Pokémon Sinnoh Region Playset

The Pokémon Sinnoh Region Playset is a toy set manufactured by Jakks Pacific. It can be used as a habitat or battle arena for plastic Pokémon toy figures. It has some electronic features and includes a bag of slime which can be used to simulate a waterfall. A Buizel figure is included.

The Sinnoh Region Playset (pictured with Deluxe Battle Links, sold separately)


  • The playset resembles a mountain (possibly Mt. Coronet) and has three main "levels" - a mountaintop, a grassy area, and a lake. The inside of the playset can also be used as a cave.
  • The playset can be expanded with sold-separately "battle links".
  • On the mountaintop, there are two Poké Ball platforms which a Jakks Pacific-made Pokémon figure can be set. There are two switches and when pressed, a generic blue "attack" is fired out and it may knock the opposing Pokémon off.
  • The mountaintop can "explode", causing two stones to fly off with an electronic "boom" sound.
  • The exploding mountain can also cause blue slime to come out of the mountain, filling in the river and going down the waterfall and landing in a basin near the lake.
  • On the bottom level, there is a little "house" which reveals a stickered Bidoof when a sign is turned.
  • The grassland has a platform which has a trap door which can cause a Pokémon to fall into a cave behind Bidoof's house.

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