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ゼロ Zero
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Sinnoh
Anime debut Giratina and the Sky Warrior
English voice actor Parker Anderson
Japanese voice actor Shidō Nakamura

Zero (Japanese: ゼロ Zero) is the main antagonist of Giratina and the Sky Warrior. Zero wished to use Giratina's power to travel freely between dimensions.

In the movies

Six years prior to the events of the movie, Zero was Newton Graceland's student in researching the Reverse World. They discovered a way to travel there, and after meeting Giratina, they decided to find a way to obtain Giratina's power for themselves. This led to Newton inventing a device that could copy Giratina's powers, but when he realized using it would inflict fatal damage on Giratina, he deleted the design plans despite Zero's vehement disagreement. Following their falling-out, Zero went out on his own and reconstructed the Megarig from what he could remember of the lost blueprints.

Zero as Newton's student

By the time of the movie, Zero was tracking Giratina from the Megarig while accompanied by the holographic avatar of the airship's artificial intelligence, Infi. They watched as Giratina attacked and dragged Dialga into the Reverse World as revenge for the damage caused by Dialga's earlier fight with Palkia. Dialga eventually escaped through a portal created by Shaymin, who was accidentally caught up in the battle. Infi advised Zero that Giratina was trapped in the Reverse World due to a time loop placed upon it by Dialga, and he chose to track Shaymin for the time being.

Zero attacked Shaymin in a town, where it had met up with Ash and his friends. He led his army of Magnemite and Magneton from a hoverboard in a bid to trap Shaymin, but the group managed to escape him aboard a train. The Magnemite and Magneton caught up with them, accompanied by Zero's Magnezone, and attacked the train. However, they were driven off when Shaymin changed into its Sky Forme and fought back. Meanwhile, Zero returned to the Megarig, where Infi informed him that Giratina was attempting to surface once again. That evening, when Giratina pulled the group into a portal from a ship, Zero and his Pokémon followed unnoticed.

Two of Zero's Magnemite captured Shaymin after Ash's group met up with Newton, who had recruited Team Rocket to his side earlier. Ash and the others gave chase, only to be caught and restrained by more Magnemite while Zero greeted his old mentor, forcing Newton to disclose his past ties to him. Zero explained that he wished to purge the pollution from the Reverse World and exploit its properties to punish the real world for fouling it. Newton argued that the Reverse World was meant to balance the real world, but Zero rejected this belief and forced his captives into a poisonous cloud, coercing Shaymin into absorbing the toxins. He presented Shaymin as bait for Giratina, tricking Shaymin into using Seed Flare out of fear of Giratina. This tore open a new portal, allowing Giratina to break the time loop and escape into the real world.

Once everyone was back in the real world, the Megarig arrived and captured Giratina, allowing Zero to put his plans into motion. He commenced the process of copying Giratina's powers and retreated to the ship's interior to make his final preparations. Ash, Dawn, and Newton gave chase alongside Shaymin using Zero's discarded hoverboard, forcing Zero to leave his army of Pokémon behind to defend the Megarig. They managed to board the ship anyway, and Newton separated from Ash and Dawn to shut it down from within. When he reached the control room, Zero appeared on the master computer to taunt Newton that it was already too late. Regardless, Newton was able to use a backdoor built into the Megarig's structure to shut down all of its systems before Giratina's scan could finish. As Ash and the others fled the crashing Megarig on the hoverboard, Zero made his own escape in a previously hidden aircraft.

After Shaymin healed the injured Giratina with Aromatherapy, Zero's aircraft burst from the nearby lake and confronted them. Now able to wield Giratina's powers himself, Zero launched several attacks on the group before opening a portal to the Reverse World. There, he began smashing ice pillars connected to a glacier in the real world, displacing it and forcing it to move in the direction of the nearby Ten'i Village. Suddenly, Giratina returned to fight back, with Ash and several of his Pokémon alongside it. After a long battle, Giratina, Shaymin, and Ash managed to work together to eject Zero from the Reverse World and make his aircraft crash. Then, the aircraft was trapped in ice fired by Dawn's Swinub and Buneary, as well as several wild Ice-type Pokémon. Zero ordered Infi to save all data on Giratina, but she informed him that the system was corrupted and crashing. Though initially horrified by this news, Zero soon calmed down and resigned himself to his failure.

In the ending credits, Zero was freed by Newton and Officer Jenny. Newton extended a hand to help Zero out of the aircraft, and after being stunned for a moment, Zero smiled and accepted it.

Zero made a cameo appearance in the credits of Arceus and the Jewel of Life, where he was in prison for his earlier crimes. Newton came to visit him and revealed he was in possession of a salvaged copy of Infi, which Zero was happy to see.


Zero is brilliant, but troubled. He is emotionally unstable, obsessive, and narcissistic, simultaneously seeing himself as having a righteous cause in protecting the Reverse World but also viewing himself as its king. For most of the movie, he is calm and conducts his plan with great confidence, but as he encounters mounting opposition, he gradually loses his composure until he is reduced to a screaming, maniacal wreck. After realizing his defeat, however, he eventually accepts his fate with dignity and willingly goes to prison, where he is later seen to have recovered significantly.

In the dub, he is suggested to have a photographic memory. This line is not present in the Japanese version; instead, it is merely suggested that he obsessively rebuilt the Megarig using as much of Newton Graceland's original design as he could.


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This listing is of Zero's known Pokémon:

Magnezone is Zero's main Pokémon and the only one he keeps close to him. Its job ranges from battling, like any usual trained Pokémon, to more advanced jobs, like leading Zero's Magnemite and Magneton army. Zero is also seen using it as a form of temporary transportation in that he will stand on Magnezone, and it will float him to locations he needs to reach. It was shown to be fast, powerful, durable, and as ruthless as Zero himself in pursuing Shaymin. After Zero was arrested, Magnezone and the Magnemite army took up residence on the Megarig's wreck in Gracidea.

Magnezone's known moves are Mirror Shot and Discharge.

Debut Giratina and the Sky Warrior
Voice actors
Japanese Golgo Matsumoto
English Bill Rogers
Magnemite and Magneton
Throughout the movie, Zero is shown to have an army of Magnemite and Magneton, led by both him and Magnezone. They accomplish a range of jobs from trapping people, battling, or searching for Shaymin. Following Zero's arrest they live on the Megarig's wreck in Gracidea, along with Magnezone.

Magnemite and Magneton's only known move is Thunderbolt.

Debut Giratina and the Sky Warrior
Voice actors
English Bill Rogers


Main article: Giratina (movie)

Zero's goal throughout the movie was to capture Giratina so he can use its power to travel through dimensions. However, thanks to Ash and Shaymin, he was stopped and Giratina was safe from Zero.

Debut Giratina and the Sky Warrior

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 中村獅童 Shidō Nakamura
English Parker Anderson
Czech Michal Holán
Danish Mikkel Christiansen
Finnish Antti Timonen
German Dirk Meyer
Italian Alessandro Rigotti
Norwegian Christoffer Staib
Polish Leszek Zduń
Brazilian Portuguese Thiago Longo
European Spanish Pablo Sevilla


Ken Sugimori's design of Zero

In the manga

Zero and Infi

Movie adaptations

Giratina and the Sky Warrior (manga)

Zero appears in the manga adaptation of Giratina and the Sky Warrior.

Giratina and the Sky Warrior (graphic novel)

Zero appears in the graphic novel adaptation of the movie, where he plays the same role.


  • The outfit he wears strongly resembles the design of Giratina, as does the mecha he used at the end of the film.

In other languages

Language Name Origin
Korean 제로 Zero Transliteration of his Japanese name.
Chinese (Taiwan) 傑洛 Jiéluò Transliteration of his Japanese name.

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