Brook with Kellyn near Norward Bridge

Brook (Japanese: ハシモト Hashimoto) is a minor character in the game Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. Brook operates the Norward Bridge linking Pueltown and Altru Park. He is often quick to rush into things and doesn't think things through. He is involved in minor parts of the plot, as well as a Ranger Quest.

He is first met during Team Dim Sun's attack on Pueltown, when he is waiting at the town's entrance from Vien Forest. After the player blows up the first Gigaremo machine, he comes and tells the player that he will beat the minions. He is seen afterwards with Isaac's sister, Melody, in which he tries to save her from the circle of Magby and Elekid by doing the 'Super Brook Jump', which gets him also trapped, until freed by the player after blowing the controlling Gigaremo. Later on, after the player fights a Toxicroak, he tries to follow Team Dim Sun by swimming on the Puel Sea, but he doesn't succeed, and he loses the Bridge Keys. The admin that controls the Cargo Ship was presumably the same admin that attacked with the Toxicroak since he saw Brook's "Super Jump," and he tells the player to do it elsewhere.

Later, when Professor Hastings goes to the Ranger Union, Brook says he had lost the Bridge Key, so the player has to the Puel Sea to track and capture a Sharpedo and take the keys, thus helping Brook reopen the bridge.

He reappears in the Extra Mission For the Bride and Shaymin!, in which he speaks with the player about the rush that the Rangers are doing.

Brook lives in Pueltown with his mother and his two children, one boy and one girl. In a quest, he asks the player to go to his mother in Pueltown. His mother then tells the story of The King of Almia and the Three Princes to the player and Clyde, member of the Go-Rock Quads who was looking for an inspiration for a new song.


Go Talk To My Mom
Altru Park
  Flying Defense
Hey, while you're out on patrol, can you drop in
on my dear old mom for a friendly visit?
She could use the company.
My house is in Pueltown.
Look for the fountain in front, okay?

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