside, you're a real Ranger in spirit. As compatriots in Ringtown, let's all work together to the best of our abilities!"
"This sounds like the perfect mission for <player>. Enter the Lyra Forest and capture Larry's precious escaped Pokémon. That's your first mission! Don't fear failure. Do your best!"
"Hahaha! There's nothing to be worried about! The Lyra Forest is right outside Ringtown. I'll go ahead and meet you there."

Lyra Forest

"OK, ready to begin your rookie mission? Your mission is to capture Larry's Pokémon, which has fled to somewhere inside the Lyra Forest. You are also required to return the captured Pokémon to Larry, who will be waiting here. This really shouldn't be an especially challenging mission."
"Larry, by the way, what was the Pokémon that fled?"
"That's not much of a hint to go on... Well, <player>? Did you get what kind of Pokémon Larry means? I'll go with you, so if there's anything you don't understand, you can always ask me."
"First, if you want to capture a wild Pokémon, you need to get up close to it. Instead of touching it with your stylus, walk right into it. That's how you start the capture process."
  • After capturing a Pokémon
"I could tell that the Pokémon came to accept your friendly feelings."
  • If the player tries to exit
"That's not the way, I think. My instincts tell me so."
  • If player doesn't move for a while
"What's wrong? Have you decided not to do this capture?"
"Good job, <player>! This Taillow is Larry's missing Pokémon! I'm sorry, I actually knew, but I kept quiet about it. I wanted to see how you would deal with the situation. I wanted to see if you had the drive and tenacity to solve a problem even though you had very little information. You've passed with flying colors! All right. Let's take that Pokémon back to Larry."
  • If talked to again
"Your capture of the Taillow was excellent. Let's get that Pokémon back to Larry now."
"Congratulations! You've cleared your rookie mission! You have now joined the ranks of Pokémon Rangers in name and in deed!"
  • After being alerted to burning trees
"In a situation like this, we'll have to do something we call Target Clear! Target Clearing is the process of solving a problem using the abilities of captured Pokémon. I'll explain, using these burning trees."
"When you touch the target, its information is shown on the top screen."
"OK, we've just confirmed that Mudkip's Field Move is indeed the needed Water type. When the target and the Pokémon are joined, they will glow. That'll do it!"
"Thank you, Mudkip! See? That's how you clear a target! <player>, now you try it. Extinguish the other burning tree."
  • If talked to again
" If you don't put that fire out soon, the tree's going to burn down. Or do you need me to explain how to clear a target again?"
  • After fire is extinguished
"That literally was a trial by fire, but you cleared that challenge!"
"Well said, little guy. That took guts to say. Don't ever forget what you said! All right! Let's head back to our Ranger Base."


  • Ringtown Ranger Base
"Your work on the rookie mission was pretty impressive. To be honest, I didn't think you would do as well as you did. Keep it up! Lunick/Solana, <player>, I want you to patrol Ringtown until a new mission comes up. If anything happens, you let me know immediately. Clear?"
  • Returning from patrol
"Welcome back, the both of you. Oh? Which Plusle is that? Could it be the same Plusle that tagged along with us from Fall City?"
"Lunick/Solana, there's no need to explain. I can see it with my own eyes. <player> chose that Plusle as his/her partner Pokémon, right? I can see that they make a decent combination already!"
"I should explain what a partner Pokémon is. Every Ranger is permitted to keep a single Pokémon as their partner. The partner has to be a special one that has connected emotionally with their Ranger as if they were close friends."
"Partner Pokémon aren't there just for their cute appeal--they're expected to help their Rangers when necessary. I hope your Plusle grows into such a supportive partner Pokémon."
"Let's see... No, there's nothing that really demands immediate action... OK, Lunick/Solana, you do that. You can go patrol the Lyra Forest on your own."
"It's good to see you again, Prof. Hastings. As you've guessed, she's our new rookie hope, <player>."
"Incidentally, Professor. I wanted to speak to you about the new styler you left with us recently. I think you called it the Super Styler? Well, it sure lives up to its name. It really is quite outstanding. But, it also worries me, too. If one were to ever fall into the hands of criminals..."
"Uh, yes, Professor. Just, uh, please hold on a second. Listen, <player>, can you do me a favor? Go upstairs and check on my Fearow. That'd be right now."
"...I see, that does sound quite brilliant... (Whisper, whisper...)"
"So, how did my Fearow look? ...Hmhm... ...I see... OK, thanks. Oh, yes, <player>, I have a new mission for you. Prof. Hastings will be walking back to Fall City. <player>, your job is to escort the good professor and see to it that he returns to Fall City safely. That, <player>, is your first official mission. You'll need to go through the Lyra Forest and head for the Krokka Tunnel. Once you get through the tunnel, Fall City is just steps away."

Fall City

  • Text messages
"I know that you're in an unfamiliar place, so things can't be easy for you. But hang in there. Help out the citizens of Fall City in need. I'm counting on you."
"I've heard the latest from Joel. You might be intimidated being in an unfamiliar city, but I'm sure you'll acquit yourself fine. Both Joel and I are too busy with the Go-Rock Squad to do anything else. What's important for you is not to worry about the Go-Rock Squad. You need to take on missions and gain experience. That's why I also want you to go out on the Grimer mission. Make me proud!"
"I've got unconfirmed reports that the Go-Rock Squad has resumed activities in Summerland. <player>, if you're not on active mission, head for Summerland. This isn't a mission. I want you to gather intelligence on the Go-Rock Squad with your own eyes and ears."


  • Text messages
"When you reach Summerland, go meet with Cameron, the Ranger Leader there. Ask him to help gather information. I've already e-mailed Cameron and told him that you're on the way to Summerland, <player>. I'm counting on you to find leads on the Go-Rock Squad."
"I read Cameron's message. There's no way that I could turn him down. I used to work on the same team as Joel and Cameron long ago. Also, by tracking the abductors of the Politoed, you may uncover some leads about the Go-Rock Squad. Rescue the Politoed that disappeared into the Olive Jungle. That's your new mission, <player>."
"I have a new job for you. I need you in Fall City immediately."

Fall City

"Welcome back, <player>. You've gotten quite tanned! Cameron told me about that Politoed abduction. It sounds like you came up huge. I'll have to get the details from you later when we have the time. I'd like to assign you your next job, so swing by the Ranger Base when you're ready to go. I have to confer with others, so I'll wait for you there."
  • Fall City Ranger Base
"Welcome back, <player>. The three of us were discussing how to deal with the Go-Rock Squad. After showing up in Summerland, they've gone back to hiding."
"Professor, do you remember what Cameron wrote in his report? When <player> captured the Go-Rock Squad's Pokémon, they were automatically released. Could that mean their Styler hasn't been perfected yet?"
"By the way, <player>. There is a new job I want you to handle. <player>, do you remember the Krokka Tunnel? It's the one that you escorted the professor through. The tunnel is a vital traffic corridor that joins Ringtown and Fall City. However, it's been blocked off by rockfalls. Citizens on eiher side of the tunnel are up in arms over this. Clear the rockfalls that are blocking the Krokka Tunnel. That's your newest mission. I think this mission will be difficult for anyone to handle alone, so I've asked a Fall City Ranger to assist you. The Ranger should be on the way to the mission site already. I'm counting on you, <player>."

Krokka Tunnel

  • Text message
"I got word that the Go-Rock Squad is active in the Krokka Tunnel. I will get there as soon as possible. If you've cleared the rockfalls, let's meet at the Dugtrio statue near the Ringtown-side exit."
  • After defeating Tiffany
"It appears as if the Go-Rock Squad has left the area. But you're saying they were searching for a legendary Pokémon? What would make them do that? Anyways, you've cleared this mission. Let's head back to Ringtown."


  • Ranger Base
"Thanks to you, the Krokka Tunnel has been reopened. You've accomplished the mission without flinching from the Go-Rock Squad's interference. I'm hereby certifying you as Ranger Rank 6, <player>!"
"After all the running around we've done chasing after the Go-Rock Squad, it's good to be back home. <player>, it's your first time back in Ringtown in quite some time. You should unwind and relax a bit. That said, there's no telling when a new mission will pop up, so don't leave Ringtown."
  • Returning from patrol
"Oh, <player>, you're back. I have a mission I want you to take. There've been reports of a senior citizen wandering lost deep inside the Lyra Forest. I want you to locate the senior citizen and escort him to safety. That's your latest mission."

Lyra Forest

  • Message
"I just received additional information about the missing senior citizen. He appears to have become lost as a result of being chased around by wild Weepinbell in the forest. The Weepinbell of the Lyra Forest try to scoop up intruders and spit them up outside their territory. Keep that in mind, <player>. Good luck with the mission."


  • Ranger Base
"The lost senior citizen may have been somewhat eccentric, but he must have felt scared and lonely. Seeing you must have been a great relief to him in that dark, forbidding forest. You've also done well to put up with his ungrateful attitude. All in all, an excellent job. <player>, I hereby certify you as Ranger Rank 7!"
"Another thing, <player>. You are now authorized to be accompanied by up to six friend Pokémon in addition to your partner."
"There's one last thing. <player>, you are now authorized to operate your Styler with a 4-segment Partner Gauge."
"But what was that senior citizen doing where no one would dare to go? There's something not right..."
"What's that? You got a message from Cameron, and he wants you to visit him in Summerland? All right... This might actually be a good opportunity."
"<player>, since you've gone up in rank, I'm going to authorize the use of the Dragonite Bus. Come upstairs, <player>."
  • Upstairs
"That's how it works, <player>. Before you joined us, do you remember what you wrote in your seven letters? This is what you wrote in one of them. "Pokémon aren't tools. Pokémon aren't just vehicles. People and Pokémon can share their feelings and benefit together from it. It's not a one-way street. By sharing our abilities, people can even fly, and Pokémon can be made happier." I read that letter over and over. I have it memorized now. Well, <player>? Here's your chance to prove those lofty words to be sincere."
"<player>, I expect you to make a clean capture."
"Say hi to Cameron for me when you get to Summerland. But you said he's got something good he wants to give you? ...Well, you'll see when you get there."

Sekra Range

  • Go-Rock Squad Hideout
"Good job, you two! You're not hurt, are you? Thanks to the big ruckus you two kicked up, I was able to recover the Super Styler!"
"What's happening here? The walls are coming down!"
"Give me a report later! We have to get out of here now! Forget about the escaped criminals! Your lives are more important! Both of you! Quick! Dive through that portal now! When you get out, follow Cameron or Elita's orders! I still have my mission to rescue the Pokémon here! Listen to me! You go after Gordor!"
  • Fiore Temple
"That's OK. You did the right thing. To do the best we can to help people in need--that's what a Ranger does!"
"Capture a human? Lunick/Solana... That isn't a Ranger's job. He'll come to understand what he did was absolutely wrong. We have to put our faith in that. I'm more concerned about you two and Plusle and Minun. You're not hurt, are you? ...Don't worry about me. Joel arrived on the scene right after you left. We got to play superheroes together, just like old times. Hahaha!"
"Plusle, Minun, thank you! OK, team! Let's head back to the Ranger Base. We need to show the professor that we're OK before he gets too anxious!"
"Prof. Hastings! Don't tell me you couldn't stand to wait anymore and came here alone? But there's nothing to worry about, sir! Our young Rangers have saved Fiore from calamity."
"Well, are you exhausted? Plusle and Minun... Feeling hungry? Both of you, Lunick/Solana and Lunick/Solana... Your faces are filthy with grime, and your uniforms are falling apart. <player>, it reminds me of the day you first arrived in Fall City. You were pale...and wearing that crisp new uniform... It really didn't suit you at all. But now, it's different. You look the part completely. <player>, you've toughened up. I hope you'll keep going on as a Ranger with pride in your heart always!"
"OK, team! Let's return to our Ranger Base!"


  • Ranger Base
"Thanks to <player>'s heroics, the Go-Rock Squad's been demolished. Your captures of the three legendary Pokémon were works of brilliance. You've become a Pokémon Ranger in every regard. It's obvious to see. Up to now, you weren't permitted to take Pokémon living in one area to a different environment. I'm giving you the authority to freely take Pokémon from one area to another without any restrictions. Don't worry about releasing Pokémon in unfamiliar habitats. A Ranger of your caliber only has to wish the Pokémon to return home safely upon release. When you do that, the released Pokémon will return to wherever they came from, however far it may be."
"Listen, <player>. You're going to be able to do even more as a Ranger now. I'm going to leave it up to you to explore the four corners of Fiore using your own free will. I want you to capture as many Pokémon as possible to further sharpen your skills. Of course, what you do willl entail great responsibility. Well? Doesn't the prospect sound enticing?"
No: "Hahaha! You say that, but your expression says you're twitching with anticipation!"
  • After Hastings instals the Ranger Record
"I get it, Professor! That is a convenient feature. I'd be able to look up records of my own Ranger career and apply that knowledge to improve my skills."
"<player>, you're lucky to get that new feature. It goes to show the great expectations the professor has in you. There is no end to the Ranger's path. It's a long and challenging road, but we can walk it together, all of us!"
"It's like how soccer players practice ball-juggling with their feet. Or how baseball players constantly practice their swings. I think Rangers should keep their skills sharp by doing as many captures as possible."
"<player>, be good to your friends. I've made it a habit to regularly visit Joel, Cameron, and Elita among other friends."
"There's nothing left for me to teach you, <player>. Now it's up to you to explore and choose what sort of a Ranger you want to become. There's nothing to fear. If anyone can do it, you can, <player>."
  • After capturing Kyogre
"Welcome back, <player>. Thanks for going out on patrol. Hey, I heard from Joel. You captured a Kyogre?! That's mind blowing! It's been one huge mission after another since the whole Go-Rock Squad case. Aren't you a little tired?"
"I bet you would be. Everyone would be tired after what you went through. <player>, Cameron's prepared the perfect gift for someone in your shoes. He arranged a vacation stay for you and Lunick/Solana in Summerland. For a change, Cameron's gift is just what the doctor ordered. I know it's for a private vacation, but I'll authorize the use of the Dragonite Bus. Lunick/Solana is already in Summerland, so you should meet up with him/her there."
"That's right. Murph knows what I'm talking about. Don't worry about us. Go on and have a good relaxing time. Say hi to Cameron for me when you get there. That's all I ask."

Deoxys mission

  • Ringtown Ranger Base
"<player>, I was waiting to see you. There's a mission I want you to take. Several days ago, a Deoxys appeared in the Lyra Forest. But there's something wrong with it. For some unknown reason, it is extremely aggressive and combative. There's no guarantee that it won't harm other Pokémon--or even people. I'm afraid this mission is dangerous, but I want you to take it. I want you to capture the hostile Deoxys and return it to its normal, docile state without harming it."
"By the way... I'm not sure if I should be even telling you this, but... I was actually working on this mission on my own several days ago. When it comes to Deoxys, my interest and knowledge are second to none. I was certain that I would capture it easily. But... I didn't go well. <player>... And Lunick/Solana. This time, I want the two of you to try."
"I want you to give it a try regardless of the outcome. The Deoxys will use its ability to transform if you try to capture it. You would be better off thinking none of the usual capturing rules will apply. I arrived at one conclusion as a result of my failure to capture it. It's impossible to connect with Deoxys on an emotional level. It's a very disappointing conclusion, but it's the only one that is logical..."
  • Text message
"Prof. Hastings advised me on Deoxys. Surprisingly, Deoxys apparently can be captured only in its Normal Form. However, even the professor didn't know what should be done when it is in any other form. My guess is that the Deoxys will assume its Normal Form if it decides it needs to neither attack nor defend. But for that to happen, there has to be an emotional link between the Ranger and the Deoxys... I don't understand it. I want you two to solve this mystery."
  • After Deoxys is captured
"Hi, welcome back... ...Those big grins... Did you maybe...?!"
"Ahaha! Sorry, Murph! You know, I really did appreciate your efforts to cheer me up. But your puns... I don't know how I should say this... None of them were funny in the least! Ahaha, sorry, sorry! I really do appreciate what you do for us, Murph!"
"But you know, Lunick/Solana and <player>... The conclusion I reached about the Deoxys was completely wrong. You two proved that conclusively. You don't know how happy that made me. I think I got so caught up in the idea of capturing Deoxys that I lost sight of everything but myself. That means my capture attempts would seem no different than attacks to the Deoxys... It's no wonder that the Deoxys turned hostile on me. The cause of this incident wasn't the Deoxys or the Go-Rock Squad or anything else. I'm to blame for the entire fiasco... Everyone... And Deoxys... I'm sorry! And thank you for putting everything right again!"
"Thanks, everyone! <player>! Lunick/Solana! And Murph too! It's mission complete!"

Celebi mission

  • Ringtown Ranger Base
"Hi, <player>. We were waiting for you. We need your help. There is a small shrine deep in the Lyra Forest. I have reports that Celebi appeared close by. At the same time, members of the Go-Rock Squad were sighted prowling around the same area. My instincts tell me that they are trying to capture Celebi for some nefarious reason or another. So, this is your new mission. Capture Celebi and put a stop to the Go-Rock Squad's plan."
"Sorry, Murph! Whenever I see that happy, round face of yours, it makes me want to pull jokes on you, no harm meant! But, all right. This is what we'll do. This mission will be jointly handled by <player> and Murph."
"Both of you, be vigilant always. Don't take anything for granted. Murph... This isn't about changing lightbulbs. I want you to be serious and focused."
  • After Celebi is captured
"Murph! <player>! Welcome back! What's the word? Let's hear your report!"
"Well done. Excellent report. <player>, Murph, good work, both of you. <player>, you're looking more and more like a veteran Ranger. And Murph... Your compassion for Pokémon could be the most important quality that every Ranger needs. I'm sure that <player> has learned a lot by teaming up with you on this mission, Murph. Another thing, Murph's responsible for always keeping the atmosphere in the Ranger Base light. ...After all, he's the one who changes the lightbulbs for us! Ahahaha! ...All joking aside, <player>, Murph! You've cleared the mission! Excellent work!"

Manaphy mission

  • Ringtown Ranger Base
"A transparent blue Egg? The Sea Crown? <player>, your expression tells me that you seem to know something about them. Do you maybe know what kind of Egg it was, <player>?"
"What?! A Manaphy Egg? The Manaphy? The one that is mentioned in that ancient legend about the Sea Crown?"
"<player>, you're in charge of this mission. Your job is to safely recover the Manaphy Egg that was stolen by the Go-Rock Squad."
"Lunick/Solana! You're my insurance policy. I want you to support <player>."
"But it is strange... How did they know that the professor obtained the Egg?"
  • After the Egg is recovered
"Good work, both of you. If the remaining Go-Rock Squad holdouts were to get this, there's no telling what sort of trouble would brew up. If Gordor really had a change of heart for the better, then we can credit that to you, too. That's mission cleared, you two!"
"Oh, that's right! Everyone, listen! Murph did a fantastic job on his mission. I think he should tell us in his own words."

Completing the Browser

  • Text message
"The Ringtown Ranger Base just received an emergency report from the Ranger Union. It said a certain Ranger has finally completed a Browser that catalogs every Pokémon in the Fiore region. I was blown away! I mean, "a certain Ranger"? <player>! The union was reporting about you! This is big news! Please come to the Ringtown Ranger Base as soon as you can. I can't wait to get a look at your completed Browser."
  • Ringtown Ranger Base
"<player>... You're the first Ranger to ever complete the Browser in this region. As a Leader, I feel deeply honored and proud knowing that there is a Ranger like you among us. This certificate is awarded only to Rangers who complete their Browser. You've earned this. Take it."
"Congratulations, <player>! Honestly, I'm glad that I had enough sense to certify you as a Ranger. Seriously, thank you!"


Language Name Origin
Japanese ハヤテ Hayate From 疾風 hayate, hurricane
English Spenser From spring
French Eliott From Elijah, Prophet in Abrahamic religions
German Spencer Similar to his English name
Italian Furio From furia, fury
Spanish Alejandro From alexien (defend, help) and andros (man)
Chinese (Mandarin) Zhǔn From 隼 zhǔn, falcon

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