Cameron (Ranger)

カムリ Camry
Ranger Cameron.png
Art from Pokémon Ranger
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Fiore
Generation III
Games Pokémon Ranger

Cameron (Japanese: カムリ Camry) is the laid back leader of the Summerland Ranger base. His partner is a Pelipper and he regularly befriends the nearby Lapras for Marine Challenges.

In the games

Before becoming leader of the Ranger base in Summerland, he was on a team with Spenser and Joel. He enjoys swimming, and spends most of his time at the Marine Capture Challenge where he holds the high score, calling it practice. He is also known for giving strange gifts that no one wants and are often junk.

Cameron is the first recorded person to encounter a Manaphy (however, only in its Egg), after discovering the Egg washed up on the Summerland beach. He hands it over to Professor Hastings who sends it over to Sinnoh after determining the Egg can only hatch there.






  • Ranger Base
"Wahah! Another great day capturing! I sure had fun again today!"
"Huh? And who might you be? ...<player>? Are you maybe the Ranger that Spenser wrote about? Well, it's nice to meet you. It's good and all that you came here for your investigation, but... That, uh, Team Go-Rock, was it? Whatever they're called, we haven't seen neither hide nor hair of 'em."
"So I've been taking part in the local Capture Challenges for enjoy... Uh, no. For keeping my technique sharp, yup. And, you know, just keeping cool and relaxed a little. Oh, no, no! You've got it wrong. Of course, it's not always like this here. Oh? Percy went looking for me? I never saw him. It's odd, though. Maybe we just passed each other."
  • After Percy's Politoed is captured
"This is awful... Maybe what Spenser had to say was right after all..."
"<player>, will you help us? Can you go into the Olive Jungle and recapture Percy's Politoed? You're probably...definitely more suited for the job than our Rangers. After all, Spenser's your mentor."
"I know! How about we do this? I'll get in touch with Spenser and get him to certify this as an official mission! Great idea, huh? It's not like Spenser and I are complete strangers. I'll contact him, of course."
"OK, I have to e-mail Spenser about your new mission... Let's see... Our Ranger... Um... Politoed...abducted... Erm...oddly dressed Rangers... a mission... By gosh, I hate dealing with e-mail. Uh... Where's the send button on this?"
  • After Politoed is returned
"Yup, you were mentored by Spenser! It shows. I'm really grateful that you recovered Percy's Politoed. And thanks to you, we're starting to get a little better idea about the Go-Rock Squad. So... <player>, I hereby certify you as Ranger Rank 5!"
"Oh, that's right! <player>, I have to uncap your Styler's Partner Gauge to three segments!"
"Your Leader Spenser, Joel in Fall City, and I all worked on the same team when we were younger. Spenser and Joel... Those two were outstanding Rangers even back then. I wouldn't be surprised if they went to work for the union eventually. ...Huh? What about me? Ahaha! That's not going to happen! The slow and laid-back atmosphere of Summerland is what's best for me. ...But with the Go-Rock Squad showing up in the Olive Jungle, I won't be able to kick back now. Oh, yeah, I'd better report this to Prof. Hastings."
"Seeing as you're here in Summerland, why don't you kick back and enjoy some rest and recreation?"
  • Text message
"Thanks for helping Percy out with that Politoed rescue. If you're not on any important mission, can you come out to Summerland's Ranger Base? I've got something for you. It's something really awesome, so you can look forward to it, seriously!"
  • After escorting Gordor
"Oh, <player>! Welcome, welcome! We didn't thank you properly last time, so there's something I want you to have. I left it in the Ranger Base. Come on, go inside quick!"
"Well? Isn't it awesome? I found it in the Safra Sea. You can have it! It's a gift from me to you! But what is it, you ask? The mechanic behind you will be the best person to answer that."
"Now, hold on! Junk? You call this junk? I object to that! You have no appreciation of beauty! Look at it! It's a fabulous piece of art! I feel dreamy at the sight of it! Junk? No, no, no! Don't call it junk!"
"That's the Jungle Relic. There's a legend about it named the "Four Challenges." Rangers over the years have gone there to see how they do on those challenges. Just be careful: the legend says you're not to clear the fourth and final challenge. If you do, a great calamity shall befall us, according to the legend. When they were younger, Spenser and Joel took the challenges to see how they measured up. ...Huh, me? I make a point of not going anywhere that's remotely dangerous. Hey, but if you've got the time, it might be good for you to visit."
"If you're going to tackle the challenges, I'd better tell you how to get inside the Jungle Relic. The entrance is on a raised hill deep in the jungle. It's where <player> rescued Percy's Politoed before. You'll find a weird stone statue there. There's a hidden switch on the statue. That switch exposes a set of stairs that go down into the Jungle Relic. Be careful in there."
"Just remember, don't clear all four of the challenges. Call it quits if you manage to clear three challenges, and then come back. Just obey that rule...and you'll be fine."
  • Text message after clearing the challenges
"Oh my gosh, it's an earthquake! The tremor seems to be centered in the Jungle Relic. Knowing the both of you, I'm sure you're OK... ...You are OK, aren't you? I want the both of you to survey the damage and investigate the cause. But be careful of aftershocks, OK? Fall City's Aria--she was in Summerland--should be headed your way, too. I'm strictly ordering you to think safety first. ...Is it still shaking?"
  • Summerland Ranger Base
"<player>, Lunick/Solana, thanks for your report. The tremors seem to be over, so I guess the crisis has passed. Both of you... I'm sorry for what you went through. It's my fault for mentioning the challenges... Forgive me."
"The only people at fault here are the Go-Rock Squad. They're the bad guys. I'll take full responsibility for this. I'll make that completely clear in my report to the Ranger Union. But you know... Moping around over being duped is no way for Rangers to be, hey? Come on, smile! Be happy and cheerful like the sunshine of Summerland!"
"It's a rare occasion to hand out praise. I hope it doesn't bring a storm..."
"I got the same message. It doesn't say what it's about, but it must be important. You know how impatient the professor is--you'd better go right away. You should use the Dragonite Bus upstairs."
  • On the way to Wintown
"Hi, <player>! Welcome! I got word from Joel about you. It's true that the underwater tunnel in the Safra Sea is a shortcut from here to Wintown.The tunnel ends close to a cavern that will put you right by Wintown. There's just one problem. It's difficult to swim there. Actually, it's impossible! What should we do?"
"Hey, I know! <player>, didn't I give you something before that might work? You know, that heap of scrap metal! ...No, wait. That'd be the submersible Aquamole! Our mechanic's been banging away on it ever since, so maybe it's seaworthy now."
"Say! We were just talking about you! This is our mechanic!"
"You got an itch on your back that you can't scratch?"
"Awesome, <player>! Sounds like your ship's come in! Actually, it sounds like your sub's about to come in! You'll help find the set of parts, right? You will help find Aquamole's missing set of parts?"
Yes: "OK, that's settled, then! <player>, you must know the Olive Jungle like the back of your hand by now. I can't consider this a real mission, but I expect you'll do your best like always."
No: " Huh? You don't need to go to Wintown after all? That's not true, is it?"
"You'll have to work hard to get to Wintown!"
"It's awesome you found those missing parts. Our mechanic was saying it's a pleasure fixing the Aquamole knowing he's doing it for you. The Aquamole shouldn't take long to get seaworthy now. So, here's your next mission. <player>, your mission is to take the Aquamole to Wintown. I'll contact the Ranger Base there. The Leader there is a lady named Elita. She's aloof and chilly... ...Whoa, whoa, whoa, never mind that! Good luck with your mission!"
"Take the Aquamole through the undersea tunnel in the Safra Sea. The tunnel leads to a small lake. There, you'll find a cave that will take you to Wintown. It's straightforward."
  • Text message after Aquamole voyage
"How was your Aquamole voyage? I hope it was pleasant at least. When you make land, go through the Panula Cave and head for Wintown. I also got a message from our mechanic for you. "The Aquamole was loaded with only enough fuel for a one-way trip. It was my oversight. Sorry!" So there you have it. It's pretty klutzy of him, I'd say."

Sekra Range

"We got word from Spenser. Are you two alright?"
"We have to return to Wintown right now! Let's go!"

Wintown Ranger Base

"There's nothing to worry about. I bet Spenser's already finished up and taking a nap somewhere."
"There's no more advice that I can offer you. I can only send you off with a smile!"

Groudon mission

"Hey there, <player>... Of all the rotten times to invite you out on a vacation... What with this abnormal heat wave and all these earthquakes... So much for getting some rest and relaxation... But there's something else. It's got me worried even more. It's Lunick/Solana... He/she went to the Jungle Relic to investigate the underground volcano. We've lost contact with him/her. Lunick/Solana'd been looking forward to meeting up with you right here in Summerland. He/she said he'd have to get done with his mission and get back to the Ranger Base before you showed up. Yup, he/she sure seemed eager to meet up with you again, but..."
"That quake just now... Do you reckon it's the underground volcano again? <player>, sorry, but I'm going to have to pull rank here and be a heartless taskmaster. I hereby cancel your vacation leave! First, I need you to find Lunick/Solana, who's supposed to be at the Jungle Relic. Second, I want you to team up with Lunick/Solana. Then, the both of you together should uncover what's causing all the trouble. That, my friend, is the mission from this heartless taskmaster!"
"I know I'm being heartless..."
"Please, get on with the mission..."
  • After Groudon is captured
"So you're saying you were trapped by a rockfall? Boy, am I glad to see you two again. Some vacation I invited you on, huh? Talk about the worst possible timing..."
"Yeah, I envy you for seeing Groudon. But that Solo Go-Rock Squad thing... I don't know what that's about. But anyways, thanks to you two, Summerland's back to normal. So, you've cleared that hot and exciting mission!"
"You know, I just said that Summerland's back to normal. But what's going on? It's still abnormally hot. What's causing this heat wave? ...Oh, I get it now! This heat... It's coming from this smiling couple right here! Did that vacation under intense heat inflame your passions? Oo-la-la! Ahahaha! Sorry, sorry! I'm just joking!"

Mew mission

"<player>! Thanks for coming! There's a job I want you to do. Hold on to your hats! That mirage Pokémon mew was spotted in the jungle! What's even better, it was one of our Rangers that spotted Mew."
"Hey, Percy... Why don't you have more faith in yourself? Just yesterday you were going on and on, all excited, saying you saw Mew, you saw Mew."
"Hmm... Now what to do... OK, fine. <player>, I want you to go to the jungle and locate and capture Mew. This is a mission that came down from Prof. Hastings himself. He absolutely needs Mew's data, he says, for his Styler research. In other words, this mission's objective is: find and capture Mew. Actually, there's one more objective. Find Mew and prove that our Percy isn't a liar!"
"This is for Percy, too. I really want you to succeed. Of course, the professor will be looking forward to you capturing Mew as well."
  • After Mew is captured
"Hey, everyone! I don't need a report today. I can tell right away from Percy's huge grin that Mew's capture went off without a hitch. Prof. Hastings can barely contain his happiness, too, it looks like. <player>, you've done well. Mission cleared!"
"Hey, now. You're doing an imitation of me? It looks like Percy's back to his regular sunny self. Ahaha! Excellent, excellent!"

Manaphy mission

  • Summerland beach
"Hunh? What could that be?"
"What's this thing that's washed up here? Doesn't look like anything I've seen before. It sure is pretty, though. That transparent blue... It's like looking at a miniature ocean. I feel calmer just looking at it... Hey, I know! This pretty thing would make a great gift for that hectic Prof. Hastings. Gazing at this every day might do something to help curb his natural impatience!"
  • Prof. Hastings' lab
"Professor, howdy!"
"Slow down, Professor. Give me a chance to answer your questions. I'm here for a reason today. Professor, I've brought you the perfect gift to help your impatient nature."
"What's wrong, Professor? It's not like you to turn down a gift! Here you are!"
"I found it on the beach in Summerland. Don't you feel calmer and more relaxed just looking at it? I think it will be good to display it where you can look at it when you get irritated with work. OK, Professor. I'm heading back to Summerland."

Upon completing the Browser

"It just goes to show how Spenser can spot good recruits. I'll have to send you a gift to celebrate your mighty feat, friend! Oh, no, no, don't worry about it! I want to send you a gift!"

Conversations after clearing the game

"Hey! You're here, <player>! How's it going? It sounds like you're busy, as always. You should try to relax when you're over here at least. Oh, yeah! Why don't you take the Capture Challenge?"
"The weather's brilliant again today... I guess I'll patrol the sea. ...What's that? Don't I need to patrol the jungle? Oh, come on now. How am I supposed to swim in the jungle? ...Uh, er... That's not what I meant to say... ...Gee, isn't it hot today?"
"Hey, <player>! You dropped in at the right time. See, I found something pretty neat down at the beach. I was just trying to decide who I should give it to as a gift. ...? What's wrong, <player>? Why are you backing away from me?"

In the manga

Cameron in Pokémon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission

Pokémon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission

Cameron first appears flying above an ocean with his Pelipper. He finds a mysterious egg floating there and apologizes to his fellow Ranger Leaders for not being with them on their mission. Later, when Solana and Lunick go to finish the Ranger Leader's failed mission, they are ambushed by the Go-Rock Quads, who have defeated Cameron. They reveal that the egg they took from him was actually a Manaphy Egg, and they plan on using it to rule the world.

Later, Lunick and Solana return from their mission successful in retrieving the Manaphy Egg and carry the injured Cameron to the Ranger Base. Albeit inadvertently, Cameron gives Professor Hastings the idea to send the Manaphy Egg to the Sinnoh Region to find a proper Trainer to take care of it due to Fiore lacking Trainers.


Pelipper is Cameron's Partner Pokémon. Pelipper was first seen carrying Cameron to the Manaphy Egg. Later, it carried the Egg back to Ranger Base once it was retrieved from the Go-Rock Quads.

None of Pelipper's moves are known.

Debut Pokémon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission Episode One


Language Name Origin
Japanese カムリ Camry From 冠座 Kanmuri-za, Corona Borealis.
English Cameron Similar to his Japanese name.
French Brice From Bri (force, strenght) or Brigh (Valor, strength)
German Andreas Greek origin meaning 'strong' and 'manly'
Italian Costantino From Constare, to stand firm
Spanish Carlos From calor, heath.
Chinese (Mandarin) Guān From the Japanese name 冠 Kamuri

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