Fiore Temple

Fiore Temple フィオレしんでん
Fiore Temple
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Fiore Temple Ranger1.png
Map description: This temple was apparently built by people and Pokémon together in ancient times.
Location: North of Sekra Range
Region: Fiore
Generations: III
Fiore Fiore Temple Map.png
Location of Fiore Temple in Fiore.
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Fiore Temple (Japanese: フィオレしんでん Fiore Temple) is a temple found near the top of the Sekra Range in northern Fiore. According to history, the temple was built by people and Pokémon together in ancient times. In the present day, it is mainly ruins though the temple itself is still standing.

Fiore Temple is the location of the final numbered mission in Pokémon Ranger. It is here that Solana and Lunick corner Gordor and take on the Legendary beasts, which he has taken control of. In a similar mission after the credits, Rayquaza must be calmed after remnants of the Go-Rock Squad fail to control it.

The Drowsy Guy can be found on the temple after the credits. With the help of his Drowzee, the final confrontation can be replayed, though only three friend Pokémon are allowed to be taken.

To actually reach the temple, a puzzle must be solved, which requires placing Pokémon on pedestals. On the first visit, the Pokémon are Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon; while on the second visit, the Pokémon are Ralts, Kirlia, and Gardevoir.

Pedestal inscriptions

First visit

  • A blue Pokémon cloaked with the power of water: Vaporeon.
  • A yellow Pokémon cloaked with the power of electricity: Jolteon.
  • A red Pokémon cloaked with the power of fire: Flareon.

Second visit

  • An infant Pokémon wielding psychic abilities: Ralts.
  • A young Pokémon wielding psychic abilities: Kirlia.
  • A mature and majestic Pokémon wielding psychic abilities: Gardevoir.

Wild Pokémon

This is a listing of the Pokémon found in the Fiore Temple after the credits:

Pokémon Assist Field Loops
  Raichu Electric       3
  Golem Rock       16
  Gengar Ghost None 7
  Vaporeon * Water     15
  Jolteon * Electric       8
  Flareon * Fire     13
  Aerodactyl Flying None 3
  Ariados Bug None 6
  Espeon Psychic None 5
  Umbreon Dark None 7
  Donphan Ground       10
  Raikou * Electric       11
  Entei * Fire       17
  Suicune * Water       17
  Grovyle Grass     5
  Ralts * Psychic None 4
  Kirlia * Psychic None 5
  Gardevoir * Psychic None 9
  Medicham Fighting     9
  Swalot Poison None 11
  Glalie Ice None 9
  Rayquaza * Flying None 13

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