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Gender Male
Eye color Green
Hair color Brown
Hometown Fula City
Region Unknown
Anime debut The Power of Us
English voice actor Jake Paque
Japanese voice actor Unknown

Jason is a supporting character who appeared in The Power of Us. Jason is a Scientist working in Fula City's Pokémon Reasearch Pavilion alongside Toren and others.


Jason was first seen talking to Toren about the upcoming research presentation. He was well aware of Toren's debilitating shyness, but nevertheless encouraged him to do his best. On the day of the actual presentation, Jason watched as Toren's anxiety got the better of him and later intervened when the wrong footage was played. The other researchers quickly turned on Toren and began questioning his capacity as a scientist, but Jason demanded they respect Toren for his passion.

During the Effect Spore and fire crises, Jason and the other researchers were preparing to evacuate and move their research to safety. Toren arrived at the Research Pavilion, and with Ash's words in mind, he requested that everyone assist him in making an elixir to combat the Effect Spore gas. Jason was the first to offer his support, and the other scientists followed suit; together, they manufactured a serum out of Natural Cure. However, the lab lost power before they could complete the serum. Led by Toren, Jason and the others were forced to make a Lum Berry solution, which later helped combat the Effect Spore.


Jason encourages others to do their best, especially the shy and timid Toren in the lead-up to his research presentation. He demands that everyone focus on completing the tasks at hand.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
English Jake Paque
Danish Jan Tellefsen
Finnish Markus Niemi
Spanish Latin America Alan Fernando Velázquez
Spain Óscar Castellanos


Language Name Origin
English Jason
Italian Jason Same as English

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