Slowpoke Island

Slowpoke Island
ヤドンの島 Yadon Island
Slowpoke Island.png
Slowpoke Island
Region Unknown
Debut Slowking's Crowning!

Slowpoke Island (Japanese: ヤドンの島 Yadon Island) is an anime-exclusive location featured in Slowking's Crowning!. The Island is inhabited by a large group of Slowpoke with a Slowking acting as ruler.

Ash and Goh visited the island with Goh hoping to catch a Slowpoke. Goh quickly shifted his attention to Slowking, only to fail to catch it when Slowking stopped the Poké Ball with its Psychic powers. Instead, Slowking was more interested in Ash's noodles and proceeded to take the noodle cup whilst swapping its Shellder crown, which landed on Ash's head, taking over his mind. Goh, Raboot, and Pikachu managed to get the crown off Ash's head but it kept landing on the others' heads, causing them to try to get the crown off each other's head. This was stopped when Goh's giant Magikarp crashed onto the island, having earlier been launched into space during the Magikarp High Jump Competition.

Ash and Goh visited Slowpoke Island once more in An Evolution in Taste!. Whilst there, Goh caught himself a Slowpoke. During their visit, another island full of Galarian Slowpoke with a Galarian Slowbro and Slowking landed there. The Galarian Slowking's Shellder crown ended possessing Ash and making him rap, and the regular Slowking's crown did the same to Goh, resulting in a rap battle. Afterwards, Galarian Slowking's group left on their floating island.

Pokémon seen on Slowpoke Island

Slowpoke (multiple)

Caught Pokémon

Goh's Slowpoke

Previously seen on Slowpoke Island

Slowpoke (multiple)

In other languages

Language Title
  Czech Ostrov Slowpokeů
  Finnish Slowpoke-saari
  Italian Isola degli Slowpoke
  Polish Wyspa Slowpoke'ów
  Brazilian Portuguese Ilha dos Slowpoke

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