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トワ Towa
Gender Female
Hometown Arborville
Region Johto
Relatives Diana (granddaughter)
Anime debut Celebi: The Voice of the Forest
English voice actor Veronica Taylor
Kerry Williams (young)
Japanese voice actor Mami Koyama

Towa (Japanese: トワ Towa) is a supporting character who appeared in Celebi: The Voice of the Forest. She is the grandmother of Diana and has lived in Arborville for over forty years.



Towa, 40 years younger

Shortly before Sam walked into the forest and, via Celebi, got sent into the future, Towa told him that if he heard the "Voice of the Forest", he should not move, or else he would be spirited away to another time. She also gave him a loaf of Berry bread as a parting gift, in case he got hungry while in the forest.

In the present time, Ash and his friends were about to enter the same forest, when a much-older Towa and her granddaughter Diana appeared. Again, Towa warned about heading into the forest, claiming it was dangerous. When Ash later returned to Arborville with an unconscious Sam, Towa recognized him as the boy she met when she was younger, citing him as a victim of Celebi's time travel. Sam in turn remembered her as the young woman he had met only earlier that day. After Sam's disappearance, Towa had found his sketchbook in the forest and went on to return it to him. She informed Ash and the others of Celebi's role as protector of the area and that it lives in a deep spot in the forest called the Lake of Life.

Upon seeing a storm of earth and forest debris, Towa and Diana went to rescue Ash, Sam, and the others from the forest in Mr. White's blimp. Soon after picking up Ash and the others, Celebi's Hyper Beam brought the blimp down. After Celebi was able to fight off the effects of the Dark Ball in which it was captured by the Iron-Masked Marauder, it remained injured and weak. Brock suggested putting it into the Lake of Life, but because it was tainted, it had no effect. Diana then suggested that Suicune—who had fought against the Iron-Masked Marauder—could purify the water, but this was unsuccessful as well. Towa later watched as a horde of Celebi from the past and future arrived to help Celebi recover from its injuries. Towa then confronted the Iron Masked Marauder and gave him a stern warning before the forest's Bug Pokémon used String Shot to tie him up.

Towa was last seen waving goodbye to Ash and his friends as they set off to continue their journey.


Towa is a compassionate person, who willingly shares her knowledge and opens her home to visitors. She continues to watch over the entry into the forest near Arborville and is well aware of the threats it poses. Her advice and knowledge of time travel is well respected by Diana and Mr. White. Towa appears to be fragile, but she is still capable of handling herself and rushing towards the source of any troubles.


Sugimori Towa anime.png
Ken Sugimori's design of young Towa

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 小山茉美 Mami Koyama
English Veronica Taylor
Kerry Williams (young)
Finnish Minna Tasanto
European French Régine Blaess
German Marion Hartmann
Stephanie Kellner (young)
Italian Alessandra Amendola
Norwegian Katrine Blomstrand
Brazilian Portuguese Patrícia Scalvi
Letícia Quinto (young)
Spanish Latin America Magda Giner
Denice Cobayassi (young)
Spain Matilde Conesa
Pilar Martín (young)
Swedish Maria Rydberg


Language Name Origin
Japanese トワ Towa From 永久 towa, eternity
English, German, Italian Towa Same as Japanese name
Korean 우퍼 할머니 Grandma Upeo
Chinese (Mandarin) 永久 Yǒngjiǔ From Japanese 永久 Towa

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