ドレッド・グランギル Dred Grangil
Damon M14.png
Damon's main outfit
Gender Male
Hometown Eindoak Town
Region Unova
Relatives Carlita (sister), Juanita (mother)
Specializes in Psychic types
Anime debut White—Victini and Zekrom
Black—Victini and Reshiram
English voice actor J. Michael Tatum
Japanese voice actor Takeshi Tsuruno
Chiaki Takahashi (child)
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Damon (Japanese: ドレッド・グランギル Dred Grangil) is the main antagonist of White—Victini and Zekrom and Black—Victini and Reshiram. He is the son of Juanita and the older brother of Carlita.

He is a descendant of the People of the Vale and wishes to restore his people's kingdom to its former glory. To this end, he has gathered allies among other modern-day People of the Vale and is in pursuit of Victini, hoping to use it to reactivate the Sword of the Vale, the ancient castle at the center of Eindoak Town.

Depending upon the version of the film being viewed, aspects about Damon change. In Victini and Zekrom, he owns a Reuniclus, while in Victini and Reshiram, he has a Gothitelle. This mirrors the games, in which Reuniclus, along with its evolutionary relatives, are only available in Pokémon White Version, while Gothitelle, along with its evolutionary relatives, are only available in Pokémon Black Version.

In the movies

Three years prior to the events of the movies, Damon traveled from Eindoak Town to communities of other descendants of the People of the Vale, hoping to garner support for his goal to revive the Kingdom of the Vale; he was soundly rejected at every turn. This dream had been instilled in Damon at an early age when he traveled to the ruined site of the Kingdom of the Vale with his mother Juanita, where she voiced her own desire for the idea of repopulating the area.

Sometime after that, Damon managed to convince the mayor of Eindoak Town, Mannes, to support his plans. The two of them were hiking in the caves beneath the Sword of the Vale when, inexplicably, Damon found himself on a path Mannes could not follow. Continuing on alone, Damon discovered the Dragon Stone containing either Reshiram or Zekrom, and after revealing his goals to the dragon, became its ally. With the power of Reshiram or Zekrom on his side, Damon went back to the communities he'd visited before, and now was able to gain the support of the people in those towns.

Younger Damon with his mother

After returning to Eindoak Town, Damon met up with Mannes again, as well as Juanita, his younger sister Carlita, and Ash as well as his friends. In a private meeting with his family and the town's mayor, Damon revealed his plans—borrow the power of Victini and use it to pilot the Sword of the Vale back to the Kingdom of the Vale, where the rebuilding of the ancient kingdom will become possible.

Later, Damon dons new clothing and begins to awaken the castle using his Sigilyph, activating the Protecting Pillars surrounding it. With Sigilyph's power, he contracts the barrier of the Protecting Pillars to force Victini into the castle, then traps it in a device that funnels its power into the Sword of the Vale itself. The castle begins to ascend, all according to Damon's plans, but he is soon confronted by Ash, Iris, Cilan, Juanita and Carlita, who all see the torture and pain he is inflicting on Victini. Even Juanita is horrified - stunning Damon - and sends out her Golurk to make a desperate bid to stop Reshiram or Zekrom, but fails. Everyone else, meanwhile, is held in check by Damon's Reuniclus or Gothitelle.

Damon in his civilian outfit

After seeing a vision of the King of the People of the Vale warning Victini to never let the castle be moved again, lest the destructive "Dragon Force" it plugs be unleashed again - exactly what is happening outside of the view of Damon and his dragon - Ash manages to discover and ally himself with the opposing dragon. The two fight each other viciously until Ash's dragon begins to gain the upper hand, at which point they both fly beneath the clouds and discover the chaos Damon's actions have begun causing. The released Dragon Force energy is destroying the everything in sight.

At this point Ash manages to stop Reuniclus or Gothitelle, but cannot break through the machine to reach Victini. Damon's dragon soon arrives and destroys the machine, freeing Victini, then both Reshiram and Zekrom blow away the clouds so Damon can see the consequences of his actions. Remorseful and desperate, Damon asks the dragons to help him stop the damage, so they begin directing the Dragon Force back up into the Sword of the Vale itself. While Carlita and Iris evacuate on her Hydreigon and Cilan and Juanita board Mannes's helicopter, Ash refuses to leave unless Victini can be freed, and Damon intends to stay until the damage is repaired.

The castle, however, begins to go into overdrive and launch higher into the atmosphere. At the chaotic speed the castle is flying, Damon is thrown off the side of a balcony, though he is saved just in time by Juanita's Golurk and returns to try to rescue Ash. He is powerless until Victini uses V-create to destroy the Protecting Pillars once and for all, at which point he reenters the castle and manages to give Ash a blanket.

After the castle is guided back down and landed at the point where the chaotic Dragon Force was flowing from, Damon collapses, overwhelmed with guilt for his actions. He is reprimanded by Juanita, who tells him that they have a lot of work to do if they are to rebuild the Kingdom of the Vale, and Damon cheers up. He is last seen with his family and others beginning the work of rebuilding in the new location of the castle.


Damon fights passionately for his beliefs, even when others tell him to give up. This desire allows him to command Reshiram and Zekrom, as he seeks the true path to restore his people's kingdom (which resonates with Reshiram) and he has a strong commitment to his ideals (which resonates with Zekrom).

However, the strength of Damon's beliefs also make him dangerously obsessive and single-minded in the pursuit of his goals, to the point of attacking his own mother when she turns against him. Despite this, he never allows his noble intentions to be clouded by selfishness or a lust for power - most of his "evil" actions are due to him being blinded by his obsession to restore the Kingdom of the Vale. If Damon discovers the negative consequences of his actions (as he does in the movies' climax), he becomes intensely apologetic and acts with equal desperation to undo what he has done.


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On hand

Reuniclus appears as Damon's partner in White—Victini and Zekrom. It travels through the wilderness with him.

Reuniclus's known moves are Psychic, Psywave, and Shadow Ball.

Debut White—Victini and Zekrom
Voice actors
Japanese Chinami Nishimura
English Erica Schroeder
Gothitelle appears as Damon's partner in Black—Victini and Reshiram. It travels through the snowy tundras with him.

Gothitelle's known moves are Confusion, Psybeam, and Energy Ball.

Debut Black—Victini and Reshiram
Voice actors
English Emily Jenness
Sigilyph is a Pokémon owned by Damon. It is used to rearrange the Protecting Pillars surrounding the castle, trapping Victini inside. Later, it also helps focus Victini's power into the Solosis and Duosion powering the castle. It remains there for the duration of the movie, only breaking free when the corrupted Dragon Force shocks it out of the mechanism. It is last seen helping Damon guide the castle back down.

Sigilyph's only known move is Psychic.

Debut White—Victini and Zekrom
Black—Victini and Reshiram
Voice actors
English Erica Schroeder


Main article: Reshiram (M14)

Prior to the events of Pokémon the Movie: White—Victini and Zekrom, Damon discovered Reshiram during his quest for the truth of how to resurrect the glory of the People of the Vale. Compelled by the strong powers of truth in Damon, Reshiram joined him and became his loyal partner.

Debut White—Victini and Zekrom
Voice actors
Japanese Shosuke Tanihara
English Marc Thompson
Main article: Zekrom (M14)

Prior to the events of Pokémon the Movie: Black—Victini and Reshiram, Damon discovered Zekrom during his quest for his ideals for the People of the Vale. Compelled by the strength of Damon's ideals, Zekrom joined as his loyal partner.

Debut Black—Victini and Reshiram
Voice actors
Japanese Hideki Takahashi
English Marc Thompson



During the climax of the films' plot, Damon is thrown from the Sword of the Vale but saved from certain death by Juanita's Golurk. He commands it during his attempts to rescue Ash by destroying the Pillars of Protection around the castle. Later, it helps Reshiram and Zekrom guide the Sword of the Vale downward to the point where the castle can stop the flow of the Dragon Force.

In Black—Victini and Reshiram, Golurk is Shiny. In White—Victini and Zekrom, it is normal colored.

Golurk's known moves are Fly, Hyper Beam, and Gyro Ball*.

Debut White—Victini and Zekrom
Black—Victini and Reshiram
Voice actors
English Tom Wayland


Damon's desert-traveling outfit Damon's tundra-traveling outfit Ken Sugimori's design of Damon

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese つるの剛士 Takeshi Tsuruno
たかはし智秋 Chiaki Takahashi (child)
English J. Michael Tatum
Danish Søren Vejby
Finnish Tuukka Leppänen
Petrus Kähkönen (child)
Italian Paolo De Santis
Korean 신용우 Shin Yeongu
Polish Kamil Kula
Brazilian Portuguese Élcio Sodré
Spanish Latin America Christian Strempler
Alan García (child)
Spain David Robles

In the manga

In the White-Victini and Zekrom manga

Damon appears in the manga adaptation of White—Victini and Zekrom in an identical role to his role in the movie.


Main article: Reshiram (M14)

Reshiram is briefly seen at the beginning of the first chapter, being summoned by Damon in a far-off village of the People of the Vale. Sometime prior to the story, Damon discovered the "Dragon Stone" containing Reshiram's power and bonded with it. Later, Reshiram fights Juanita's Golurk.

Debut White—Victini and Zekrom
Sigilyph is seen in the first chapter. Damon uses its powers to rearrange the Protecting Pillars sealing Victini in Eindoak Town, intending to trap it near the Sword of the Vale.

None of Sigilyph's moves are known.

Debut White—Victini and Zekrom
Reuniclus first appears in the second chapter. It assists Damon in powering up the Sword of the Vale and fighting off his opponents.

Reuniclus's only known move is Psychic.

Debut White—Victini and Zekrom


Language Name Origin
Korean 드레드 Dread Transliteration of his Japanese name
Chinese (Taiwan) 德雷多 Déléiduō Transliteration of his Japanese name
Russian Деймон Deymon From English name
Thai เดร็ด Dread Transliteration of his Japanese name

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