Pokémon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission

Pokémon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission (Japanese: W ミッションストーリー ポケモンレンジャー the Comic W Mission Story: Pokémon Ranger - the Comic) is a manga based on the Gain Deoxys’s Trust?! Mission of Pokémon Ranger. It is written by 日下秀憲 Hidenori Kusaka and illustrated by 山本サトシ Satoshi Yamamoto. It is set in the same continuity as Pokémon Adventures, as evidenced in PS441. A manga featuring the game's sequel, Shadows of Almia, was also released under the name Darkrai Mission Story: Pokémon Ranger Vatonage - the Comic.

Screenshot from the ending video.

The manga was available online to members of the Pokémon Daisuki Club. The first chapter is available in the book The Art of Pokémon Adventures.


English title Japanese title
PR1 Episode 1 第1話
PR2 Episode 2 第2話
PR3 Episode 3 第3話
PR4 Episode 4 第4話
PR5 Episode 5 第5話

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese W missonstory 神奇寶貝保育家 the Comic
  European Spanish Misión W: Pokémon Ranger - El Cómic

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