Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Electronic Talking Pokédex

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The Toy Pokédex D/P Version

The Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Electronic Talking Pokédex is a toy Pokédex made by Jakks Pacific. It can tell the information - including name, type, height, weight, number, and descriptions - of all the Pokémon in the Sinnoh Pokédex and has the voice of Ash's and Dawn's anime Pokédexes.

Pokémon Finder

The system's main function is called "Find a Pokémon." It acts as a way to find a Pokémon's information much like a Pokédex in the games and anime. There are multiple ways of finding a Pokémon including:

  • Choose by Number
  • Choose by Letter
  • Choose by Height
  • Choose by Weight
  • Choose by Type
  • Number List
  • Letter List

It also allows the player to see all the Pokémon put in Collection.

Mini Games and Maze Mode

It can play up to 6 mini-games, including:

  • Who's That Pokémon
  • Which Pokémon doesn't Belong
  • Pokémon Search
  • Who would Win
  • Pokémon Memory
  • Poké Ball Shuffle

There is also a maze game, which has 10 levels. The player's goal is to find 10 Pokémon in the maze, avoid Team Rocket, and escape all 10 mazes. If the player manages to defeat Team Rocket in a mini-game mentioned above, the player will win a Pokémon. If the player loses, the player loses a Pokémon instead of obtaining one and have to go back through the maze to find it.


  • If a random Pokémon is put in the collection then removed from it, then going to the point in the collection where it says that the Pokémon is a certain type will cause a strange effect. When moving up, down, left or right as if looking at another Pokémon, the system will show static and make random noises. After about a minute, the Pokédex will say "is a Dragon and Ghost type Pokémon." This may be a reference to Giratina, a Pokémon that doesn't appear in the Diamond and Pearl Pokédex.
  • Some of the type advantages in the "Who Would Win" game are incorrect. For example, Dialga, a Dragon and Steel type, is said to be weak to Water-type Pokémon. Oftentimes this is because the minigame only factors in one type for dual-type Pokémon.

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