Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea (manga)

Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea (Japanese: ポケモンレンジャーと蒼海王子 マナフィ Pokémon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea: Manaphy) is the manga adaptation of the movie of the same name. It was adapted by 溝渕誠 Makoto Mizobuchi.

Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea Strongest Comic Book cover artwork


The first chapter appeared in a mini-volume that was bundled with the May 2006 issue of CoroCoro. This volume, titled ポケモンレンジャーと蒼海の王子マナフィ最強コミックBOOK Pokémon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea: Manaphy Strongest Comic Book, also included supplemental information about the movie of the same name (which was upcoming at the time) and the newly-released Pokémon Ranger video game. The full story was later published in a collected volume. This was the first movie manga to be published in the US.


Edition Country Company Date ISBN
Japan Shogakukan July 2006 ISBN 4091402232
United States VIZ Media August 5, 2008 ISBN 9781421522883
Singapore Chuang Yi August 28, 2007 ISBN 9789812760739
Finland Sangatsu Manga January 13, 2016 ISBN 9789521618512
Taiwan Chingwin Publishing Group March 11, 2010 ISBN 9789862562123

List of chapters

  1. The Legendary Pokémon Manaphy Is Born!!
  2. Bursting In! Akusha, the Temple of the Sea
  3. Protect the Sinking Temple!
  4. Back Home to the Sea

Differences between the anime and the manga

  • Judy is absent in the manga.
  • During May's dream sequence, it is implied that May is naked while in the water, while she is fully clothed in the movie.
  • After his submarine is destroyed, the Phantom threatens to take May hostage and wields a pillar as a weapon, instead of failing to hold the pillar up and being trapped underneath it.
  • The newly-hatched Manaphy seemingly became somewhat more precocious in the manga adaptation, unlike its movie counterpart, which seems to act annoying and angsty about the new world outside of its Egg.
  • Manaphy's Egg case breaks when Manaphy hatches, instead of its Egg falling out of the case before hatching.
  • Manaphy is happy to see Ash in Jack Walker's body after using Heart Swap in the anime, while in the manga, Manaphy seems to mellow out a bit after using Heart Swap on Ash and Jackie, but it's still not happy that May is gone.
  • May and Manaphy's goodbye at the end and Ash's near-drowning scene before becoming the "King of the Sea" is a lot more lighthearted in the manga than it is in the movie.
  • Instead of the People of the Water's mark, The Phantom opens the door to the Sea Crown by playing an instrument known as the Water Flute.
  • When escaping from The Phantom's submarine, Jackie is attacked by several Water Pokémon used by The Phantom's underlings, instead of The Phantom and his Bug Pokémon.

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