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Egg Groups
Monster Human-Like
Water 1 Water 3
Bug Mineral
Flying Amorphous
Field Water 2
Fairy Ditto
Grass Dragon
Gender unknown

The Fairy Egg Group (Japanese: 妖精グループ Fairy Group) is one of the fifteen Egg Groups. As of Generation VII, 50 Pokémon belong to this group.



Most Pokémon in this Egg Group are commonly known as "cute" Pokémon. The members of this group tend to not be as physically large as the members of other Egg Groups, even when fully-evolved. Many Pokémon in this group appear to be mostly a head with arms and legs in terms of body shape. A rather large amount of Pokémon from this group are also Fairy-type.

It is also noteworthy that several families that belong to this Egg Group have received a pre-evolution, either in a later generation or, in the case of Togetic, at the same time. There are also several families that are predominantly female.



In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Féerique*
Germany Flag.png German Fee
Italy Flag.png Italian Magico*
South Korea Flag.png Korean 요정 Yojeong
Spain Flag.png Spanish Hada