カガチ Kagachi
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Hometown Fula City
Region Unknown
Relatives Mia (younger sister), Kellie (niece)
Anime debut The Power of Us
English voice actor Billy Bob Thompson
Japanese voice actor Kōji Ohkura

Callahan (Japanese: カガチ Kagachi) is one of the main characters of The Power of Us.



Callahan was first seen meeting up with his younger sister Mia and her daughter Kellie in Fula City, as the Wind Festival was underway. At Kellie's request, he told her the story of the Legendary Lugia, but intentionally and falsely included himself in the story. This caught the attention of Toren, who needed to find a speaker for a research presentation. Kellie suggested that Callahan enter into the Pokémon Catch Race, which he agreed to do. Toren approached him and spoke with him about doing the research presentation, which Callahan agreed to do if Toren assisted him in the Pokémon Catch Race; Toren agreed, lending him his Staryu as his partner.

During the Pokémon Catch Race, he rescued a Sudowoodo from a Golduck, and as a result, Sudowoodo later started to follow him around. With Toren's help, Callahan won the competition and then was approached by Risa, who was looking to find a rare Pokémon for her brother Rick. Not knowing where to find one, Callahan lied and said it could be found on the nearby mountain.

The next day, Callahan assisted with the cleanup operation, whereupon Risa confronted him after finding out about his lies. The cleanup and confrontation delayed his arrival at the research presentation, which led Toren to do it all by himself. By accident, a video was shown, which revealed that Toren had illegally assisted Callahan during the race and exposed his lies. Afterwards, Mia decided it was best she and Kellie returned home the next day. Callahan was left distraught and went on to throw out his empty Poké Ball.

The following day, Callahan was forced to run from the Effect Spore gas. He bumped into Sudowoodo, who handed Callahan the old Poké Ball. Callahan soon realized that Sudowoodo wanted to be his partner Pokémon, and despite his lying ways Sudowoodo officially joined Callahan's team. The pair later caught up with Mayor Oliver and Harriet at the mayoral office. After seeing how fragile Harriet was and wanting to prove himself to his family, Callahan escorted her on his back to the abandoned power plant. He went on to help push the power plant's starting turbine and later threw the Lum Berry antidote at the windmill to help clear the air.

He, Toren and Harriet later joined Ash and Margo at the stadium to help put out the fire. After the crises were over, Callahan was relieved to see Kellie and Mia again, and together they attended the Wind Festival's closing ceremony.


Callahan is a braggart who had a habit of telling grandiose, self-serving lies. His low self-esteem motivated him to compulsively lie, but it also made it difficult for him to accept close friendships with others like Sudowoodo. Callahan's fibs continued to unravel and made him a divisive character for some like Risa. Over the course of the movie, however, he learned to be more honest.

He also cares deeply for his sister and niece. Callahan is particularly close with Kellie, he is often more generous and kind towards her than anyone else. His family served as his main motivation for helping during the crises. Callahan was shown to have good aim, as seen when he was able throw a ball at a board, hitting the center and earning a prize which he gave to Kellie. His good aim came proved useful at the end of the movie where he was able to throw the antidote at the windmill.


This listing is of Callahan's known Pokémon in the anime:

On hand

Sudowoodo is Callahan's partner Pokémon, which he caught in Fula City. Callahan first encountered it during the Pokémon Catch Race, where he saved it from a Golduck that had been chasing after it. Sudowoodo later began to follow Callahan around, ignoring his requests to go away, and it was later caught by Callahan. Sudowoodo later helped solve the crisis in the city by firing an attack that shielded the Lum Berry concentrate from falling debris.

Sudowoodo's known moves are Copycat* and Stone Edge.
Sudowoodo has also used Water Gun* and Strength* via Copycat.

Debut The Power of Us
Voice actors
Japanese Yūji Ueda
English Bill Rogers


Staryu is one of Toren's Pokémon, which Toren lent to Callahan to use to catch Pokémon during the Pokémon Catch Race.

Staryu's only known move is Water Gun and its Ability is Illuminate.

Debut The Power of Us
Girafarig is a Pokémon that Callahan caught during the Pokémon Catch Race.

None of Girafarig's moves are known.

Debut The Power of Us
Golduck is a Pokémon that Callahan caught during the Pokémon Catch Race while saving Sudowoodo from the Duck Pokémon.

Golduck's only known move is Water Gun.

Debut The Power of Us
Voice actors
English H.D. Quinn
Cyndaquil is a Pokémon that Callahan caught during the Pokémon Catch Race. Its capture was revealed after the race in a video.

None of Cyndaquil's moves are known.

Debut The Power of Us

Pokémon competitions

Callahan's trophy

Callahan has competed in the following Pokémon competitions:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 大倉孝二 Kōji Ohkura
English Billy Bob Thompson
Danish Peter Thieme
Finnish Peter Kanerva
Polish Jacek Kopczyński
Spanish Latin America Manuel David
Spain Gabriel Jiménez
Thai อภินันท์ ธีระนันทกุล Apinan Teeranantakul


Language Name Origin
Japanese カガチ Kagachi From 酸漿 kagachi (Chinese lantern). Symbolizes "falsehood" and "deception" in the language of flowers.[1]
English, German, Polish, Latin American Spanish Callahan Similar to his Japanese name
Italian Callisto Similar to his English name
European Spanish Bernardo Possibly from bugiardo, Italian for liar
Korean 카가치 Kagachi Transliteration of his Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 卡戛其 Kǎjiáqí Transliteration of his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 卡戛其 Kāgaatkèih Mandarin-based transliteration of his Japanese name
Brazilian Portuguese Kalil Similar to his English name
Thai คากาจิ Kagachi Transliteration of his Japanese name
Vietnamese Kagachi Transliteration of his Japanese name


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