Pokémon V-Trainer

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Pokémon V-Trainer are a set of interactive electronic toys that were released by Hasbro. The electronic device allows the player to use Pokémon figurines to catch wild Pokémon and battle Gym Leaders, Trainer cartridges, or another person. A complete system includes one battle figure, a games unit and a battle pack cartridge.

V Trainers 2.0

The V-Trainer does not have batteries initially, and requires a screwdriver to open the battery compartment and two AAA batteries. When the user first turns it on, the user should press the bottom-right button, then enter a Trainer name, which has a limit of five letters. The user starts off as a level 1 Trainer with unlimited Scratch attacks, and can only select a training battle until the user earns enough points to advance to the next level. There are other expansion packs with a battle pack and two Pokémon. Pokémon figurines come in three levels.

The player gets Trainer Points after battles, regardless of the outcome. When the player gets more Trainer Points, more attacks become available.

Master Quest

The following sets were released in 2002 to commemorate the fifth season of the anime.

Battle Packs

V Trainers Battle Units

V Trainers Capture Packs

Advanced Generation

The following sets were released in 2004 to commemorate the sixth season of the anime.

V Trainers 2.0 Battle Packs

V Trainers 2.0 Battle Unit

V Trainers 2.0 Rival Battle Packs

Promotional Items

The following V Trainers were released as promotional items or released in giveaways by Hasbro.

Where's the Ditto Sweepstakes

List of Trainers

These are the available Trainers the player can battle using the V-Trainer.

Trainer Pokémon Badge
Ash*       Thunder Punch
Pikachu Corphish Torkoal
Brock*       Double Team
Onix Vulpix Forretress
Misty*       Defense Curl
Starmie Corsola Gyarados
Gary*       Giga Drain
Magmar Fearow Umbreon
Falkner       Zephyr Badge
Hoothoot Pidgeotto Murkrow
Bugsy       Hive Badge
Butterfree Heracross Scizor
Whitney       Plain Badge
Jigglypuff Miltank Ursaring
Morty       Fog Badge
Gastly Misdreavus Gengar
Chuck       Storm Badge
Tyrogue Hitmontop Machamp
Jasmine       Mineral Badge
Magnemite Skarmory Steelix
Pryce       Glacier Badge
Swinub Dewgong Sneasel
Clair       Rising Badge
Dratini Dragonair Dragonite
May       Bug
Wurmple Silcoon Beautifly
Brawly       Fighting
Machop Makuhita Machop
Norman       Normal
Slakoth Vigoroth Slaking
Winona       Flying
Pelipper Swellow Skarmory
Team Magma       Dark
Mightyena Golbat Houndoom
Phoebe       Ghost
Sableye Banette Dusclops
Glacia       Ice
Snorunt Glalie Walrein
Steven       Steel
Metagross Skarmory Aggron

List of Pokémon

This is the list of Pokémon that the player can use to battle, their type (each figure only has one type (no dual-types)), power level (P1,P2,or P3), and figure number (usually a Pokémon's national dex number, but Gen 3 Pokémon don't use their national dex number probably due to a 8 bit (0-255) number limit). Approximately 10,000 figures were made which are actually a Ditto in disguise as part of a sweepstakes; when placed on the device, the ditto prize indicator will light up and the machine will do a little jingle.

Pokémon Type Power Level Figure #
  Charizard FIRE P3 006
  Pikachu ELEC P2 025
  Raichu ELEC P3 026
  Alakazam PSYC P3 065
  Ditto*** NORM P2 132
  Dragonite DRG P3 149
  Cyndaquil FIRE P1 155
  Sentret NORM P1 161
  Noctowl FLY P2 164
  Pichu ELEC P1 172
  Ampharos ELEC P3 181
  Espeon PSYC P2 196
  Misdreavus GHO P2 200
  Steelix STL P3 208
  Sneasel ICE P2 215
  Teddiursa NORM P1 216
  Houndoom FIRE P2 229
  Phanpy GRD P1 231
  Suicune WATR P3 245
  Tyranitar ROCK P3 248
  Treecko GRS P1 001
  Torchic FIRE P1 004
  Blaziken FIRE P3 006
  Mudkip WATR P1 007
  Marshtomp WATR P2 159****

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