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ジョウ Joe
Ranger Joel.png
Art from Pokémon Ranger
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Fiore
Generation III
Games Pokémon Ranger

Joel (Japanese: ジョウ Joe) is the leader of the Fall City Ranger base.

In the games

He and Spenser were once fierce rivals when they and Cameron worked together on the same team, but they now share a close bond, although they still argue a lot, as stated by Elita. His partner is his Dodrio, that he uses to speed across Fiore.

Joel holds the initial high score of the Grassland Capture Challenge.




In the manga

Joel in Pokémon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission

Pokémon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission

Joel, along with Spenser and Elita, are first seen preparing to finish a then-unknown mission. Later, it was revealed that their mission was to capture a Deoxys, but they failed and were defeated. Later, they are hospitalized and Professor Hastings sends Lunick and Solana to finish their mission.

Later, an injured Joel, along with Spenser and Elita, arrive at the Ring Town Ranger Base, although it took all of their energy to do so. While Lunick battles the Go-Rock Quads, Joel uses data from their battle with Deoxys to inform Solana about how to capture Deoxys.

Later, Lunick and Solana return from their mission successful in freeing Deoxys from the Quads' control and taking the Manaphy Egg back from them. Due to Fiore not having Trainers, everyone decides to send the Manaphy Egg to the Sinnoh Region to find a proper Trainer to take care of it.


Dodrio is Joel's Partner Pokémon. Dodrio was first seen with Joel preparing to fight Deoxys but was defeated.

None of Dodrio's moves are known.

Debut Pokémon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission Episode One


Fall City

"Welcome back, Professor! How was Spenser?"
"W-what did you say? The Super Styler is gone?! We should discuss this in the Ranger Base. Let's hurry there."
  • Ranger Base
"Good work on escorting the professor. I've heard about you from Spenser. For a Rank 1 Ranger, you've done a commendable job. <player>, I'm officially promoting you to Ranger Rank 2!"
"Professor... There's something that I need to discuss with you. It's too sensitive to discuss here, so let's take it upstairs. <player>, please wait down here."
"Listen up, please!"
"I have bad news. Prof. Hastings was set upon by criminals who claimed to be the Go-Rock Squad. Worse, they made off with the professor's invaluable Super Styler. The Super Styler, by the way, should be considered the latest version of the Capture Styler. I can't discuss it in detail because it's still in development. However, in criminal hands, its potential for wrongdoing is frightening. Recover the stolen Super Styler at any cost. That is the mission for every Ranger in Fall City!"
"OK, everyone, you heard! Please give this mission your best effort for the professor's sake, too. Our first task is to gather intelligence on the Go-Rock Squad. We need to know everything there is to know. Investigations should fan out from the Krokka Tunnel where the Super Styler was snatched. Don't forget--I expect to be kept constantly informed. That's all. Everyone, dismissed!"
"...Yes? You wanted to say something? Oh, you'd like to work alongside Fall City's Rangers?I appreciate your offer, but, <player>, I'm afraid this mission is too much for you at your Ranger Rank. Also, there is something else that I would like to entrust you with. Because of this mission, Fall City will be without its regular Rangers. While our Rangers are absent, I would like you to handle this city's Ranger activities. I am asking you to help our citizens in neeed. That will be your newest mission, <player>."
  • Returning from patrol
"Welcome back, and good job. The citizens of Fall City were very happy with your work. You perfectly understood the Ranger's role in society, and you worked hard to live up to it. <player>, you've earned a promotion, I hereby certify you as Ranger Rank 3!"
"<player>, when you go up in Ranger Rank, there is another benefit. A new segment is added to your Styler's Partner Gauge when you reach Ranks 3, 5, 7, and 9. To tell the truth, all Stylers have a 5-segment Partner Gauge to begin with. We cap the number of segments on the Partner Gauge to avoid putting too much stress on the partner Pokémon. Your partner, Plusle, has grown much stronger being with you, so it can handle more pressure. So, allow me to remove the first cap on your Styler's Partner Gauge. <player>, you are now authorized to operate your Styler with a 2-segment Partner Gauge."
"You've been handling jobs one after another since escorting Prof. Hastings. You're sure you're not too tired?"
"Mr. Civil Engineer from the Waterworks Bureau, you've come to the right place. I'll send out a Ranger to the waterworks right away."
"It seems as if there's no end to the troubles affecting our city. Unfortunately, Fall City has an acute shortage of Rangers because of the ongoing Go-Rock Squad investigation. In fact, <player>, you are the only Ranger who is free. So you don't get a choice in this matter. You must accept this mission. Of course, as you're already aware, that is the Ranger's role, so you don't ever get to refuse anyway. So, this is your mission."
"Capture the Grimer that have overrun the waterworks. Also, the captured Grimer are to be turned over to a Ranger who is specially trained for the role. <player>, you're the one-and-only Ranger that Fall City can count on now."
  • After the Grimer mission
"Urf... That Grimer reek... Uh... never mind, it's nothing. You restored clean drinking water to the citizens of Fall City by yourself. You restored the city's lifeblood! Those captures you made would have challenged veteran Rangers! You've outdone yourself again. I'm hereby certifying you as Ranger Rank 4, <player>."
"<player>, now that you are a Rank 4 Ranger, there's something I should tell you. You are permitted to add one more friend Pokémon to your party when you reached Ranks 4, 7, and 10. Actually, all Stylers have the capacity to allow up to seven friend Pokémon in your party. However, novices can't make full use of party Pokémon if there are too many. That's why we cap the Styler. Allow me to remove the first cap on your Styler's party capacity. <player>, you are now authorized to be accompanied by up to five friend Pokémon in addition to your partner."
"Now even Summerland is threatened by the Go-Rock Squad... I would like you to go there immediately, but there's a major problem. For some unknown reason, the ferry to Summerland hasn't been running. If you took the Dragonite Bus, you would be in Summerland instantly... But you can't use it at your Ranger Rank. Now what to do?"
"...Oh, that's right. How about asking the Lapras Guy who is always in the harbor? If you explain your situation, he may be willing to let you ride the Lapras. He's quite a reasonable and generous person. It's worth a try."
  • After returning from Summerland
"Professor... Is this what worries you? The Super Styler--which isn't fully developed--could harm Pokémon if they are forced to use their abilities."
"Professor, you're as impatient as always... For the time being, Spenser and I will concentrate on gathering more intelligence."
"We've had so much happen in a row, we had to put off clearing the rockfalls in the tunnel. Having you back will help us a great deal, <player>."
  • After accompanying Prof. Hastings to the Dusk Factory
"Professor, I just returned."
"We've gotten reliable intelligence. The Go-Rock Squad's hideout seems to be located somewhere in the Sekra Range. Spenser has remained in Wintown to keep gathering intelligence. I returned for the time being to analyze our findings so far."
"How about <player>? <player> has been mentored by Spenser and has the experience."
"I remember Cameron mentioning something interesting about an underwater tunnel in the Safra Sea. According to him, the tunnel will take you from Summerland close to Wintown in very little time. Perhaps we should be pumping Cameron for details."

Kyogre mission

  • Fall City Ranger Base
"I have a mission that I want you to do. Strange things have been happening in the Safra Sea lately. For instance, even though the barometer has held steady, there have been violent waves and abnormal tides. Pokémon that normally live in the sea have come ashore in great numbers, too. We also just received even more alarming news. The lighthouse there has suddenly gone dark. Unfortunately, what's causing these strange occurrences remains unknown. That's where you come in, <player>. I want you to accompany Aria to the port and get to the bottom of this."
"I'm banking on your keen sense of intuition, Aria, and <player>'s capture expertise. Without one or the other, it will be very difficult to take care of this mission. So, let me make it official. This is your mission. Go immediately to the port and investigate the strange occurrences in the Safra Sea."
"There is a lot of mystery swirling around this mission. But I'm sure the two of you will manage just fine."
  • After capturing Kyogre
"<player>, Aria, great work, the both of you! I just got word from the sailor in port that the sea has calmed down. He was definitely grateful."
"What did you say? The legendary Kyogre?! If that is the case, there's no doubt in my mind that its opponent was Groudon. Their colossal battles have been well documented in legends from long ago. But who could have ever imagined that their battles would be repeated now, in this day and age? Kyogre must have come to the Fiore region to heal its wounds. Whatever the case may be... This mission has unexpectedly given us a new theme for studying Pokémon. Aria and <player>! You've cleared your mission with flying colors! Great work, you two!"
"Hahahaha! It's as if you two were Kyogre and Groudon. Even though you haven't seen each other in a while, the instant you meet, you're already bashing each other. I hope none of us innocent bystanders get caught up in your squabbling. Just like what Staryu and Carvanha went through this time. Hahahahaha!"

Conversations after clearing the game

  • Fall City Ranger Base
"I'm glad you came, <player>. I understand that you've been working on your capture skills while patrolling. That's really heartening to hear. I think you're going to be a role model for all Rangers, not just those on your team."
"Is there anyone that you consider a good rival? A rival is a good thing to have. A rival is someone that you're always aware of. Someone that you compete against. A times, a rival is someone you work alongside to achieve a common goal. I have a rival in Spenser. At first, we collided and fought over every possible thing. But now we're friends beyond reproach. It's funny how people's lives get intertwined."
"Riding Pokémon is sure fun, isn't it? I just came back from patrol on my Dodrio. The weather was perfect, and it felt so good... I found myself singing loudly... It's a bad habit of mine."

Upon completing the Browser

  • Ringtown Ranger Base
"Your desire to learn more about Pokémon... And your compassion toward Pokémon... If either of those things were missing, I doubt that your fantastic achievement would have come true. <player>, congratulations!"


Language Name Origin
Japanese ジョウ Joe From 定規座 Jōgi-za, Norma constellation
English, German Joel Similar to his Japanese name
French Lucas From lux-lucis, the Latin root word for light
Italian Savino From Sabino, of the Sabines. Refers to Saint Sabina.
Spanish Julio Similar to his English name
Chinese (Mandarin) Zhàng From the Japanese name 丈

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