ポンプ Pump
Overworld sprite
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Fiore
Generation III
Games Pokémon Ranger

Percy (Japanese: ポンプ Pump) is a Summerland Pokémon Ranger in the game of the same name. His partner is a Politoed and he is very protective of it. It has been shown that he is a very competent Ranger, but struggles with his confidence ever since the Go-Rock Squad kidnapped his Politoed. He also saw a Mew, but had some trouble admitting it to the player, as he was laughed at when he told other Rangers. He kept assuring himself and the player that he was mistaken, until it was captured with the help of the player.





Summerland Ranger Base

"Wasn't it hard getting to Summerland? Oh, the Ringtown Leader ordered you to come here? Wow, that sounds really strict. Our Leader went off to the Capture Challenge again today the first thing in the morning. We're usually free to do whatever we want. I mean, Summerland's so peaceful anyway that we're not busy ever. Oh, yeah. I'd better fetch our Leader for you. Just chill and hang out, OK?"
"Let's go, Politoed."
"T-t-t-trouble! My Politoed was taken away by these weird-looking Rangers! They captured my Politled using a weird Styler. It wasn't like any Styler I've seen before! I shouted at my Politoed, but he totally ignored me... They disappeared into the Olive Jungle..."
"My Politoed... I belong with Politoed... Me and Politoed... I can't take it! I'm worried sick over my Politoed!"

Olive Jungle

"I got so worried about my Politoed that I came out here. But the jungle is terrifying to me... <player>, I'm really sorry that I'm dropping this whole thing on you, but please rescue my Politoed!"
  • After Politoed is captured
"<player>! Are you OK?! Look, look! It's my Politoed! It suddenly appeared in front of me as if nothing'd happened. And then It leapt into my arms! I... I couldn't help it. My eyes filled up with tears... Snivel... Thank you... Thank you so very much..."
"I'm not letting my Politoed go ever again!"
"OK! My tears are dry! Let's head back to the Ranger Base with the biggest smiles ever!"
  • Back at Ranger Base
"Let me thank you just this one last time. Thanks, <player>!"
  • Before the four challenges
"Hi, <player>. Keeping up with your capturing? I bet you are! Our Leader called you to Summerland, didn't he? I'll go fetch him. Just sit tight!"
"The Jungle Relic's challenges? I think the record holders are Spenser and Joel still."
  • After clearing the challenges
"Our Leader can be counted on when he's called upon. During the earthquakes, he helped lead Summerland's people to safety."
"I think our mechanic doesn't like the jungle as much as me."
"Our mechanic is klutzy, but it looks like he's doing a great job with the Aquamole's repairs."

Groudon mission

"Yikes! It's shaking again!"
"I've never seen our Leader looking so scary."
  • After Groudon is captured
"My Politoed is all eager and energetic lately. It all started when Murph came to Summerland for a visit with his partner Slowpoke. We got to talking, and somehow our Politoed and Slowpoke decided to have a race. Well, my Politoed got cocky and ended up losing. I think that was a huge shock."

Mew mission

  • Summerland Ranger Base
"Aww, Leader, can you drop the subject already, please? I've been telling you over and over, I must have been mistaken. Just think about it--a guy like me isn't going to find something as rare as Mew!"
"Hey, Politoed? What we saw wasn't Mew, right? It was just a Skitty or something."
"That's true, but... When I went around telling the people in town afterward, there were some people who didn't believe me... I think they're talking behind my back, saying I'm a liar and stuff like that... That's why I'm taking back what I said about Mew. I don't see any Mew. I never saw anything like it at all!"
"That mission's going to fail... I... I really didn't see any Mew!"
  • Olive Jungle
"There's no Mew here. I came along just to be sure, but there's no way that Mew can actually be here. <player>, you should go get a different mission. I really think so."
  • After Mew is captured
"That was... Mew...? No, that can't be! I was just seeing things! <player>, you didn't see it either! You never saw Mew! Don't tell anyone you saw Mew! They'll call you a liar, too! ...I'm tired. I'm going home now. Come on, Politoed!"
  • Ranger Base
"Prof. Hastings... <player>... Thank you..."
"<player>, thank you, really! I'm going to try to be more confident in myself and believe in me! Just like you, <player>!"
"Leader... Sorry for being such a sniveling whiner! I was actually very happy to hear you say good things about me. Isn't this what you said about me? "Prove that Percy isn't a liar!""


Language Name Origin
Japanese ポンプ Pump From ポンプ座 Pump-za, Antlia constellation.
English, German Percy Similar to Japanese name.
French Tim
Italian Pino Similar to Japanese name.
Spanish Fernando

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