リリィ Lily
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blue
Hometown Fula City
Region Unknown
Relatives Mia (mother), Callahan (uncle)
Anime debut The Power of Us
English voice actor Laurie Hymes
Japanese voice actor Inori Minase

Kellie (Japanese: リリィ Lily) is a supporting character who appeared in The Power of Us. She is the daughter of Mia and the niece of Callahan.


Kellie suffers from an unidentified illness that affects her energy levels. She attended the Wind Festival with her mother and caught up with her uncle Callahan while she was in good health.

Kellie's pleas led Callahan to compete in the Pokémon Catch Race and later help with the cleanup effort meant to reopen the Wind Festival. However, she was devastated after learning her uncle was not a Trainer like he previously claimed, after his empty Poké Ball and Toren's presentation revealed that Callahan received assistance to win the Catch Race. Kellie declared that she hated her uncle before running off. The incident led Kellie to suffer another bout of illness, so Mia decided it was best if she and her daughter returned home.

The next day, Mia and Kellie boarded Fula City's cable car services to return home. However, the pair were left stranded in a gondola after Fula City lost power because of an Effect Spore cloud and subsequent fire. During the crises, Kellie sought comfort from the doll that Callahan won and gave to her. After Fula City was saved, Mia and Kellie attended the Wind Festival's closing ceremony.


Kellie has a happy and carefree nature, but she is not aware of her surroundings, and as a result, she tends to trip over or bump into other people. She has a particularly close relationship with her uncle Callahan, wholeheartedly believing his compulsive lies about him being a great Trainer, all the while not knowing they were lies in the first place. She later forgave Callahan after seeing his kindhearted nature.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 水瀬いのり Inori Minase
English Laurie Hymes
Mandarin Chinese 徐瑀甄 Xú Yǔzhēn
Danish Liva Guldberg Schrøder
Finnish Myy Lohi
Italian Serena Clerici
Polish Magda Kusa
Spanish Latin America Ximena de Anda
Spain Sara Heras


Language Name Origin
Japanese リリィ Lily From lily
English, Italian, Polish, Spanish Kellie Similar to her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 莉莉 Lìlì Transliteration of her Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 莉莉 Leihleih Transliteration of her Japanese name
Brazilian Portuguese Raquel Sounds similar to her English name

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