Tonari Town

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Tonari Town
トナリタウン Tonari Town
Tonari Town.png
Tonari Town
Region Unknown

(Japanese: トナリタウン Tonari Town) is an anime-exclusive location featured in JNS05.

Delia phoned Ash when he was near Tonari Town, inviting him to join her when she met up with his dad the next day. By the time Ash arrived in Tonari Town, his father had already left having been called away. Ash's father had left Ash a new cap to wear which Delia gave him, after which Delia used the Pokémon Center's kitchen to cook Ash a meal before proceeding to give a hungry Team Rocket some of the food as well.

The next morning, Ash left Tonari Town on learning that Entei had been spotted nearby and left, followed by Team Rocket.


Language Name Origin
Japanese トナリタウン Tonari Town From 隣 tonari (neighboring)

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