Forest of Okoya

Forest of Okoya
オコヤの森 Forest of Okoya
Forest of Okoya.png
Forest of Okoya
Region Unknown
Debut Secrets of the Jungle

The Forest of Okoya (Japanese: オコヤの Forest of Okoya) is an anime-exclusive location and one of the settings for Secrets of the Jungle.


The Forest of Okoya, which bordered Milyfa Town, was home to a great many varieties of Pokémon including those that normally wouldn't be found in a forest like Flygon. However the forest was also the home to a group of Zarude that would go about intimidating the other Pokémon and stealing their food. It was rumoured that a Celebi previously lived in the forest too but hadn't been seen for many many years. It was also said that Celebi had brought an Egg back from the future.

Hidden in the forest was a giant tree which housed a spring where the Zarude lived. The water had amazing healing properties, rapidly repairing many injuries and illnesses in seconds. This caused it to be brought to the attention of the Biotope Company, which focused on therapeutic springs, where it was researched by the Company's leaders Chrom and Phossa Molybdenum. Although they found the spring, they learned how it was revered by the Zarude and decided to suspend the project of harvesting the water and its properties until they could find a way to do so without destroying the tree and the Zarude who lived there. Unfortunately, one of their scientists, Doctor Zed, was determined to deliver the healing properties of the water to the public and refuses to let a single group of Pokémon stand in his way. He tried to forcibly take the research, however Chrom and Phossa fled with their infant son Al. Doctor Zed ran them off the road and left them to die in the ensuing explosion, not realizing the couple's final act was to send Al to safety down the river. Al was found by a single Zarude who raised him as a son in the jungle and named him Koko.


  • Forest of Okoya was used as the OT of Japanese Zarude, Japanese Dada Zarude, and Japanese Shiny Celebi event distribution for Pokémon Sword and Shield, a reference to the twenty-third movie Zarude, Dada Zarude, and Shiny Celebi in Forest of Okoya.


Language Name Origin
Japanese オコヤの森 Forest of Okoya From 親子 oyako (parent and child)
English Forest of Okoya Same as Japanese name
German Okoya-Wald Same as Japanese and English name
Spanish Bosque de Okoya Same as Japanese and English name
French Forêt d'Okoya Same as Japanese and English name
Italian Foresta di Okoya Same as Japanese and English name
Korean 자부숲 Jabu Sup From 부자 (父子) buja (father and son)
Chinese (Mandarin) 奧可雅森林 / 奥可雅森林 Àokěyǎ Sēnlín Transcription of its Japanese name
Dutch Bos van Okoya Same as Japanese and English name
Polish Las Okoya Same as Japanese and English name
Brazilian Portuguese Floresta de Okoya Same as Japanese and English name
Russian Лес Окойя Les Okoya Same as Japanese and English name
Ukrainian Ліс Окоя Lis Okoya Same as Japanese and English name

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