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The Fairy Egg Group (Japanese: 妖精グループ Fairy Group) is one of the fifteen Egg Groups. As of Generation VIII, 61 Pokémon belong to this group.


Most Pokémon in this Egg Group are commonly known as "cute" Pokémon. The members of this group tend to not be as physically large as the members of other Egg Groups, even when fully evolved. Many Pokémon in this group appear to be mostly a head with arms and legs in terms of body shape. A rather large amount of Pokémon from this group are also Fairy-type.

It is also noteworthy that several families that belong to this Egg Group have received a pre-evolution, either in a later generation or, in the case of Togetic, at the same time. There are also several families that are predominantly female.


Only in this Egg Group

#   Pokémon Type
035   Clefairy Fairy
036   Clefable Fairy
039   Jigglypuff Normal Fairy
040   Wigglytuff Normal Fairy
113   Chansey Normal
242   Blissey Normal
311   Plusle Electric
312   Minun Electric
531   Audino Normal
669   Flabébé Fairy
670   Floette Fairy
671   Florges Fairy
682   Spritzee Fairy
683   Aromatisse Fairy
684   Swirlix Fairy
685   Slurpuff Fairy
856   Hatenna Psychic
857   Hattrem Psychic
858   Hatterene Psychic Fairy
876   Indeedee Psychic Normal

In this and another Egg Group

#   Pokémon Type Other
025   Pikachu Electric Field
026   Raichu Electric Field
026   Raichu
Alolan Form
Electric Psychic Field
176   Togetic Fairy Flying Flying
183   Marill Water Fairy Water 1
184   Azumarill Water Fairy Water 1
187   Hoppip Grass Flying Grass
188   Skiploom Grass Flying Grass
189   Jumpluff Grass Flying Grass
209   Snubbull Fairy Field
210   Granbull Fairy Field
285   Shroomish Grass Grass
286   Breloom Grass Fighting Grass
300   Skitty Normal Field
301   Delcatty Normal Field
303   Mawile Steel Fairy Field
315   Roselia Grass Poison Grass
351   Castform
Normal Amorphous
361   Snorunt Ice Mineral
362   Glalie Ice Mineral
407   Roserade Grass Poison Grass
417   Pachirisu Electric Field
420   Cherubi Grass Grass
421   Cherrim
Overcast Form
Grass Grass
468   Togekiss Fairy Flying Flying
478   Froslass Ice Ghost Mineral
489   Phione Water Water 1
490   Manaphy Water Water 1
546   Cottonee Grass Fairy Grass
547   Whimsicott Grass Fairy Grass
702   Dedenne Electric Fairy Field
703   Carbink Rock Fairy Mineral
742   Cutiefly Bug Fairy Bug
743   Ribombee Bug Fairy Bug
777   Togedemaru Electric Steel Field
859   Impidimp Dark Fairy Human-Like
860   Morgrem Dark Fairy Human-Like
861   Grimmsnarl Dark Fairy Human-Like
868   Milcery Fairy Amorphous
869   Alcremie Fairy Amorphous
870   Falinks Fighting Mineral
877   Morpeko Electric Dark Field


In other languages

Language Title
  French Féerique*
  German Fee
  Italian Magico*
  Korean 요정 Yojeong
  Spanish Hada