Aria (Ranger)

アリア Aria
Art from Pokémon Ranger
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Region Fiore
Generation III
Games Pokémon Ranger

Aria (Japanese: アリア Aria) is a Pokémon Ranger from Fall City.

Aria is a little self-absorbed at the beginning, but she starts to respect the player later on. Aria's partner Pokémon is never specified in the games, and she may not even have one. Aria later appears to notify the player about the rampaging Machoke by the clock in Fall City and asks the player to use it to prove themselves. Later, when the player is capturing the Grimer in the Waterworks she tells the player a hint in how to get across a gap. She appears briefly to clear some rockfalls in Krokka Tunnel before leaving to investigate the Go-Rock Squad. Later on she appears at the Jungle Relic to investigate the earthquakes. Soon after she declares she will calm the Entei, she breaks her Styler while trying to capture Clyde's Slaking. When the player goes to help Spenser by being a decoy, Aria shows up to treat the Charizard from the Jungle Relic. Just as the player arrives at the bottom of the Go-Rock Squad's base she gets a text message telling her to help protect Wintown. Aria later appeared in the special mission "Search the Safra Sea", where she does this mission with the player.


Controlled with Capture Styler



Fall City

  • Ranger Base
"Oh? That uniform? Are you maybe a Ranger from Ringtown? But I don't remember seeing your face before... I'm Aria. I'm a Ranger here in Fall City. ...You've never heard of me? You really don't know anything, do you? Oh, well, that's fine. And who might you be?"
"OK, I see. So you're named <player>. It's not a very inspired name, but I'll make an effort to remember it."
  • Outside
"Huh? What do you suppose you're doing here? ...Oh. Everyone's gone out of town, so you got the mission of patrolling Fall City. I get it. There's a state of emergency on now because of that Go-Rock Squad. And a rookie like you would be too inexperienced for a tough mission like investigating the Go-Rock Squad... Oh, did I say something rude? Don't let it bother you, <player>."
"Wait! Did you hear something? It sounded like it came from the clock tower! Don't just stand there! Come with me!"
"Why is that Machoke rampaging? Listen! You can go capture the Machoke! I want to see how good you are."
"Hurry up and capture it! Before it wrecks the clock tower!"
"That was a so-so capture."
"But I can't figure out why that Machoke would go wild like that... That Machoke should settle down when it returns to its familiar surroundings. You should release it now."
"Why don't you go back to the Ranger Base for the time being? Unlike you, I have to investigate the Go-Rock Squad, so I'll leave you here."
  • Sewer
"<player>! What are you doing here?! ...You're capturing the mass outbreak of Grimer? Giggle... It sounds like the perfect job for a rookie. My mission is to investigate the Go-Rock Squad. We got word that one of their members is lurking down here. But, anyways... It smells beastly here. I can't be wasting any time on my top-priority mission, so I'll be on my way!"
"Oh, what is it, <player>? Do you want to cross over to this side? It won't be any fun if I just tell you, so I'll give you two hints. I'm only saying this once, so listen! There is a Post here. And there is a Tangela somewhere. You can figure out the rest for yourself. I have to be going now. Bye!"
  • After capturing Muk
"Sounds like the situation in the waterworks has been settled. ...What about me? I didn't spot any Go-Rock Squad members, and my clothes smell horrible now. There's no reason for me to stay here even another moment. So, I'll be on my way. I wouldn't dawdle if I were you. You should report to the Ranger Base right away."

Krokka Tunnel

"Thank you, Hariyama!"
"Oh? <player>? Are you that Ringtown Ranger they said would join me later? You know, this doesn't look like a job that would take the both of us. I've already done this much, so you can take care of the rest by yourself, can't you? There are only three rockfalls left for you to clear. I'm very busy with that Go-Rock Squad case, so I'll leave you to it."

Jungle Relic

"Oh, so you are safe after all. I was about to leave Summerland after a mission when that earthquake hit. I got a feeling that this was no ordinary quake. I thought maybe, just maybe, something unthinkable happened. I'm hoping it didn't happen, but... You didn't clear the fourth challenge, did you?"
"Save your excuses for later! What is that over there? Is that an Entei?!"
"An Entei? Why would a legendary Pokémon appear here? I don't know why, but it must be linked somehow to the volcanic eruption. Anyways... I can't let you handle this anymore. I can't believe you would clear the fourth challenge. No Ranger would be so foolish to do such a thing. I'll calm the Entei. That will stop this disaster from getting any worse. You can do whatever you want, but don't do anything to mess things up anymore. Understood?"
"Are you still here? I'm telling you this as your senior, watch out for the Go-Rock Squad guy ahead. He's not like the grunts you ran into on the way here. The Pokémon he uses is incredibly strong... I desperately did my best to try to capture it, but it wrecked my Styler... I feel so angry and useless..."
"...That tremor... Something happened in there. You two... You don't have the time to be stunned. Isn't it your job as Rangers to investigate and resolve crises? I hate admitting this, but with my Styler broken, I can't do my job. As inexperienced as you are, I have no choice but to pin my hopes on you."
  • If talked to again
"I hate admitting this even more... Without a Styler, I'm a washout as a Ranger..."
  • After capturing Entei
"The tremors have subsided... Did you maybe capture the Entei? You did?! That's incredible... ...What exactly happened here? I want you to explain it from the top. ... ...Oh, and there was an injured Charizard? ...You captured it. ...And that was the fourth challenge? That's awful! What a rotten thing for them to do! So that's what you went through... You two got caught up in some terrible things through no fault of yours..."
"That was the Charizard? It seemed to be wincing in pain, but it seemed to be grateful to you. Let's go back to Summerland and report to Cameron what happened."

Summerland Ranger Base

"It was a big ordeal. But you skillfully came through. Maybe you're not so bad after all. Well, I have to do a mission in Fall City. I have to go."

Sekra Range

"Charizard, stop!"
"Oh! <player>! That Charizard that just flew off is the one from the Jungle Relic!"
"It looks as if it was more badly injured than we thought. It appears to still be angry and hateful. I tried to capture it so I could help it, but I didn't have any luck... <player>, you can do it, can't you? Actually, I think it will only listen to you, <player>. Please save the Charizard before you go to the Go-Rock hideout."
Yes: " Thank you, <player>. ...I have a confession, I was ordered by Elita to assist you. Before, I would have agreed, but only reluctantly. But it's different this time. Do you know why? Because I'm realizing that you're actually a Ranger who's worth respecting. ...I guess this isn't the time to be telling you this. Let's get moving!"
No: "That Charizard should remember you, <player>. Please, help it!"
"Elita can manage things in Wintown. Save Charizard and then let's focus on finding Go-Rock Squad's secret base!"
"Go-Rock Squad members appear to be patrolling this area. If we keep going where they are, I'm sure they will lead us right to their hideout."
"Look at this thick fog! That's what happens when you anger an Altaria. That thoughtless couple... They would do this when we're in a hurry. We can't head for the summit in this murky fog, though. I don't think it will clear up unless you capture that Altaria and get it to calm down."
"Creep up to the Altaria so it doesn't spot you."
"The fog is lifting! We can climb toward the summit again! You can release the Altaria now."
"You've polished your technique considerably since I last saw you."
"Was there a forest fire here? Or did a Pokémon cause this?"
"Look! Over there! It's that Charizard!"
"It looks like it's in terrible pain. I'd like to capture it, but it looks as if it will try to resist capture. <player>, can you handle it? Using Poke Assists should help with the capture. But don't overextend yourself. If things turn ugly, consider disengaging before it's too late."
"Charizard, please hold still... You're going to be fine now.. We're not here to hurt you. It's OK now. The Charizard has calmed down. Please release it, but do it gently."
"That Charizard seemed happy... That's a big load off my shoulders. Oh, there's no time to lose! We'd better get moving and find that hideout!"
"There's supposed to be a temple at the summit of the Sekra Range. I've never seen it myself, though."
"Huh? A text message from Elita? Let's see... <player>, sorry! I have to return to Wintown immediately! Elita needs help because there aren't enough Rangers available. Besides, you can manage quite fine by yourself now. You've become that good. I'm sorry, but I'm going now. Please, be careful."

Kyogre mission

  • Fall City Ranger Base
"I said I don't need any help with this, you know? But our Leader said to wait for you, <player>."
"<player>, what's the holdup? Let's go already!"
  • Harbor
"There has to be a cause behind all this, but..."
  • Lighthouse
"Ewww, what is this?! It's full of Staryu! Hurry, capture them so they can be calmed down."
"It was the Staryu that caused the lighthouse's outage. I guess we're finished here. Let's get out."
  • Harbor
"<player>! That screaming came from the Tourist Center!"
"Let's capture them and return them to the sea!"
"What was that? That shouting! It came from the pier!"
"What are all these Carvanha doing here? They seem to be very agitated, too. What's happening in the sea to make them behave like that? Anyways, you'd better capture them so they can calm down."
"<player>, look! Over there! Whirlpools! Look how many there are! That can't be possible!"
"<player>! Don't you say that you can communicate with Lapras? I think you can get close to those whirlpools if you catch a ride on Lapras. I'll stay here at the port to protect the citizens from harm. <player>, please go out on Lapras and investigate those mystery whirlpools!"
"Get to it, <player>!"
  • After capturing Kyogre
"<player>! Oh my gosh, you're safe! I'm so relieved... It's been so long since you were swallowed up by those whirlpools... I thought maybe... I even teared up a little thinking about it... I shouldn't have worried... Oh, wait a second! I'm kidding! Of course I didn't cry! You don't really think I'd cry? But that's not important. What happened when you were down in the sea?"
"Kyogre?! Those whirlpools were made by Kyogre? And those whirlpools made all those other Pokémon behave abnormally? But the whirlpools are gone now. So does that mean Kyogre's wounds are healed? Gee, <player>, that's just fantastic! Let's go back to the Ranger Base and file a report to our Leader."
"<player> got the job done. I wish you would've been there to see it for yourself, Leader! ...Of course, the last part all took place under the waves. So I don't know exactly what happened, either. But <player> appears to have discovered what was causing the recent troubles. Apparently, the cause was Kyogre. It was in agony from injuries sustained in a battle against an unknown enemy."
"Well, I'm glad that's over. And <player>, I'm glad you're safe. ...Hunh? <player>, did you say something? ...?! ...In the port?! I was crying? What are you talking about?! I didn't do any crying! All I'm saying is that if you were to go away, I wouldn't feel so pressed to work harder, that's all! Cry over you, <player>? You've got to be joking!"

Conversations after clearing the game

"Oh, if it isn't <player>. You look well. That's a good thing. By the way, do you get this feeling that the people of Fall City have changed? Lately, I think they're trying to do what they can for themselves without running for a Ranger right away. There's a sense of determination that was missing before."
"Do you remember that Charizard? The one that the Go-Rock Squad was hurting? I can still picture the happy expression it wore when you captured it. That's when it really made me feel good about being a Ranger."
"Did you see Spenser's record at the Capture Arena? Our Leader Joel would be the only person capable of beating that record."

Upon completing the Browser

"Congratulations, <player>! You've gotten the better of me again! I can't have you showing me up this way. I'll have to work that much harder at being a Ranger!"


Language Name Origin
Japanese アリア Aria From Alya, the traditional name of Theta Serpentis.
English, German Aria Same as Japanese name.
French Victoire
Italian Arianna Similar to her Japanese name.
Spanish Ariadna Similar to her Japanese name.

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