Ash Ketchum (M20)

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Ash Ketchum
サトシ Satoshi
Ash M23.png
Ash Ketchum in Secrets of the Jungle
Gender Male
Hometown Pallet Town
Region Kanto
Relatives Delia (mother)
Unnamed father
Trainer class Trainer
Anime debut I Choose You!
English voice actor Sarah Natochenny
Japanese voice actor Rica Matsumoto

Ash Ketchum (Japanese: サトシ Satoshi) is a Pokémon Trainer from Pallet Town whose goal is to become a Pokémon Master. He is the main protagonist of I Choose You!, The Power of Us, and Secrets of the Jungle, Pokémon movies set in a different continuity from the main series. Despite having largely the same personality as the Ash of the main series and starting out his journey in a similar way, the rest of Ash's story developed in quite a different way.

In the anime



In Secrets of the Jungle, Ash remembered that when he was young, his friend used to laugh at his dream. His father gave him a word of encouragement, saying that his dream lied in his heart and it would never come true if he gave up.

I Choose You!

Ash and Pikachu on their journey

On the day Ash was supposed to pick up his first Pokémon and start his journey, he overslept and arrived too late at Professor Oak's Laboratory. Professor Oak informed him that the three first partner Pokémon had already been taken by other Trainers from Pallet Town: Gary, Marina, and Tierno. There was, however, a fourth Pokémon, a stubborn Pikachu. Ash decided to choose Pikachu and, after receiving new clothes from his mother, he left Pallet Town and started his journey.

After scaring off a wild flock of angry Spearow, Ash and Pikachu finally started to bond when a Ho-Oh suddenly appeared in the sky, flying overhead. They looked in awe at the sight of this unknown Pokémon, as Ho-Oh dropped a Rainbow Wing. Ash picked it up and then saw a rainbow appear in the sky. Smiling, he promised Pikachu that they would both meet Ho-Oh again someday. Continuing his journey, Ash ventured inside Viridian Forest, where he eventually encountered a Caterpie. With the help of Pikachu, he managed to catch it. He also decided to qualify for the Pokémon League and managed to win three Badges.

Ash eventually met two other Trainers, Verity and Sorrel, while chasing after an Entei. After the Entei ran away and it started raining, they went looking for shelter. While doing so, they encountered a lonely Charmander on a rock, weakened from the pouring rain. After a brief argument with Charmander's original Trainer, Cross, Ash and Verity took Charmander to a cave. Sorrel healed Charmander and it fully recovered by the next day. Offering it a chance to join Ash on his journey, Charmander accepted and was caught by Ash. Ash continued his journey with Verity and Sorrel, and after he told them about his Rainbow Wing and desire to see Ho-Oh, the three Trainers decided to go to Raizen Mountains, where Ho-Oh was said to appear.

After encountering Cross again and losing a battle against him, Ash started to question himself and his Pokémon, especially after Cross called him the worst Trainer he had ever seen. Ash faulted his Pokémon for the loss and due to his change of heart and personality, the Rainbow Wing turned dark. Unbeknownst to him, Ash had been followed and watched by a Marshadow for some time. Marshadow decided help him bond with Pikachu again by pulling him into a dream that made Ash realize what his Pokémon meant to him and see the error in his ways.

Ash and his traveling companions

Eventually, Ash, Verity, and Sorrel finally reached the Raizen Mountains and its highest peak Mt. Tensei. As Ash proceeded to place the Rainbow Wing on Rainbow Rock to make Ho-Oh appear, he was stopped by Cross and his Incineroar. Cross had been spying on the group for some time and had learned of their quest to find Ho-Oh. He wanted to battle Ho-Oh and tried to steal the Rainbow Wing from Ash. They engaged in another battle and this time Ash managed to beat Cross with his newly evolved Charizard. Despite this, Cross still took the Rainbow Wing however, and placed it atop Rainbow Rock. Due to Cross's evil heart, the Rainbow Wing became corrupted, which in turn corrupted the Marshadow from earlier and nearby wild Pokémon. With newfound power from the corrupted Rainbow Wing, the corrupted Marshadow was able to control the wild Pokémon and had it turn against the humans.

Ash and Pikachu tried to stop Marshadow, but Pikachu got heavily injured in the process. While shielding Pikachu from the corrupted Pokémon, Ash took the full blast. His body slowly disappeared and all but his consciousness vanished. As a result of this, the corrupted Rainbow Wing withered and freed Marshadow and the other Pokémon of its control. Pikachu then took hold of Ash's hat and cried over the loss of his Trainer and best friend (despair and sorrow were so strong that Pikachu unleashed a massive Thunderbolt). Ash's consciousness woke up in a spirit world where he was all alone. Faintly hearing Pikachu's voice, Ash ran towards the sound. Because of this, his body started to regenerate in the real world in a bundle of light, and Pikachu connected with the light to reunite with Ash, fully reviving him.

Soon after, a new Rainbow Wing appeared before Ash. Ash placed the Rainbow Wing atop Rainbow Rock and this time it recognized the Trainer's pure heart. A rainbow appeared, followed by Ho-Oh flying over Mt. Tensei. Ho-Oh and Ash had a battle, and afterwards went their separate ways. After healing at a Pokémon Center, Ash, Verity, and Sorrel said their goodbyes to Cross, who had changed his ways and promised to battle against Ash again someday. Sometime after, Ash also split ways with Verity and Sorrel, who both went to pursue their own goals. Ash continued his journey with Pikachu, vowing to once become a Pokémon Master.

The Power of Us

Ash holding the trophy he won at the Pokémon Catch Race

Continuing his journey, Ash acquired new clothes at some point and traveled to Fula City to participate in the Wind Festival. Shortly after arriving, he met Margo, who was having an argument with Townes, Hoyt, and Miles. Ash defeated Hoyt's Phanpy in a battle, and as a thanks for his intervention, Margo gave him a quick tour through Fula City. Next, Ash decided to participate in the Pokémon Catch Race and was awarded the runner-up prize after stopping a rampaging Tyranitar.

The next day, Ash met Risa, who recognized Ash from the Pokémon Catch Race and wanted him to help her catch a Pokémon. Ash agreed to this, and with his and Pikachu's help, Risa managed to catch an Eevee. Meanwhile, the Wind Festival was disrupted by minor acts of vandalism. Moreover, the "eternal flame" that protects Fula City was also stolen. With approval from the city's mayor, Oliver, Ash helped clean up the vandalism and set out to find the eternal flame. Following a trail alongside Risa, Toren, Harriet, and Oliver, Ash eventually found out that Margo was behind the vandalism and theft, as she had been trying to stop the townspeople from looking for her friend, the rare Pokémon Zeraora.

Soon after, disaster struck as a bottle containing Effect Spore, which Team Rocket had stolen from Fula City's laboratory, exploded and spread a poisonous cloud throughout the city. Ash inspired Risa, Toren, and Harriet to help solve the issue by telling them to use their "Pokémon Power"; working alongside their Pokémon partners to help protect the city. Together, they came up with a plan, with Risa bringing back the eternal flame to its pedestal and trying to summon Lugia, Harriet powering up the city's old power plant and windmill to blow away the Effect Spore, and Toren trying to create an antidote for the Effect Spore alongside his laboratory colleagues.

Meanwhile, Ash decided to convince Zeraora that not all humans are bad, as it was hunted by humans in the past and had lost all trust in them save for Margo. Ash battled Zeraora with Pikachu, but one of Zeraora's Electric attacks went awry and headed towards a group of wild Pokémon. Ash stepped in to protect the Pokémon and got slightly injured, causing Zeraora to realize he was right. Alongside Zeraora, Oliver, and many other townspeople, Ash helped put out a forest fire caused by the Effect Spore. Eventually, the Effect Spore was neutralized with the help of Toren, Harriet, and Callahan; and the remaining fires were doused by Lugia, who was successfully summoned by Risa.

With Fula City saved, Ash participated in the Wind Festival with his new friends, and Oliver declared that the city would live with Zeraora in peace from now on. After the festival ended, Ash left Fula City and continued on his journey.

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Secrets of the Jungle

Ash reappeared in Secrets of the Jungle, where he traveled to the Forest of Okoya. In the forest, he met Koko, a wild boy who was raised by Pokémon, including the Mythical Pokémon Zarude.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Ash using his Aura

Ash reappeared in Distant Blue Sky!.


This listing is of Ash's known Pokémon as of Distant Blue Sky!.

On hand


Status unknown

Charmander → Charmeleon → Charizard


Caterpie → Metapod → Butterfree


Ekans is the first Pokémon that Ash caught during the Pokémon Catch Race.

None of Ekans's moves are known.

Debut The Power of Us
Voice actors
English Rob Mungle
Sentret is a Pokémon that Ash caught during the Pokémon Catch Race.

None of Sentret's moves are known.

Debut The Power of Us


Badges obtained

Ash's Rainbow Badge

This listing is of the Badges Ash has obtained:

Pokémon competitions

Ash has competed in the following Pokémon competitions:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 松本梨香 Rica Matsumoto
English Sarah Natochenny
Arabic رنا الرفاعي Rana Al Rifai (M23)
Danish Mathias Klenske
Dutch Christa Lips
Finnish Hanna Leino
European French Aurélien Ringelheim
German Felix Mayer
Indonesian Ahmad Zulkifli Lubis
Sri Hastuty/Tuty Pinkan (M23)
Italian Davide Garbolino
Norwegian Nils-Martin Crawfurd
Polish Hanna Kinder-Kiss
Brazilian Portuguese Charles Emmanuel (M20-M21)
Matheus Perissé (M23)
Russian Лариса Некипелова Larisa Nekipelova
Spanish Latin America Miguel Ángel Leal
Spain Adolfo Moreno
Swedish Dick Eriksson
Thai ศันสนีย์ ติณห์กีรดีศ Sansanee Tinkeeradit
Vietnamese Đặng Hoàng Khuyết


Official artwork from
I Choose You!
Official artwork from
The Power of Us

In the manga

Movie adaptations

I Choose You!

Ash appeared in the manga adaptation of the 20th movie, where his role is mostly the same as in the movie itself.

On hand
Charmander → Charmeleon → Charizard
Caterpie → Metapod → Butterfree

Pocket Monsters the Movie: I Choose You! Remix

Ash in the flashback

Ash appeared in ICYR1, where he took on an island trial on Poni Island. During the trial, he encountered a Totem Kommo-o and battled it. In the middle of the battle, Ash had a flashback of the day that he met Pikachu.

During the flashback, Ash ran to Professor Oak's Laboratory as he was late in getting his first Pokémon. Since three of the Pokémon Professor Oak provided weren't available, Ash had to choose Pikachu in which they got off on a rocky start. During their travels, Ash accidentally angered a Spearow when he accidentally threw a rock at it. This caused a flock of Spearow to chase after the two. With Ash's determination, Pikachu was able to save Ash by defeating the Spearow flock. With that done, Ash and Pikachu then saw Ho-Oh flying by them.

Back in the present, Ash still had to deal with Kommo-o. After Ash remembered the day that he met Pikachu, he was able to defeat Kommo-o with Pikachu using 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt.

In ICYR3, Ash arrived at Mount Tensei, alongside Verity and Sorrel. While there, he held out the Rainbow Wing and tried to place it on the rock. Before he could do so, however, Cross came by and challenged Ash to a battle. Even though Ash was able to defeat Cross's Incineroar, he had to challenge his Lycanroc next.

Charmander → Charmeleon → Charizard

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