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The Eternal Tower (Japanese: えいえんのとう Tower of Eternity) is the sixth and last level in the WiiWare game Pokémon Rumble. The bosses are mostly Ghost-type. The Pokémon found in there are mostly Ghost, Psychic, Poison, and occasionally Electric-type.

Normal Mode

Advanced Mode

Most of the Pokémon in Advanced Mode are Psychic and Poison-type in this level.

Pokémon Types Move Ranks encountered in
Abra Abra Psychic Teleport C
Kadabra Kadabra Psychic Confusion C, A
Alakazam Alakazam Psychic Psychic A, S
Gastly Gastly Ghost Poison Lick B
Haunter Haunter Ghost Poison Shadow Punch B, A
Gengar Gengar Ghost Poison Shadow Ball A, S
Mr. Mime Mr. Mime Psychic Psybeam B, A
Electabuzz Electabuzz Electric Shock Wave C, S
Eevee Eevee Normal Quick Attack C, S
Jolteon Jolteon Electric Thunder Fang S
Porygon Porygon Normal Signal Beam C
Mismagius Mismagius Ghost Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray as a boss A, Boss of Rank C
Honchkrow Honchkrow Dark Flying Night Slash B, S
Chingling Chingling Psychic Confusion B, A
Stunky Stunky Poison Dark Poison Gas C
Skuntank Skuntank Poison Dark Toxic C, A
Bronzor Bronzor Steel Psychic Confusion B
Bronzong Bronzong Steel Psychic Extrasensory, Confusion as a boss S, Boss of Rank B
Bonsly Bonsly Rock Rock Throw B
Mime Jr. Mime Jr. Psychic Confusion B, A
Spiritomb Spiritomb Ghost Dark Ominous Wind as a boss Boss of Rank S
Skorupi Skorupi Poison Bug Poison Fang C
Drapion Drapion Poison Dark Cross Poison C, A
Electivire Electivire Electric Thunderbolt S
Gliscor Gliscor Ground Flying Night Slash B, S
Porygon-Z Porygon-Z Normal Discharge C, S
Dusknoir Dusknoir Ghost Shadow Punch, also used as a boss S, Boss of Rank A
Rotom Rotom Electric Ghost Discharge A, S
Azelf Azelf Psychic Extrasensory EX Mode Only

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