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Poké Doll
ホーンテッドナイト ゴシック
Poké Doll Japan logo.png
Japanese logo
Region Japan, United States, United Kingdom

Poké Doll (Japanese: ポケモンドール Pokémon Doll), originally known as Pokémon PlushPlush, is a line of plush toys released in Japan by The Pokémon Company and in the United States by The Pokémon Company International. A smaller number of them have been released in the United Kingdom under the name Pokémon Mini Plush. They are named after an in-game item and designed as chibi versions of various Pokémon. Normal Poké Dolls usually stand about 6 inches tall, but some Pokémon are available in larger 12 inch versions or as smaller plush keychains. Additionally, die-cut keychains portraying Pokémon in a similar chibi style are produced under the Poké Doll name.

Poké Dolls are sold at Pokémon Center retail and online stores, the Nintendo World Store in New York City, and Pokémon Center kiosks in select U.S. malls. They were formerly available at the Mitsukoshi store in Epcot's Japan pavilion at Walt Disney World near Orlando, Florida.

All Poké Dolls have not been released in the United States. As of early 2016, select Poké Dolls have been available for purchase at some Target retail locations.


List of Pokémon available as Poké Dolls

An old American Poké Doll hang tag
An older Japanese Poké Doll hang tag. This type of tag depicts chibi artwork that matches the doll style and makes every tag unique to the Pokémon.
Icon Pokémon
001MS8.png Bulbasaur
003MS8.png Venusaur
004MS8.png Charmander
006MS8.png Charizard
007MS8.png Squirtle
009MS8.png Blastoise
012MS8.png Butterfree
025MS8.png Pikachu
026MS8.png Raichu
026AMS8.png Alolan Raichu
035MS8.png Clefairy
037AMS8.png Alolan Vulpix
039MS8.png Jigglypuff
043MS8.png Oddish
052MS8.png Meowth
054MS8.png Psyduck
061MS8.png Poliwhirl
079MS8.png Slowpoke
088MSPE.png Grimer
094MS8.png Gengar
129MS8.png Magikarp
129MS8.png Shiny Magikarp
131MS8.png Lapras
132MS8.png Ditto
133MS8.png Eevee
134MS8.png Vaporeon
135MS8.png Jolteon
136MS8.png Flareon
143MS8.png Snorlax
149MS8.png Dragonite
150MS8.png Mewtwo
151MS8.png Mew
152MS6.png Chikorita
155MS6.png Cyndaquil
158MS6.png Totodile
164MS8.png Noctowl
172MS8.png Pichu
172MS8.png Tufty Hair Pichu
172MS8.png Spiky-eared Pichu
173MS8.png Cleffa
174MS8.png Igglybuff
175MS8.png Togepi
177MS8.png Natu
183MS8.png Marill
190MS6.png Aipom
194MS8.png Wooper
196MS8.png Espeon
197MS8.png Umbreon
202MS8.png Wobbuffet
216MS6.png Teddiursa
222MS8.png Corsola
225MS8.png Delibird
228MS6.png Houndour
231MS6.png Phanpy
233MS8.png Porygon2
238MS8.png Smoochum
239MS8.png Elekid
240MS8.png Magby
243MS8.png Raikou
243MS8.png Shiny Raikou
244MS8.png Entei
244MS8.png Shiny Entei
245MS8.png Suicune
245MS8.png Shiny Suicune
246MS8.png Larvitar
249MS8.png Lugia
249SMS.png Shadow Lugia
250MS8.png Ho-Oh
251MS8.png Celebi
252MS8.png Treecko
254MS8.png Sceptile
255MS8.png Torchic
257MS8.png Blaziken
258MS8.png Mudkip
260MS8.png Swampert
300MS6.png Skitty
311MS6.png Plusle
312MS6.png Minun
321MS8.png Wailord
327MS6.png Spinda
334MS8.png Altaria
341MS8.png Corphish
355MS8.png Duskull
359MS8.png Absol
363MS8.png Spheal
373MS8.png Salamence
376MS8.png Metagross
380MS8.png Latias
381MS8.png Latios
382MS8.png Kyogre
383MS8.png Groudon
384MS8.png Rayquaza
385MS8.png Jirachi
386MS6.png Deoxys (Normal Forme)
386AMS6.png Deoxys (Attack Forme)
386DMS6.png Deoxys (Defense Forme)
386SMS6.png Deoxys (Speed Forme)
387MS6.png Turtwig
390MS6.png Chimchar
393MS6.png Piplup
399MS6.png Bidoof
403MS8.png Shinx
406MS8.png Budew
417MS6.png Pachirisu
418MS6.png Buizel
421SMS8.png Cherrim (Sunshine Forme)
424MS6.png Ambipom
427MS8.png Buneary
429MS6.png Mismagius
431MS6.png Glameow
438MS8.png Bonsly
439MS8.png Mime Jr.
440MS8.png Happiny
441MS6.png Chatot
442MS8.png Spiritomb
446MS8.png Munchlax
447MS8.png Riolu
448MS8.png Lucario
453MS8.png Croagunk
458MS8.png Mantyke
459MS8.png Snover
461MS8.png Weavile
463MS8.png Lickilicky
468MS8.png Togekiss
470MS8.png Leafeon
471MS8.png Glaceon
479MS8.png Rotom
479FMS8.png Fan Rotom
479RMS8.png Frost Rotom
479OMS8.png Heat Rotom
479LMS8.png Mow Rotom
479WMS8.png Wash Rotom
483MS8.png Dialga
484MS8.png Palkia
485MS8.png Heatran
486MS8.png Regigigas
487MS8.png Giratina (Altered Forme)
487OMS8.png Giratina (Origin Forme)
488MS8.png Cresselia
490MS6.png Manaphy
491MS6.png Darkrai
492MS6.png Shaymin (Land Forme)
492SMS6.png Shaymin (Sky Forme)
493MS6.png Arceus
494MS8.png Victini
495MS6.png Snivy
497MS6.png Serperior
498MS6.png Tepig
500MS6.png Emboar
501MS6.png Oshawott
503MS6.png Samurott
511MS6.png Pansage
513MS6.png Pansear
515MS6.png Panpour
517MS8.png Munna
522MS6.png Blitzle
527MS8.png Woobat
529MS8.png Drilbur
531MS8.png Audino
532MS8.png Timburr
535MS8.png Tympole
538MS8.png Throh
539MS8.png Sawk
545MS8.png Scolipede
546MS8.png Cottonee
547MS8.png Whimsicott
559MS8.png Scraggy
570MS8.png Zorua
571MS8.png Zoroark
572MS8.png Minccino
573MS8.png Cinccino
574MS8.png Gothita
580MS6.png Ducklett
582MS8.png Vanillite
587MS8.png Emolga
590MS8.png Foongus
607MS8.png Litwick
610MS8.png Axew
613MS8.png Cubchoo
619MS8.png Mienfoo
625MS8.png Bisharp
638MS8.png Cobalion
639MS8.png Terrakion
640MS8.png Virizion
643MS8.png Reshiram
644MS8.png Zekrom
646WMS8.png White Kyurem
646BMS8.png Black Kyurem
647MS8.png Keldeo (Ordinary Forme)
647RMS8.png Keldeo (Resolute Forme)
648MS6.png Meloetta (Aria Forme)
648PMS6.png Meloetta (Pirouette Forme)
649MS8.png Genesect
649MS8.png Shiny Genesect
650MS6.png Chespin
652MS6.png Chesnaught
653MS6.png Fennekin
655MS6.png Delphox
656MS6.png Froakie
658MS6.png Greninja
659MS8.png Bunnelby
661MS8.png Fletchling
667MS6.png Litleo
673MS6.png Gogoat
674MS8.png Pancham
677MS8.png Espurr
678FMS8.png Meowstic
678MS8.png Meowstic ♂
684MS8.png Swirlix
686MS8.png Inkay
692MS8.png Clauncher
694MS8.png Helioptile
696MS8.png Tyrunt
698MS8.png Amaura
700MS8.png Sylveon
702MS8.png Dedenne
716MS8.png Xerneas
717MS8.png Yveltal
719MS8.png Diancie
722MS8.png Rowlet
725MS8.png Litten
728MS8.png Popplio
741MS6.png Oricorio (Baile Style)
741PaMS6.png Oricorio (Pa'u Style)
741PoMS6.png Oricorio (Pom-Pom Style)
741SeMS6.png Oricorio (Sensu Style)
744MS8.png Rockruff
745MS8.png Lycanroc (Midday Forme)
745DMS8.png Lycanroc (Dusk Forme)
745MnMS8.png Lycanroc (Midnight Forme)
760MS8.png Bewear
778MS8.png Mimikyu
807MS8.png Zeraora

Japanese release timeline


Generation I

Generation II

Generation III

Generation IV

Generation V

Generation VI

Generation VII

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