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The Dragon Egg Group (Japanese: ドラゴングループ Dragon Group) is one of the fifteen Egg Groups. As of Generation VIII, 66 Pokémon belong to this group.


The members of this Egg Group vary widely in type. Most of the Pokémon in this group directly are dragons or creatures considered to be dragons in various cultures. In particular, serpents, lizards and dinosaurs are included. Most Pokémon that belong to the Dragon group also belong to another Egg Group.


Only in this Egg Group

#   Pokémon Type
371   Bagon Dragon
372   Shelgon Dragon
373   Salamence Dragon Flying
633   Deino Dark Dragon
634   Zweilous Dark Dragon
635   Hydreigon Dark Dragon
704   Goomy Dragon
705   Sliggoo Dragon
705H   Sliggoo Steel Dragon
706   Goodra Dragon
706H   Goodra Steel Dragon
782   Jangmo-o Dragon
783   Hakamo-o Dragon Fighting
784   Kommo-o Dragon Fighting

In this and another Egg Group

#   Pokémon Type Other
004   Charmander Fire Monster
005   Charmeleon Fire Monster
006   Charizard Fire Flying Monster
023   Ekans Poison Field
024   Arbok Poison Field
116   Horsea Water Water 1
117   Seadra Water Water 1
129   Magikarp Water Water 2
130   Gyarados Water Flying Water 2
147   Dratini Dragon Water 1
148   Dragonair Dragon Water 1
149   Dragonite Dragon Flying Water 1
230   Kingdra Water Dragon Water 1
252   Treecko Grass Monster
253   Grovyle Grass Monster
254   Sceptile Grass Monster
328   Trapinch Ground Bug
329   Vibrava Ground Dragon Bug
330   Flygon Ground Dragon Bug
333   Swablu Normal Flying Flying
334   Altaria Dragon Flying Flying
336   Seviper Poison Field
349   Feebas Water Water 1
350   Milotic Water Water 1
443   Gible Dragon Ground Monster
444   Gabite Dragon Ground Monster
445   Garchomp Dragon Ground Monster
559   Scraggy Dark Fighting Field
560   Scrafty Dark Fighting Field
610   Axew Dragon Monster
611   Fraxure Dragon Monster
612   Haxorus Dragon Monster
621   Druddigon Dragon Monster
690   Skrelp Poison Water Water 1
691   Dragalge Poison Dragon Water 1
694   Helioptile Electric Normal Monster
695   Heliolisk Electric Normal Monster
696   Tyrunt Rock Dragon Monster
697   Tyrantrum Rock Dragon Monster
714   Noibat Flying Dragon Flying
715   Noivern Flying Dragon Flying
757   Salandit Poison Fire Monster
758   Salazzle Poison Fire Monster
776   Turtonator Fire Dragon Monster
780   Drampa Normal Dragon Monster
840   Applin Grass Dragon Grass
841   Flapple Grass Dragon Grass
842   Appletun Grass Dragon Grass
843   Silicobra Ground Field
844   Sandaconda Ground Field
884   Duraludon Steel Dragon Mineral
885   Dreepy Dragon Ghost Amorphous
886   Drakloak Dragon Ghost Amorphous
887   Dragapult Dragon Ghost Amorphous


  • The only Dragon-type Pokémon that can breed which is not in this Egg Group is Alolan Exeggutor (which is in the Grass Egg Group).
  • All Pokémon that are only in this Egg Group are Dragon-types belonging to pseudo-legendary evolution families.
  • Prior to Generation VIII, both the Trapinch family and the Noibat family were not part of this egg group.
  • Not including Pokémon in the No Eggs Discovered egg group, Ampharos and Alolan Exeggutor are the only Pokémon who gain the Dragon typing who are not in the Dragon Egg Group.
  • The Dragon Egg Group is the only one that does not yet have a Psychic-type Pokémon.

In other languages

Language Title
  Dutch Draak
  French Draconique*
  German Drache
  Italian Drago
  Korean 드래곤 Dragon
  Spanish Dragón