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Twist Mountain

Twist Mountain is a mountain rich in valuable minerals, and the multitude of tunnels make it easy for Workers to extract them from the surrounding rock. The tunnels are spread out over four floors, but you cannot explore the entire area on your first visit. The mountain is prone to heavy snow in the winter months, blocking some tunnels and revealing others.

Icirrus City

Icirrus City

When you step out of the mountain, Cedric Juniper comes to talk to you. According to him, the Dragonspiral Tower is the oldest building in Unova. Stories claim that it is where legendary Pokémon came to life, or where they remain in deep slumber. He leaves to investigate the tower, north of the city.

Icirrus City's wetlands occupy the area to the south, while the buildings are situated on higher, stable ground. The Pokémon Fan Club is located here, and you can win prizes for answering Aha's quizzes.

The ore collector

The old gentleman in the Pokémon Center is interested in collecting any stones, gems, and minerals you might have, and is willing to pay double the normal price for them.

Pokémon Fan Club

Talk to the chairman and show him a well-trained Pokémon to get an item. Depending on the number of levels grown, you can obtain up to three different items. A Pokémon that has grown 25-49 levels will earn you an Exp. Share, 50-98 levels will get you a Cleanse Tag, and a Pokémon that's grown 99 levels will earn you a King's Rock.

The girl in the Fan Club will offer to check your Pokémon's mood. Choose a Pokémon to show her, and she will tell you how friendly it is toward you.

Aha's Pep Quiz

The home of Aha, Wye, and Ditoh is east of the Gym. The mother, Wye, pulls you into the game the moment you step inside. The father, Aha, will ask you a question, while Wye gives hints to the answer. A correct answer will earn you an Antidote, while an incorrect one will get you a Parlyz Heal instead. You can take the quiz once per day.

Icirrus Gym

Icirrus Gym

Icirrus City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Brycen

Ice Mask

The Icirrus Gym specializes in the Ice-type. Every Pokémon in the Gym is a pure Ice-type, and can be melted with Fire moves, shattered with Fighting attacks, or smashed into dust with Rock and Steel moves. TM moves like Brick Break or Flash Cannon are good to use here.

Go north from the entrance to curved spinner, which redirects you to the blue tile to the west. Slide to the right and battle Black Belt Grant. Step on the red switch to rotate the spinner, then bounce off of it again to reach the northeast. Fight Battle Girl Miriam, then slide east over the first jump. Battle Black Belt Kendrew and slide east, north, east, and north again to reach Battle Girl Mikiko. Head southeast and loop around to the spinner, which redirects you to the blue tile in the southeast corner. Go north to step on the switch, pass by Mikiko again, and bounce off of the spinner to reach the northwest. Slide west over the jump to fight Battle Girl Chandra, then bounce off of the spinner twice. Go north to fight Black Belt Thomas, rotate the spinner, and slide north. Brycen waits at the top of the staircase.

Icirrus Gym

Brycen awards you the Freeze Badge, which that all Pokémon up to level 80 will obey you. He also gives you TM79 (Frost Breath) as a prize. Take the slide to the left for a shortcut to the entrance.

Outside, Cheren and Bianca are waiting for you. While they're talking, Brycen exits the Gym and confronts the Shadow Triad, who claim that Ghetsis wants you to visit Dragonspiral Tower before disappearing again. Follow Brycen and Cheren north to reach the tower.

Dragonspiral Tower

Dragonspiral Tower

Dragonspiral Tower is said to be the oldest structure in the Unova region. Stories claim that the legendary dragon is waiting on the top floor for the person who pursues truths or ideals.

Cedric Juniper is waiting at the entrance to the tower. Bianca introduces herself, and he tells you that he saw Brycen and Cheren chase after a large group of Team Plasma members that broke through the tower wall. Juniper gives you an Old Gateau to help you climb the tower.


On the first floor, you can hear something on a rampage further up the tower. The second floor is littered with broken columns; these act as a bridge if you don't have a Pokémon with Strength. Don't miss the Hyper Potion and the Stardust.


The third floor is covered with one-way launch ramps. Jump to the south, then take the middle ramp west, then north to reach a Shiny Stone. Go south and take the southernmost ramp west to the winding staircase.


When you reach the fourth floor, Brycen and Cheren are holding off a large group of Team Plasma members. Brycen tells you to go on ahead while they keep the criminals busy. Head to the next floor and put a hurting on the five Plasma grunts that try to stop you. Grab the Dragon Fang in the northeast corner, and take the exit to the north.


The fifth floor is made up of four large circular paths around the central column. Head to the right to find a Star Piece, then a Stardust. Walk around the column and jump the ramp to reach a Revive, then go left to reach the stairs.


When you reach the sixth floor, you hear more of the rampage above. Giallo of the Seven Sages is standing here, speaking to four of the grunts. He commands them to attack, and you have to defeat all four in a row before you can advance.


On the top floor, N is befriending the legendary Pokémon ZekromB / ReshiramW. The dragon recognizes N as a hero. N tells you that if you want to stop him, you must become a hero as well. He tells you to look for the other dragon, and flies off with his new ally.

When you return to the entrance, Alder arrives. He tells you that the Relic Castle may hold a clue about the other legendary dragon. Fly back to Nimbasa City, and trek through Route 4 to reach the desert.

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