Lapidarian Highlands

Lapidarian Highlands
ギプナ Guipna Highlands
Lapidarian Highlands.png
Lapidarian Highlands
Region Unknown
Debut The Bonds of Evolution!

Lapidarian Highlands (Japanese: ギプナ高地 Guipna Highlands) is an anime-exclusive location in the Pokémon world. It was mentioned in The Bonds of Evolution!. Professor Sycamore described it as "one of the last unexplored regions in the world."

Diantha was filming a movie in the Lapidarian Highlands when a thick fog rose and she got lost from her crew. She had entrusted her manager Kathi Lee with her Gardevoir. As Diantha's crew went searching for her, Gardevoir came out of its Poké Ball. By connecting its heart with Diantha's, it was able to guide the crew to Diantha's location.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ギプナ高地 Guipna Highlands Corruption of ギアナ高地 Guiana Highlands, which are the higher parts of the Guiana Shield
English Lapidarian Highlands From lapidarian, of or relating to stone
French Hauts-plateaux Lapidaires Same as English name
German Lapidarian-Hochland Same as English name
Italian Cime Diroccate From diroccate, ruined
Spanish Montañas Lapidario From its English name
Chinese (Mandarin) 基布那高地 Jībùnà Highlands Transliteration of its Japanese name
Danish Lapidarianske Højland From English name
Finnish Lapidarian ylänkö From English name
Norwegian Lapidariske høylandsområdet From English name
Polish Kamieniste Wyżyny Literally means "rocky highlands"
Swedish Lapidarian Highlands Same as English name

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