Fiery Furnace

Fiery Furnace (Japanese: ほのおのようこうろ Fiery Furnace) is the fourth level in Pokémon Rumble. Its bosses are mostly Fire-type. The Pokémon found here are often Fire, Steel, Fighting, and Electric-type.

The starting area of the level

Normal Mode

Pokémon Types Move Boss Move Rank
  Charmander Fire Ember C A
  Charmeleon Fire Fire Fang Ember C (Boss) A


Fire Flying Flamethrower A (Boss) S
  Vulpix Fire Ember C
  Ninetales Fire Flamethrower C A
  Mankey Fighting Scratch C
  Primeape Fighting Karate Chop C A


Ember B


Fire Fang B S
  Ponyta Fire Ember B
  Rapidash Fire Take Down B S
  Magnemite Electric Steel Thunder Shock C
  Magneton Electric Steel Discharge C A
  Voltorb Electric Spark B
  Electrode Electric Charge Beam B S
  Hitmonlee Fighting Jump Kick B A


Fighting Sky Uppercut B A
  Magmar Fire Lava Plume Flamethrower B (Boss) A
  Ditto Normal Struggle S
  Eevee Normal Quick Attack C S
  Flareon Fire Fire Fang S
  Moltres Fire Flying Heat Wave S (Boss)

Advanced Mode

Most of the Pokémon in Advanced Mode are Fire and Electric-type in this level.

Pokémon Types Move Boss Move Rank
  Ponyta Fire Ember C
  Rapidash Fire Take Down C A
  Magnemite Electric Steel Thunder Shock B
  Magneton Electric Steel Discharge B A
  Magmar Fire Lava Plume C S
  Eevee Normal Quick Attack C S
  Flareon Fire Fire Fang S
  Chimchar Fire Ember C A
  Monferno Fire Fighting Flame Wheel Mach Punch C (Boss) A
  Infernape Fire Fighting Close Combat A (Boss) S
  Shinx Electric Tackle B
  Luxio Electric Spark B A
  Luxray Electric Discharge Thunder Fang B (Boss) S
  Cranidos Rock Headbutt C B
  Rampardos Rock Head Smash S
  Shieldon Rock Steel Take Down C B
  Bastiodon Rock Steel Iron Head S
  Magnezone Electric Steel Discharge A S
  Magmortar Fire Flamethrower S
  Rotom Electric Ghost Discharge A S
  Azelf Psychic Extrasensory EX Mode Only
  Heatran Fire Steel Magma Storm S (Boss)


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