Lyra Forest

Lyra Forest ライラのもり
Lyra Forest
Lyra Forest Ranger1.png
Map description
This lush forest is teeming with life. A giant tree towers in the middle.
This forest is a natural maze. As a result, people rarely visit it.
Required for navigation
Connecting locations
Krokka Tunnel
Lyra Forest
Fiore Lyra Forest Map.png
Location of Lyra Forest in Fiore.
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Lyra Forest (Japanese: ライラのもり Lila Forest) is a forest in western Fiore. It is the location of a few missions in Pokémon Ranger, including the first two. It is a lush forest that contains many wild Pokémon. Ringtown is located to the south of the forest, while the Krokka Tunnel to the northeast connects the area to Fall City.

A notable landmark is the Middle Tree, which stands exactly halfway between Ringtown and Fall City. A shrine to Celebi can be found near the depths of the forest. Labyrinth Grove contains areas that are exactly the same other than the Pokémon within them.

There are a number of mischievous Pokémon in the forest. Weepinbell and Victreebel will attempt to swallow Rangers and send them flying back to the entrance of the area they are in. Beedrill will hide behind trees and then chase Rangers relentlessly.

Three missions in the main story take place in the Lyra Forest. The Rookie Mission does not go very far from the Ringtown entrance. A resident's Taillow must be captured, followed by a Mudkip to put out a fire. In the first numbered mission, Professor Hastings must be escorted to Fall City, beginning with a path through the forest that leads to the entrance of Krokka Tunnel. It is not until mission 6 that the depths of the forest to the west can be explored. Lunick and Solana investigate an old man being lost there, though the non-player character stays behind with a girl who has lost her Jigglypuff.

Two Ranger Net missions also take place in the forest. In the second mission, remnants of the Go-Rock Squad awaken Celebi, who must then be captured. In the fourth mission, a net mission, a Manaphy Egg must be retrieved in the area around the entrance to Krokka Tunnel. After the mission has been completed, the Manaphy Egg can be transferred from this game to Pokémon Diamond or Pokémon Pearl. The player will then need to speak to a man in a Poké Mart to obtain it.

Wild Pokémon

This is a listing of the Pokémon found in Lyra Forest after the credits:

Pokémon Assist Field Loops
  Bulbasaur Grass   3
  Ivysaur Grass   6
  Venusaur Grass None 10
  Wartortle Water     8
  Beedrill Poison   3
  Pikachu Electric     2
  Machoke * Fighting     8
  Bellsprout Grass None 4
  Weepinbell Poison None 6
  Victreebel Poison None 7
  Scyther Flying       3
  Pinsir * Bug     6
  Chikorita Grass None 3
  Cyndaquil Fire   3
  Quilava Fire     6
  Typhlosion Fire       8
  Spinarak Bug None 3
  Pichu Electric   1
  Politoed * Water       7
  Hoppip Grass None 4
  Murkrow Dark None 9
  Scizor Bug       12
  Phanpy Ground   5
  Torchic Fire   3
  Combusken Fire     5
  Mudkip Water   4
  Marshtomp Water     7
  Swampert Water       10
  Zigzagoon Normal None 2
  Linoone Normal     5
  Beautifly Flying None 7
  Taillow Flying   4
  Swellow Flying     6
  Nincada Bug   3
  Ninjask Flying None 1
  Shedinja Ghost None 6


Language Name Origin
Japanese ライラのもり Lila Forest From ライラック lilac
English Lyra Forest From its Japanese name
German Fliederwald From Flieder (lilac)
Spanish Bosque Lila From lila (lilac)
French Forêt Lilas From lilas (lilac)
Italian Selva Serenella From serenella (lilac)

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