ヒスイ Hisui
Gender Female
Eye color Dark green
Hair color Gray
Hometown Fula City
Region Unknown
Anime debut The Power of Us
English voice actor Kathryn Cahill
Japanese voice actor Masako Nozawa

Harriet (Japanese: ヒスイ Hisui) is one of the main characters of The Power of Us.


A younger Harriet

Harriet was first seen in Fula City, where she was startled by an approaching Sunflora. Later, she was approached by Townes, Hoyt, and Miles, who offered her some lemons, only for her to be startled by their Phanpy, and she subsequently walked off. Then, she visited Toren and gave him some documents to give to the Wind Festival administration, only for Toren to knock a vial of essence of Sweet Scent near her.

Returning home, Harriet found her house overrun by Pokémon, forcing her to sleep outside. The next morning, she woke up and found more Pokémon sleeping next to her. She visited Toren once again and demanded answers, causing Toren to realize the essence of Sweet Scent that spilled near her was attracting Pokémon to her. Toren promised to find a solution, only to be called off for his science presentation. Harriet remained in the Research Pavilion to watch Toren's performance, which allowed her to discover Team Rocket in the lab, and she alerted the others as the trio fled.

Harriet later accompanied Toren and Risa to the Pokémon Center after Risa's Eevee was injured in the stampede caused by Team Rocket's smoke bomb. The following day, Fula City's wind turbines stopped turning and the eternal flame is revealed to have gone missing. Harriet met up with Mayor Oliver, Risa, and Ash at the stadium; and later Toren, who revealed that a trail of his stolen Smeargle ink was used in the eternal flame theft. The group made their way up a mountain just in time to stop a pair of Pokémon hunters from harming Zeraora and Margo.

The sudden explosion of Toren's stolen Effect Spore and the subsequent blaze led Harriet to join forces with Ash and the others. She elected herself to go to the abandoned power plant and get it started, revealing that she helped construct the old facility. Her faith in her Pokémon entourage, which she called her "scamps", improved after they helped put out the fire blocking the path to the facility and then pushed the starter turbine to get the larger wind turbine moving again. The old turbine helped blow Toren's Lum Berry elixir into Fula City and clear the air of the toxic Effect Spore gas.

Harriet later joined Ash and the others at the stadium. After the blaze was put out and the eternal flame was returned, she witnessed Lugia as it soared through the sky. Harriet later attended the Wind Festival's closing ceremony and released a lantern into the sky.


Harriet is a gruff woman who disliked Pokémon and became annoyed whenever they were around. This stemmed from a past incident where she lost her beloved Snubbull in a fire. Harriet grew bitter over time and blamed herself for Snubbull's death, leading to her dislike of Pokémon. By the end of the movie, however, she got over this and grew to like Pokémon again.


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Totodile is one of the Pokémon that follows Harriet around.

Totodile's only known move is Water Gun.

Debut The Power of Us
Voice actors
Japanese Fumiko Takekuma
English Lisa Ortiz
Marill is one of the Pokémon that follows Harriet around.

Marill's only known move is Water Gun.

Debut The Power of Us
Voice actors
Japanese Kei Shindō
English Michele Knotz
Togepi is one of the Pokémon that follows Harriet around.

Togepi's only known move is Metronome.
Togepi has also used Hydro Cannon via Metronome.

Debut The Power of Us
Voice actors
Japanese Mika Kanai
English Michele Knotz
Smoochum is one of the Pokémon that follows Harriet around.

Smoochum's only known move is Blizzard.

Debut The Power of Us
Voice actors
Japanese Rikako Aikawa
Heracross is one of the Pokémon that follows Harriet around.

None of Heracross's moves are known.

Debut The Power of Us
Voice actors
Japanese Shinnosuke Ogami
English Shinnosuke Ogami
Xatu is one of the Pokémon that follows Harriet around.

Xatu's only known move is Psychic.

Debut The Power of Us
Voice actors
English Ryan Nicolls
Tyrogue is one of the Pokémon that follows Harriet around.

None of Tyrogue's moves are known.

Debut The Power of Us
Voice actors
Japanese Misuzu Togashi
English Billy Bob Thompson
Machamp is one of the Pokémon that follows Harriet around.

Machamp's only known move is Strength.

Debut The Power of Us
Voice actors
English Ben Phillips


Snubbull is a Pokémon that Harriet befriended in the past. In a flashback, it was revealed she lost it in a fire, which led her to dislike Pokémon. However, after rediscovering the key Snubbull had saved from the fire fifty years ago, which helped start up the abandoned power plant, Harriet overcame her trauma and her dislike of Pokémon.

None of Snubbull's moves are known.

Debut The Power of Us
Voice actors
English Carter Cathcart

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 野沢雅子 Masako Nozawa
English Kathryn Cahill
Danish Katrine Falkenberg
Finnish Carla Rindell
Italian Caterina Rochira
Polish Barbara Zielińska
Brazilian Portuguese Maria da Penha
Spanish Latin America Magda Giner
Spain Ana Ángeles García
Thai ธันวา ภักดีอำนาจ Thanwa Pakdeeamnat


  • Machamp is the only one of the Pokémon that followed Harriet around that was not introduced in Generation II.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ヒスイ Hisui From 翡翠 hisui (jade) and possibly 翡翠蘭 hisuiran (Vanda) or 翡翠葛 hisuikazura (jade vine)
English, German,
Polish, Latin American Spanish
Harriet Similar to her Japanese name
European Spanish Enriqueta Spanish cognate of her English name
Italian Enrichetta Italian cognate of her English name
Korean 히스이 Hiseui Transliteration of her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 翡翠 Fěicuì From Japanese 翡翠 Hisui
Chinese (Cantonese) 翡翠 Féicheui
Brazilian Portuguese Cláudia From claudus, Latin for limping
Thai ฮิซุย Hisui Transliteration of her Japanese name
Vietnamese Hisui Transliteration of her Japanese name

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