Meredith (Japanese: ミナモ Minamo) is a character who appeared in Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea. She performs in the Marina Underwater Pokémon Show with her daughter Lizabeth, husband Kyle, and father-in-law Shep as the Marina Group.

Meredith with her daughter, Lizabeth

In the anime

Ash and his friends met Meredith and her family after noticing several bubbles of water appear out of nowhere in a barren field. The group later witnessed one of the Marina Group's water performances, where Meredith was seen wearing a pink costume. Meredith later accompanied her family, Jack Walker, and Ash's group to an ancient People of the Water site, where she and her family explained the legends that surrounded the ancient group.

Meredith performing in a Marina Group show

Afterwards, Meredith boarded Shep's boat, the Blue Lagoon, to help return Manaphy to Samiya. She remained aboard the vessel with Kyle and Shep while Lizabeth, Ash, and his friends were searching Manaphy in a submersible. This incident led to the discovery of Samiya.

After Ash managed to restore the Sea Crown in time, causing Samiya to rise from the ocean, Meredith and the rest of her family became bystanders during the showdown between the Water Pokémon and the Phantom and his crew. Once the battle ended with the Phantom's defeat, Meredith, her family, and Ash's group were surrounded in a mystical golden light, which allowed them to soar through the sky and ocean with the Pokémon. They all watched as Samiya disappeared back into the ocean.

Everyone later returned to port, where Shep's shipmates were waiting. Meredith and the others returned to their travel vehicle, and later, she waved goodbye to Ash and his friends.


Meredith has a gentle and warm personality. Because of her youthful appearance, May initially mistook her for Lizabeth's older sister. Meredith and Lizabeth have a great relationship, but Meredith's stories about Lizabeth's childhood often embarrasses her daughter. She does most of the cooking for her family, but was happy when Brock helped her to prepare the group's meals as they traveled together.


Ken Sugimori's design of Meredith

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 本田貴子 Takako Honda
English Annie Silver
German Michèle Tichawsky
Korean 김옥경 Kim Okkyeong*
윤여진 Yun Yeojin*
Brazilian Portuguese Gilmara Sanches
European Spanish Ana Isabel Hernando

In the manga

Movie adaptations

Meredith appears in the manga adaptation of the movie, fulfilling the same role as she does in the movie.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ミナモ Minamo From 水面 minamo, water's surface.
English, Italian Meredith Possibly from mer, French for sea.
Chinese (Mandarin) 美蘭姆 Měilánmǔ Rough transliteration of her Japanese name.
Korean 에리카 Erica

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