Windy Prairie

Windy Prairie (Japanese: かぜのだいそうげん Breezy Meadow) is the second level in Pokémon Rumble. Its bosses are mostly of the Flying-type, and it appears to lend itself mostly to Flying and Normal-type Pokémon with a few Grass-types.

The starting area of the level

Normal Mode

Pokémon Types Move Boss Move Rank
  Pidgey Normal Flying Quick Attack B
  Pidgeotto Normal Flying Gust B A
  Pidgeot Normal Flying Gust B (Boss) S
  Rattata Normal Tackle C
  Raticate Normal Hyper Fang C A
  Spearow Normal Flying Peck C
  Fearow Normal Flying Aerial Ace C S
  Meowth Normal Fake Out C A
  Persian Normal Power Gem Fury Swipes C (Boss) A
  Bellsprout Grass Poison Vine Whip B
  Weepinbell Grass Poison Poison Powder B A
  Victreebel Grass Poison Acid A S
  Farfetch'd Normal Flying Aerial Ace C B
  Doduo Normal Flying Fury Attack C
  Dodrio Normal Flying Tri Attack C S
  Exeggcute Grass Psychic Barrage B
  Exeggutor Grass Psychic Seed Bomb B S
  Lickitung Normal Lick C B
  Tangela Grass Vine Whip A S
  Tauros Normal Take Down A S
  Ditto Normal Struggle S
  Aerodactyl Rock Flying Wing Attack Ancient Power A (Boss) S
  Dratini Dragon Twister A S
  Dragonair Dragon Dragon Rage A S
  Dragonite Dragon Flying Dragon Rage S (Boss)

Advanced Mode

Pokémon Types Move Boss Move Rank
  Lickitung Normal Lick A
  Tangela Grass Vine Whip C
  Starly Normal Flying Tackle B
  Staravia Normal Flying Wing Attack B A
  Staraptor Normal Flying Take Down Wing Attack B (Boss) S
  Bidoof Normal Tackle C
  Bibarel Normal Water Hyper Fang Water Gun C (Boss) S
  Pachirisu Electric Spark C A
  Cherubi Grass Leech Seed C
Overcast Form
Grass Magical Leaf C S
  Ambipom Normal Double Hit B S
  Drifloon Ghost Flying Astonish B
  Drifblim Ghost Flying Ominous Wind B S
  Buneary Normal Pound C
  Lopunny Normal Dizzy Punch C A
  Glameow Normal Fake Out B
  Purugly Normal Body Slam B A
  Chatot Normal Flying Chatter C A
  Riolu Fighting Force Palm B S
  Lucario Fighting Steel Aura Sphere S (Boss)
  Lickilicky Normal Knock Off Power Whip A (Boss) S
  Tangrowth Grass Knock Off C A
  Togekiss Normal Flying Extreme Speed A S
  Rotom Electric Ghost Discharge A S
  Mesprit Psychic Extrasensory EX Mode Only



In other languages

Language Title
  French Plaines Verdoyantes
  German Die Windauen
  Italian Prateria Vento
  Spanish Pradera Viento

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