Mr. Woodward

Mr. Woodward (Japanese: キボリじいさん Old Man Kibori) is a character from the game Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.

He is first seen Nabiki Beach, with a Starly, a Munchlax, and a Pachirisu, one of which later joins the player as the partner Pokémon. He resides in Vientown next to the farm of Big Bertha, and is a well known woodcutter. His house is full of logs and artistic painting on wood, including a wooden statue of a Pikachu, which "looks as if it could come to life."

After the forest fire, he would also ask the player to clear away some fallen logs in Vien Forest.

After completing a quest, Ponte shows Mr. Woodward a sculpture of a Probopass, and while Mr. Woodward stated that the sculpture wasn't very good, he realized that Ponte had a lot of spirit. Mr. Woodward then accepts Ponte as his apprentice.

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