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The Human-Like Egg Group (Japanese: 人型グループ Human-Shaped Group), known prior to Pokémon Diamond and Pearl as the Humanshape Egg Group, is one of the fifteen Egg Groups. As of Generation VII, 52 Pokémon belong to this group.



Pokémon in this Egg Group, as the name implies, have similar characteristics to humans. They are fully bipedal, standing and walking on two legs. They also possess arms with which they could manipulate objects or deliver blows. The majority of members of this Egg Group are either of the Psychic or Fighting-type.

Several families that belong to this Egg Group have received a pre-evolution, either in a later generation or, in the case of Lucario, at the same time. There are also several families that are predominantly male. Most Pokémon within this Egg Group are exclusive to it. There are currently only three other combinations with other Egg Groups, the majority belonging to the Field Group.



  • This Egg Group shares its Japanese and Pokémon Stadium 2 name with Jynx's species name.
  • No Generation VII Pokémon are in this Egg Group.

In other languages

Language Title
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Mensachtig
France Flag.png French Humanoïde
Germany Flag.png German Humanotyp
Italy Flag.png Italian Umanoide
South Korea Flag.png Korean 인간형 Inganhyeong
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Humanoide
Spain Flag.png Spanish Humanoide*
F. HumanaStad2