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Ravio (Japanese: ヘリオ Helio) is a character in the past of Oblivia's Cocona Village.

Ravio's father is the Steelhead of the Light Temple, known as Ellios, and one of his friends is Celebi. He meets the player when the player is taken into the past by Celebi. He, along with Tanvir and Kira, explain how the past works and about the temples and their oracles.

Later, he sneaks into Teakwood Forest without Kira's permission and is kidnapped by Sabios of the Dark Temple, who states that Ellios is under his control.


  • A spirit resembling Ravio appears in the present in a quest involving getting a forbidden song from the Old Mansion.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ヘリオ Helio From ἥλιος helios (Ancient Greek for the sun)
English Ravio From Ravi, an Indian word for the Sun
French Héliodore From héliodore (heliodor, a type of beryl)
German Helio Same as Japanese name
Italian Elio Similar to Japanese name
Spanish Heliodoro From heliodoro (heliodor, a type of beryl)

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