Pokémon Gallery Figures

Pokémon Gallery Figures
ホーンテッドナイト ゴシック
Gallery Figures logo.png
Generation Generation VII
Release date February 27, 2017[1]
Region United States

Pokémon Gallery Figures is a line of high-quality collectible Pokémon figures released in the United States by The Pokémon Company International initially made exclusively for the U.S. Pokémon Center Online, with some figures later being released at U.S. GameStop stores. The figures depict Pokémon performing an attack move and are all mounted on a base. The figures range from three to five inches in height and are made from ABS/PVC. The packaging each figure come in is colored based on the Pokémon's type. The first four figures were released on February 27, 2017[1] on Pokémon Day. They are priced at US$16.99 and recommended for ages eight and up.

Gallery Figures DX logo

The following year on February 27, 2018[2], the Pokémon Gallery Figures DX (pronounced Deluxe) line was introduced. These figures are larger than the standard line and are priced at US$28.99.

List of Gallery Figures

Name Release date Picture In-box picture Move description
EeveeSwift February 27, 2017[1]     Eevee shoots star-shaped rays at the opponent that never miss.
PikachuThunderbolt February 27, 2017[1]     Pikachu brings down a strong electric blast on the opponent, which sometimes it leaves paralyzed.
MewPsychic February 27, 2017[1]     Mew generates a strong telekinetic force, which may lower an opponent's Sp. Def stat.
MagikarpSplash February 27, 2017[1]     Magikarp just flops and splashes about, and the attack does nothing...
JigglypuffSing April 19, 2017     Jigglypuff sings a soothing lullaby that puts the opponent into a deep sleep.
VulpixFire Spin April 19, 2017     Vulpix creates a fierce fiery vortex that traps its opponents inside and rages for multiple turns.
CuboneBone Club April 19, 2017     Cubone strikes the opponent with a bone with enough force to make the Pokémon flinch.
PsyduckConfusion April 19, 2017     Psyduck attacks with a telekinetic force that leaves its opponent confused.
UmbreonDark Pulse August 9, 2017     Umbreon releases a horrible aura imbued with dark thoughts that could make the opponent flinch.
EspeonLight Screen August 9, 2017     Espeon puts up a wondrous wall of light that reduces damage from special attacks for multiple turns.
RowletLeafage November 8, 2017     A leafy physical attack from Rowlet that turns the forest in its favor.
LittenEmber November 8, 2017     Litten can thaw a frozen Pokémon or burn a normal one with this fiery move.
PopplioWater Gun November 8, 2017     Popplio can hose down the opposition with this special attack—or at least leave an opponent totally soaked!
GrowlitheFire Blast March 14, 2018     Growlithe unleashes an intense blast of all-consuming fire. Growlithe leaves the target with a burn.
JoltikElectroweb April 11, 2018     Joltik can attack and capture opposing Pokémon using an electrified net! Getting tangled up also slows them down!
PorygonTri Attack June 13, 2018     Porygon strikes with three beams at once! Sometimes these beams burn, freeze, or paralyze the target.
CroagunkPoison Jab July 11, 2018     Croagunk stabs its targets with an arm steeped in toxins, often leaving the target poisoned!
AbsolPerish Song September 12, 2018     Absol sings a malevolent melody! Any Pokémon that hears it faints soon after, unless it leaves the battle.
DelibirdPresent October 10, 2018     Delibird makes a sneaky attack by giving the target a gift with a hidden trap. However, sometimes the present restores HP instead!
VaporeonAqua Ring November 15, 2018     Vaporeon surrounds itself with a veil made of water. This helps it regain some HP every turn, staying strong!
JolteonDischarge November 15, 2018     Jolteon strikes everything around itself by letting loose a flare of electricity. Sometimes this paralyzes a foe!
FlareonFlare Blitz November 15, 2018     Flareon cloaks itself in flames and charges directly at the target. This damages Flareon quite a lot, but it may leave the target with a burn!
Alolan VulpixBlizzard March 7, 2019   Alolan Vulpix summons a howling blizzard that can leave its opponent frozen.
SylveonFairy Wind March 13, 2019     Sylveon stirs up a beautiful fairy wind that strikes the opponent.
BulbasaurVine Whip April 17, 2019     Bulbasaur strikes a target with slender, whiplike vines that inflict damage.
LeafeonLeaf Blade June 11, 2019     Leafeon uses a sharp, swordlike leaf to slash at a target and increase the chance of a critical hit.
SquirtleBubble July 7, 2019     Squirtle jets a spray of countless bubbles at its foe—and might lower the foe's Speed stat in the process!
CharmanderFlamethrower September 3, 2019     Charmander's powerful Fire-type attack scorches the target and could leave it with a nasty burn!
MimikyuShadow Sneak September 9, 2019     Mimikyu extends its own shadow and attacks a foe from behind—quite a surprise! This move always goes first!
GlaceonIcy Wind December 4, 2019     Glaceon attacks with a gust of chilly air. The freezing blast slows opponents down!
HawluchaFlying Press May 12, 2020  
GrookeyBranch Poke July 31, 2020  
ScorbunnyQuick Attack July 31, 2020  
SobbleWater Gun July 31, 2020  
PonytaFlare Blitz October 6, 2020  
MeowthPay Day October 10, 2020  

List of Gallery Figures DX

Bulbanews has an article related to this subject:
Name Release date Picture In-box picture Move description
CharizardBlast Burn February 27, 2018[2]     Charizard flattens foes with a fiery explosion. The move is so powerful that Charizard needs a moment to rest after using it.
MewtwoPsystrike May 9, 2018     Mewtwo generates a strange psychic wave to attack its target. This attack does physical damage.
GengarShadow Ball August 8, 2018     Gengar hurls a blob of darkness at the target. This may also lower the target's Sp. Def stat.
DragoniteHyper Beam March 7, 2019   Dragonite attacks the opponent with a powerful beam. The attack is so strong, Dragonite has to rest after using it.
GreninjaWater Shuriken May 7, 2019     Greninja hits a target with throwing stars two to five times in a row. This move always goes first.
GardevoirMoonblast August 7, 2019     Gardevoir harnesses the power of of the moon to attack an opponent, potentially lowering its Special Attack stat.
BlastoiseHydro Pump November 6, 2019     Blastoise unleashes a huge volume of water at super-high pressure, showing off an extremely powerful move!
LucarioMetal Claw April 14, 2020   Lucario strikes with sharp claws—and might increase its Attack stat!
VenusaurFrenzy Plant July 31, 2020   Venusaur slams its opponent with a big tree—but it needs a moment to recover!
GyaradosAqua Tail July 31, 2020  
MachampDynamic Punch November 10, 2020  

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